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pawmelettepawmelette20 days ago
My lord - today's little thing will be so short - I'm exhausted and dying my hair after babysitting today, but I still want to try and get a little diary post out!

Mainly, I think I'll talk about something only tangentially animanga-related (lol), my Glitter Hearts campaign! I got some work done on it before family visited and started fleshing out NPCS we'll need for the main story now! It's set in what I've fondly described as "mecha magical girls - like if you were the mech." mixed with Magia Record's vibes. I'm super excited to play it with my players! They're all my dear friends and I'm hoping it'll be worth their time, hehe. I have work tomorrow so I'm gonna try and keep mentally working on it as I do my job. Fingers crossed on that. Tho. Haha.

If you read this, what are some ways your favorite media meshes with parts of your life (ie. magical girl ttrpgs for me haha)? I'd love to hear!
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