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Candy Resin...as fragile as it seems?Candy Resin...as fragile as it seems?

DropsyDropsy5 years agoAsk MFC
Hey guys, I was looking to order some candy resin figures from Kaitendoh and was wondering if candy resin is as fragile as I think it is. What are the chances that it would break? Does anyone have any experience with this type of material? Thanks everyone!
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It's definitely very stiff. I didn't have any trouble with my Kaitendoh Ymirs, until I tried removing the axe from one of them... sheared clean off at the sleeve join. Fortunately I was able to glue it back on.
5 years ago
Bloempje Hunting my grails
I own ITEM #54021 she came with a broken hairpiece PICTURE #391924 I quess the bigger the figure is the more chance it will break, i removed her clothes a lot of times for pictures. To remove the clothes i have to remove the arms and sometimes the head, until now nothing happend. I quess it is better to leave this figures alone! But to answer you question, i don't think this figures have more chanche to break then coldcast for example. It is my only candy resin but i have 7 coldcasts nothing happend. It will always be a risk i quess
5 years ago
I have one candy resin figure ITEM #79551 and she really is fragile. I almost instantly broke some fingers and the cloth thingie got lots of cracks. (And it's not like I did not try to be super careful...)
The chances that something will break is very high I guess. Candy resin doesn't seem to resist a lot of pressure, nor attraction. It's very stiff and absolutely not flexible. But maybe nothing will happen if you'll be extra, extra careful. ;) Good luck!
5 years ago
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