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Weekly Question 1: Newbies that have potential!

nega3nega35 years agoAsk MFC
Hello, I wanna do a weekly question. Every Friday I ask the bloggers and give my own opinion!

So MFC, there are a lot of new companies and lines in the figure industry churning out figures.

You've got PLUM, Ques Q, Aquamarine, Lechery etc. who have only started in the last 3 years.

You also have new lines such as the already popular Altair and Cu-Poche.

Who do you think could have the potential to become the next Alter? What specific lines could get as big as the Nendoroid and Revoltech lines?

I'll start:

Cu-Poche: From what we've seen so far, I think they're better than Nendoroids. Cute body style with joints and accessories and they just... Look better. Nendoroids have pretty limited articulation and are a bit annoying to pose but they are still amazingly detailed and really stand out from the crowd.

Kotobukiya's been successful with their Yamashita line and their model kit line which have really gone competitive with Bandai's gundams.

If Koto keep releasing these monthly and keep improving them, we could see the Cu-Poche line being a threat to Nendoroids because they have a lot of pros with them.

PLUM: ITEM #78917 sold INCREDIBLY well for a new company. PLUM should keep that going. I can see them overtaking Alter if, again they released more often with such detail.

They started off mediocre but they are definitely getting better. I mean, MUCH better. I saw them creating another God Eater figure which is good too.

Aquamarine: I LOVED ITEM #120935 . While it was overpriced, the figure was just an amazing first shot by Aquamarine. Hats off to them.

Also, their Gumi looks incredible and could really put them up with the big guns of the figure industry.

Not only do they make Vocaloids other than the same old Miku, but their sculpt and everything rivals that of Alter's high end figures. It's just sensational.

Phat Company: Started off doing Nendoroids and accessories, they finally got to scales and my word, they are excellent. They are virtually now the third big GSC scale company. I don't count FREEing because they just suck.

What are your thoughts?
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Even though there are some awesome companies out there like, Alter, Goodsmilecompany, Megahouse and orchid seed

i consider Phat co. to be my fav because i just love the variety of figures that they make. They have this awesome "Twin packs" that i adore so much and the quality satisfies me a lot! they do a pretty good job at coloring the eyes and such so yea! PHAT for the squid degeso!
5 years ago
Phat Co is the one to follow, IMO.
5 years ago
I think is too soon to determine something like this. I mean, yeah, you can speculate and everything, but you can't be 100% sure until you finally check their latest products.

Anyway, I hope the delay on IA's Aquamarine help to avoid an awful quality like the one in their Nue. If it turns out decent, maybe they can become into a good company. It'll be even better If they make more vocaloids aside IA and Gumi: If they become the first company in release a cool scaled Kaito figure with awesome quality, they're going to kick GSC ass really bad.

Phat company will get better and better, they're already making some nice stuff, but I don't know If their quality is better to Kotobukiya's scales or what. Talking about Koto, I don't really think at the moment that their Cu-Poche line will overshadow Nendoroids, before that, they'll need some good licenses.

Plum seems to go in a good direction, their quality has improved and their future projects doesn't seem bad.

I'm more interested in seeing how their figures will come out than anything else, honestly xD
5 years ago
I don't know if the Cu-Poche will over-take nendoroids.
Part of what makes a nendoroid so popular is that they're SD versions of our favorite characters.
Whereas the cu-poche kinda come as "Bratz Kidz" versions of them. (you know; them as a kid)
Also nendoroids are fun cause they tend to have a "wacky" face of sorts; something I'm not seeing in the Cu-poche line (as of yet). Also...those joints O-O ... Nendoroid joints are somewhat better concealed...

Don't get me wrong; I like the line and I have Haruka and Madoka pre-ordered (and waiting for Mami and Miki too. Also hoping we can get pretty much the entire Idolmaster roster and Kyoko.)
I think the line will find it's own niche but I don't see it overtaking the Nendoroid line anytime soon.
5 years ago
Phat I would think
5 years ago
Aquamarine does have some potential to be popular if they keep making characters like IA and Gumi. I agree they have some nice sculpts, and the best eyes, I don't see them becoming the next Alter though. Especially not with the horrible quality of their most recent figure ITEM #108449 .
5 years ago
Definitely Phat, both my Yakumo Ran, Chen and Caster are without any noticeable flaws.
I'm especially looking forward to their Fate scales.
5 years ago
I think Embrace Japan has some pretty good concepts with scales but the quality still needs improvement. But I guess it will become better slowly... She has a very nice concept: ITEM #136876
5 years ago
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Phat Company is really good. Their PSG twin packs are amazing. And I can't wait for this cutie ITEM #142642.
5 years ago
Moro (5 years ago) #1399972Only Kotobukiya has the budget to potentially stand up to the big ones. And it's highly doubtful the Cu-Poche line would be it--their scale PVCs are much higher quality.
Licensing is also an issue--to produce a figure from a certain series or game, the company must have the rights to do so and that costs as well.

I'm more meaning in the next few years. Alpha Max started in 2009 and are already almost as big as Orchid Seed.

Alter started in 2005 and it took them about 2 years to become big. Aquamarine is raking it in with IA and most likely Gumi when that comes out. So they definitely have a chance if they keep at it.
5 years ago
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