Good Smile Company: 1/8 Akemi Homura "You Are Not Alone" Ver.Good Smile Company: 1/8 Akemi Homura "You Are Not Alone" Ver.Review

RaithosRaithos7 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm back with a very special review this time. This time I'm going to be looking at a piece that I feel is certainly one of the best figures I own. My personal favourite, the coveted: Akemi Homura: "You Are not Alone" (Y.A.N.A.) Ver. 1/8 pre-painted scaled figure from Good Smile Company!!!


This figure was available at the Good Smile online shop for preorder between the dates of the 10th February 2013, 17:00JST - 18th February 2013, 21:00JST for a price of 9,000 yen, with a current release date slated for June 2013. Goodsmile is good to order from in terms of batch orders because they have a flat shipment rate of 2,000 yen for EMS shipping regardless of whatever is in the order or the quantity. Naturally this encourages grouping items together. (Spurring batch/Group orders, as well). Although I have already placed my order there, I caved and ordered this one early off of Mandarake for a healthy inflated price of 12,000 Yen. Regrets? I think NOT. Of course, no figure is without it's flaws so I will be going over those as well as her merits. Now keep in mind her flaws are not so much in the quality of the figure, but in the design structure and also the basic fact that the figure is a repaint. Some issues have already been addressed by GSC with the release of this figure such as how some had gripes with how her pantyhose looked too "shiny" in the original version PICTURE #280603. This seems to have been addressed by GSC:

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photo snagged from here
(original on the left, and YANA ver. on the right, notice how the pantyhose have a more matte finish as opposed to the glossy finish of the original?)

Now, naturally if you knew me, you'd know that I love all things Homura, so when GSC announced this I was a little overexcited. I actually made a hasty diary post the moment she was announced: BLOG #6206 In it, I touched upon some early observations of the figure and invited readers to respond to a poll I was conducting on the likelihood of wanting to purchase her. Readers also provided their own take on the figure and it's pitfalls and merits. Safe to say, the general consensus was positive from the tiny respondent survey I conducted. Nevertheless whether you're a fan of her or not, or even a fan of GSC or not... I find that this figure is a simple yet elegant delight. From her Bow, to her Alternate head with glasses and braided ponytails GSC hit the mark with this figure. I also like the more angry yet determined scowl on her cute little face. I feel like this is the perfect companion piece for this: ITEM #98665 (Ultimate Madoka released by GSC earlier this year). My one personal major gripe with this figure was the lack of wings. Many would agree with me that the lack of wings was a misstep in GSC's judgement (myself included). However some speculate that GSC will release yet another version with wings, because I mean if they can release a second figure of Sayaka with a hairclip and a slightly updated colour scheme as the only change, then I'd assume they can and probably will release a Y.A.N.A. Homura with wings. For some, this is a deal-breaker and for others it isn't. I personally think this is a wonderful figure and jumped on the opportunity to get it. Especially since the original version has now sold out and costs upwards of 11-15k yen for resale. Wings or not, I assured myself I'd be getting this.

A blogger already made a custom set of wings for Homura and I must say they are most impressive. Why oh why could you not do this GSC?

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To help justify her release as well, she comes with some important accessories and a certain alternate head that got many a fan squealing including myself. So without further adieu I present to you my take on the wonderful piece by Good Smile Company. The Akemi Homura: Y.A.N.A. "You Are Not Alone" Version!

THE BOX: 10/10
Oh, the box! And such a splendid box it is! From the colours to the graphics to the presentation. All very well done. You can tell GSC put some thought into this box.

Box Comparison with first release/YANA box overview

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- Both boxes naturally share a common theme, but the graphics are drastically improved on the new YANA box. The YANA box features more vibrant colours, and is more visually appealing/eye catching than the original. The original is more of a generic tie in to the rest of the Puella Magi boxes, whilst this one (and more notably the Ultimate Madoka box) stand out visually. The YANA box retains it's circular display window from the original whereas the markings are more vibrant and meaningful... the original features a simple design with some small flowers scattered around the box. A simple presentation format indeed. I also feel like the original box has a lot of empty space, whereas the YANA box feels more justified with it's usage of space, the original needs nowhere as much space as it has. The YANA box is wider than the original but much thinner in terms of depth. It presents a good usage of space in my opinion. (You'll see how thick the original is compared to the original shortly).


The YANA box features a vibrant colour scheme that pays subtle homage to Homura and her power through the usage of various images related to her character. The name plate features a nice small yet elegant embroidery pattern. Whilst the main display window is circular (keeping in tradition with the rest of the Puella Magi GSC releases), however the outline of the display window is engraved to resemble the markings found on her time shield. Her soul gem is present in the top left corner. Two pocket watches can be found in adjacent corners of the box: one on the lower left corner and one on the top right (tying in with her theme of time control/time manipulation... time is always a factor where Homura is involved).


There is also a large pink flower near the watch on the bottom left and a butterfly on the top right. In the background there are several gears and cogs that one would find inside a clock (not unlike the ones also found in her time shied). Again this is a subtle reinforcer that's tied to the underlying theme of Homura and her power. I also find the style to be very reminiscent of the way the witches are portrayed in the series. The colours are vivid and the images distorted, almost like dimensions are being ripped open and beings from another plane of existence have infused themselves onto our plane of reality. The box also features a portrait graphic of Homura with her ribbon to the bottom right corner.



The top of the box features the same design pattern as the front. There is a small circular window with roman numerals all around the border (depicting the face of a clock with the numbers I (1), II (2), III (3), IV (4), V (5), VI (6), VII (7), VIII (8), IX (9), X (10), XI (11), XII (12). This small window also allows for a top-down view into the innards of the box. There is a graphic of Homura in her previous form before her "transformation" (featuring twintails and glasses). The original box also features a window to allow for a top-down view into the box, but the overall scheme is plain in comparison to YANA.



The left side of the box features a nice large graphic of the figure in both of it's formats. Her "Moe" form is upside down, and her "Ultimate" form is shown right way up. The graphics are slightly embossed and have a nice glossy feel to the touch. This is also a nice touch, since it shows both display options for the figure all on one side of the box and the graphics are just visually appealing in general. The original features a nice large window and a graphic of the figure as show from the front in a profile view tot he lower left corner.





The back of the box shares the same motif as the first: a cloudy background which boasts the settings for her final battles. In the first, it's the surrounding city being turned into a desolate place by Walpurgis. On the YANA box, it's the final plane where Homura now battles Demons instead of witches. The YANA box features various shots of the figure with both of it's presentation formats present. There seems to be more of a focus on the twintail version of the figure (and this is of note since the figure is essentially a new addition altogether). We get back, front, and full shots of the figure. The YANA version gets a portrait shot and a full frontal shot also. The "You are not Alone" slogan is again printed on the back but is placed behind (and obscured by) the prominent graphics of the figure on the right side of the box. (However it's still legible).



(The infamous "You Are Not Alone", slogan)

The right side of the box features a silhouette of "Ultimate" Homura with the "You are not Alone" phrase printed above it. This side of the box features a small window bordered by graphics of gears and cogs as well as a flower, a pocket watch, a butterfly, and Homura's soul gem. (Sort of a mini throwback to the design on the front of the box).


The bottom of the box is just a simple black slate featuring her name and the title of the series. All in all the YANA box is a real treat for the eyes. GSC really went the distance when creating the graphics for the box.

The interior of the box has a pretty nice design. It features a three fold placard that is coloured purple with various relevant graphics placed all over it. In the center is a nice large graphic of Homura's time shield which seems to also have an X-Ray view of the various mechanisms within it. The side panels feature various time based graphics (clocks, gears, pocket watches) along with flowers, butterflies and of course her soul gem. The most eye catching part of the interior is definitely the center graphic with the time shield. Her name, along with the "You are not Alone" slogan are featured at the top of the shield:




POSING: 9/10
(Specifications & Accessories)


-Height of the figure: 19 cm with base, 18 cm without.


As you can see, Homura comes with:

- Longbow
- Alternate head (Twintails) The head is also interchangeable with the body from the original version.
- 2 Pairs of glasses
- Hand grenade (Hand to hold it comes attached)
- Almighty Red Golf Club of doom*
- Spare right arm
- Left arm with her "Time Shield"
- Base
- Instruction guide showing you how to assemble the figure and attach its various accessories
- Completed figure (with her all important red ribbon)

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Complete figure, main head with ribbon comes as default


The left side of the package houses the bow, grenade w/hand, golf club of doom, and the time shield


The right side of the package houses Homura's alternate head, 2 pairs of glasses (one pair is already preset into a pair of frames, while the second pair is still malleable, (allowing for formation into a pair of frames, should the original pair get lost). Also something to note about the glasses is they are very fragile. They are thin and could easily snap if too much pressure is placed upon them, so be very careful when setting Homura up and putting these on. Be sure to slip each arm of the frame on adjacent sides of her head at a level point where her eyes are. Use the bottom of her eyes and the top of her nose as a marker if you're having trouble putting the glasses on. These are also very small and could easily be lost so be sure to take note of where you put the glasses when not in use. (I personally just made sure to put them back int he package when I was done with them). Also the glasses do not come with lenses, they are just the simple frames, with spaces where the lenses would be (I guess to give the illusion that she has lenses on). I would've preferred GSC supplied a set of glasses with lenses included, but whatever.




Annoying, but reassuring in the fact that they will keep your package tight and enclosed upon first opening it. During my many exploits in dealing with these, I devised a method that allows me to handle them with almost zero effort. Instead of sitting there for 5-10 minutes fumbling around in frustration and exasperation trying to twist the end off, I find a simple method of clipping the side without the twist allows you to remove them in seconds. There were a total of three twist ties in Homura's package and the entire ordeal didn't even last 10 seconds:




Nail clippers people, these are your friend and the natural borne enemy of twist-ties everywhere. No twist-tie can withstand it's awesome might. But seriously, nail clippers are the way to go if you want to deal with twist-ties painlessly and with little effort.

The Bow

I felt it was best to take special note of the Bow since it is her most important weapon, right up there with her Time Shield and Red Golf Club of Doom. The bow is elegant, yet simple.

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The figure can hold the bow with either one hand or two:

One Hand:



I like this look as it seems like Homura is looking on in the distance poised for battle. As cool as this is I do however prefer the two handed stance better.

Two Hands:



In these two shots you can see the seam line which connects the bow in two parts. I find it's actually better to connect the bow near the bottom, and not near the top as shown here. This way when you take photographs of the figure, the seam line isn't as apparent. In later pictures, you can notice that I have switched where the bow connects to the bottom, giving an overall cleaner look to the bow.




I personally like the two handed hold better. It gives the look of her holding it right to her chest. And the plain dynamic of being able to have both hands hold the main weapon is pretty cool to me. Also if she were to fall from a height, the bow is less likely to snap or break due to the impact if she's holding it in this position (as opposed to holding the bow horizontally, there's a greater chance it could incur damage if it fell from a height). The bow is not in fact one sold piece, it comes in two pieces. You simply slip one part into her hand to hold it and then connect the female part to the male part in her hand. (Pretty much how you set up the bow for Ultimate Madoka). I do see this as a bit of an issue however, since the bow is very thin and fragile. I wish they had made it it bit sturdier so it could withstand impact, but for the most part you should be okay when displaying her. Not a huge issue, but one to keep in mind. The bow has two see through gems located near the middle which resemble her gem found on the back of her hand.

The one problem I have with the bow is that I wish we could've gotten a third dynamic pose out of her. Sort of like her shooting an arrow, ready to attack. Something akin to the excellent Nautilus Garage Kit:



Other Accessories

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The other accessories are for "Moemura". She has a selection of her grenade or Golf Club of Doom for the right hand and her time shield for the left (Time shield isn't applicable to "Ultimate" Homura). The grenade and the red gold club each come in two separate parts. This allows for the female part to be slid into her hand to be held followed by insertion of the male part into the receptor. In the case of the grenade, it's the cap near the bottom that separates. In the case of the club, the handle separates from the main shaft and then can be reconnected Homura's hand:

Separation of the grenade parts

How it looks in Homura's hand. Also note the detail in the grenade on the detonation switch. (Small parts coloured in).


Homura can also hold the red golf club of doom with tow hands, similar to how she holds the bow with two hands, although I prefer to display her holding the gold club like the "legendary sword" that it is.


Time Shield



Original version on the left, YANA version on the right. As you can see the Original version has a bit of a darker tone in comparison to the YANA version. Everything on the YANA version is just a shade lighter, including the shield. It's more of a silver as opposed to metallic grey. Also the gem on the back of her hand is a deeper more rich colour of purple. Also the gold plating is brighter and has a higher luster than the original. Small subtle upgraded paint applications like this, make the YANA a favourite. You can alternate parts between the Original and the YANA pretty well, just not the time shield as the hand positions don't allow for a mixing of the shields between the two figures (meaning each figure must use it's own corresponding shield).

Sculpt: 9/10

The sculpt is solid. I personally like the style that GSC presents the Madoka girls in (since I feel it's akin to the anime). Homura looks spot on. From her long hair with the ribbon, to her scowling face, her legs adorned in black pantyhose with the purple diamond pattern running up the side, to her Magical Girl uniform. The multitude of ruffles in her skirt and the "tails" from her ribbon on her back are all still present and look great. Although some would argue that this is basically just a re-release of the same figure, may I remind you GSC released Sayaka with a hair pin as the only difference. So really, if that warrants a release, then how much more so does this piece warrant one? Very much so.

GSC also did a nice job on her ribbon: http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2013/03/21/662275.jpeg

I have no complaints with the presentation of the figure, and it's a good sculpt. I would however have preferred some sort of difference in regards to the body of the figure, maybe in a different stance or as I mentioned in my discussion in my accessories section, a set of alternate hands/arms to allow Homura to be in a shooting stance. However, I do believe GSC may release a third version of Homura with wings and perhaps more of a focus on her shooting stance, so for now I can accept this presentation as it is. The inclusion of her "former" self with the twintails is a nice addition. The sculpt isn't intricate or complex. It's straightforward yet done very well, no complaints. I would give it a perfect score, but I feel it loses a point for basically having the same body as the original.

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Here's a bit of a showcase featuring both sides of the Homura YANA ver.

























Painting: 9/10

The Paint-job is excellent. This time around, GSC decided to minimize the purple shading that was found on the original. Also the entire figure is a shade or two brighter than the original as seen here:

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The difference in colour is most notable here. As you can see, the YANA on the right is a lighter shade than the Original on the left. the colours seem cleaner and fade to white. Although personally I do prefer the colours on the original.



Her skin tone is lighter, and the white of her uniform looks much cleaner and is a purer white. The purple in her uniform is a slight shade darker than the original and not as faded. Her hair is also a shade lighter. This is problematic when shooting her with flash and in low light conditions. Since the figure is painted so bright the glare distorts the images. You really need to account for exposure/ lighting and adjust accordingly to get the best shots out of her as possible.

Final Thoughts

The YANA is excellent. I love it. You get a variety of options for display and you can even get the added bonus of displaying her with her twintails alongside the rest of the GSC cast if you have the original Homura 1/8 as well (due to the swappable parts). Was a release like this needed? Yes. Is it 100% complete? I would argue "no" since the "wings" feel like a missing piece of the puzzle to me. I'm hoping that GSC will implement them though. How? I dont know, I just hope it will be done. If you missed the original and are on the fence about getting this one I would definitely recommend the YANA version. It feels badass posing her with her bow; she also works as a nice companion piece to the Ultimate Madoka 1/8 (if you have that as well). Overall I'd give the figure a 9/10. It loses a point for basically reusing the same body as the original release, but makes up for it with plenty of accessories and an alternate head allowing for multiple possibilities for display. I think that's it I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Extra Photos (Image Heavy)

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Very nice figure, the brighter paintjob encourages glare from my camera though >.<
You cannot believe how hard it is to get under her skirt to take this shot properly, and it still didn't turn out the way I wanted it to >.<
I like the fact that the gems in her bow are transparent. Nice little touches like these are found throughout the figure.

Original Homura with angry deadpan face and glasses. Your argument is invalid.

Homura YANA is a wonderful companion piece to Ultimate Madoka

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Thanks! I'm thinking about selling my original to get her ;) wish she still had the gun though
2 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
Christown6 years ago#2148440Yeah, can't wait for her to arrive! Great review you wrote here, it helped a lot with my decision also.
I saw that you've also ordered the Aniplex Homura, she's looking pretty nice too.

XD, I had to write this review, when I received her it was just perfect. I'm as happy with her today as I was when I got her so long ago :P

YES, I'm excited for those, they look spectacular. Very costly, but worth it
6 years ago
Raithos6 years ago#2144628Awesome, you totally won't regret it :D

Yeah, can't wait for her to arrive! Great review you wrote here, it helped a lot with my decision also.

I saw that you've also ordered the Aniplex Homura, she's looking pretty nice too.
6 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
Christown6 years ago#2143490Yeah I decided to go for this one, the Ribbon and her Bow makes it more special. Also because I'm going to get the Aniplex Homura later this year and that's the normal version with a Pistol so then I'll have both versions.

Awesome, you totally won't regret it :D
6 years ago
Raithos6 years ago#2142402If you had the opportunity to get one, I'd say definitely go for this one. Reason being is you get the alternate braided Homu, plus her ribbon and bow. This one comes with everything except a pistol. I think if the only wavering point you have is her gun, you'd be better off getting YANA first, it's simply exquisite!

Yeah I decided to go for this one, the Ribbon and her Bow makes it more special. Also because I'm going to get the Aniplex Homura later this year and that's the normal version with a Pistol so then I'll have both versions.
6 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
Christown6 years ago#2141253Can't decide between this and the original version.. argh.
I like this one because of the Ribbon and Bow, but the original has a Pistol....

If you had the opportunity to get one, I'd say definitely go for this one. Reason being is you get the alternate braided Homu, plus her ribbon and bow. This one comes with everything except a pistol. I think if the only wavering point you have is her gun, you'd be better off getting YANA first, it's simply exquisite!
6 years ago
Can't decide between this and the original version.. argh.

I like this one because of the Ribbon and Bow, but the original has a Pistol....
6 years ago
I received her today; I picked her up from the post office since I missed her yesterday. Your review seems about as glowing as the figure itself; I'm very happy to have Homura without a broken-off head. I'll have to protect this one with barbed wire ;) Enjoy yours! :)
7 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
BlueMonday7 years ago#1474881Wha... You like Homura? All this time I had pegged you as a Sayaka fan!
All the other Homus have put this one on the back burner for me, but I'm sure I'll eventually break down. The extra-grumpy face pries at my resolve even now.
Nice job on the long-awaited review! ^^

You know you love her and her pissed off grumpy face.
Buy it because it's necessary to own it, XD

Mary7 years ago#1474915I can't wait for mine to arrive!...
But I also want the original version...
And Mami...
Right now, all I have is Madokami, Kyouko, and Sayaka. I'm like wtf Sayaka and Kyouko don't even KNOW Madokami. Need Homura.
EDIT: I spose Gift's Homura will have to do. She's going to look so ugly displayed next to the GSC rest of the crew, muahahaha.

L.O.L. Mary, you're right they don't even know her lmfao!
Original Homu is so pricey though, just get this one! I'm crossing my fingers for an original Homu re-release
Yeah, I'm with you there. I'm totally not a fan of the gift style for Homura. I mean the Gift style is good in some areas, like for example this: ITEM #75212, but just doesn't work for Homu for me. To those that get the Gift version of her though, power to you!

heatsignature7 years ago#1474985I was perfectly content with my Madoka collection consisting of only Sayaka (ITEM #126136) and Kyouko (ITEM #97172)...
but argh seeing photos of YANA Homura makes me reconsider that decision
Anyways, nice review! It was very thorough and the details were well explained

Get Yana... Get Yana.... Get Yana!!!!!
:P, Thank you! I tried my best XD

Mikaino7 years ago#1475035You killed my kindle ; _ ; I had to jump on the computer to finish this! xD
I love your review, it makes me really really really want YANA Homura D:

Amagad, I'm sorry I didn't mean to kill your kindle!
Yes, get her! I can't honestly recommend her enough, really great stuff! :D

Dropsy7 years ago#1475111such a purtyful review!!! :0 i need a fancy camera like yours :D
loved it! love her! love everything about it! i'm glad i alrdy have her, or i wouldve died from anticipation after this!!

Please, my camera is basic at best. I won't deem it fancy until it costs about as much as a car and can take excellent photos of anything anywhere :P

Lmfao, she's so good right? *Hail to those that have her *

Chibi_Gohan7 years ago#1475227Very nice review. If I ever were to get figures from Madoka, I'd probably get Homura first... Considering she is easily the best character in my eyes.

You see, this is why I like you.
Excellent taste and knowledgeable to boot

neL7 years ago#1475257I want her now that I know I can swap stuff with the original qq.

Nice move on GSC's part, you should definitely get her XD

NessaPie237 years ago#1475491This was a wonderful review, I agree with you that she is truly beautiful with hardly any flaws, I also want to tell you that you take very nice photos. :)

Thank you Nessa! She is truly great, I feel lucky to have her, and you flatter me, thank you! ^.^ I don't think I'm anything special yet but I'm working on it, thanks for the kind words XD

Conae7 years ago#1475663Thank you for the very thorough review! You just made the wait 'til June even more unbearable. ;P I'll be displaying my Homura holding the bow with two hands as well, it changes the mood quite a bit and I think this angle PICTURE #680675 looks very nice.

Yes I totally agree, love the two handed grasp
Excellent, do post pics yourself when you get her, she's so worth it
I'm glad I added to your anticipation a bit and sorry for making it unbearable! :P

Kino7 years ago#1476176Thanks for the review! I didn't buy her because I have the original ver. Lovely Homu with her glasses <3

Hey the original version is just as good. A personal favourite right there, and I know the original with glasses is like AHHHH! XD

Shinigamiyoko7 years ago#1476943Same here, now I really can't wait until June!!! Great review :3

It's just two months guys, just two mont-
Who am I kidding? The WAITING, GAH >.<

Seasonreaper7 years ago#1476956Nice review, but I'm still disappointed by the lack of wings. Those custom made ones in the link are absolutely stunning though, if GSC had made those I'd have jumped on it immediately.

Thank you! And I completely 100% agree with you. I'm miffed that they didn't include them, but they probably will in a subsequent release, and I know if GSC had made her with wings I probably would have gotten multiples right off the bat

tisk3947 years ago#1477190amazing!!! but still expensive, i dont know i prefer mami tomoe!!!

It's just the inflated price! She'll be more manageable in June at around the price of the other GSC girls. There's nothing wrong with that Mami is a beast too! I really like her as well :D

Jennyfur7 years ago#1477373awesome review! She sure is beautiful :)

THANK YOU JENNYFUR!!!! And she's a knock out ;)

rindo7 years ago#1477459nice review man
its seems her bow could be using for madoka

Thanks Rindo!
Hmm possibly? I never tried putting her bow in Madoka's hands, but I wouldn't doubt it!

Plume7 years ago#1477571Great review, Raithos! Very thorough! I was also tempted by this YANA version when she first went for pre-order but ultimately I decided that the GIFT Homura was enough for now. Congrats on getting her, hope you enjoy owning it :)

Thank you Plume! I tried, lol.
Yeah there were those that went the GIFT route and that's OKAY! I found it to be a very interesting piece, although the face just doesn't personally do it for me, she's still very nice though. I actually will have to get the GIFT soon too, details in her shield are nuts, so good! O_o

Burningblade047 years ago#1477628still better than Sayaka's movie version, whose only difference is the variation in hairpin, and a slight change in color tone

Lol yeah, I made reference to that too. I'm not bashing Sayaka, because there are those that like her but I mean GSC really is milking the cash cow with that release. I feel the YANA is somewhat justified with all the addons you get with her

Carmina7 years ago#1477778I'm looking forward to getting her and display her with Ultimate Madoka. Great review!

She is an EXCELLENT companion piece for the Ultimate Mads, I really hope you enjoy her and thank you! XD

simakai7 years ago#1477862I was already planning on getting her as soon as I have the money, but now I want it even more! Thanks for the nice review!

You Will Not be Disappointed XD, and thank you Simakai!

kaminator7 years ago#1478429Cool~

Thanks! :D
7 years ago
7 years ago