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Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning - Play Arts Kai - Play Arts 改 -KaFinal Fantasy XIII - Lightning - Play Arts Kai - Play Arts 改 -Ka

I bought this at a Toys R Us. Upon unboxing Lightning, I noticed a fancy looking stand. It looked like an over sized Figma stand at first glance. Instead of a nut and screw, like on the Figma stands, Play Arts decided to use a plastic push-pressure thing. It feels pretty flimsy and is barely firm enough to hold her.

Lightning comes with a folded sword that fits into her sheath, a folded out sword, and two open positioned hands to interchange with the closed fists that are already attached to her. Both swords have a tiny hole to attach to her right open hand. The left open hand does not have a joint for the swords to be attached. Lame. The folded sword has bits that can fold out for a gun look. These bits are rubbery and also feel very flimsy. I felt like I was close to breaking it as I fiddled with it.

As for the figure itself, it's huge. Most of her clothes are rubber, which is very nice. Another nice touch, her cape has a joint. Articulation is almost typical Play Arts. She has shoulder blade joints. On top of the shoulder blade joints, she has shoulder hinged joints. I like this combo of joints more than a standard ball joint. Her elbows are also just hinged joints with a swivel joint just above it. Her hands are merely on a peg swivel. Her legs are attached to ball joints, and her knees are double jointed. Lastly, her ankles are hinged with her feet on a swivel joint. The only joint I was unhappy with were the hands. They should have been hinged with a swivel, or at least ball jointed.

I think they failed to capture her hair. It's too pink and the hair looks awful. I don't know if the Japanese version has a better shade of pink, but the sculpt of the hair would still be terrible. The paint job looks good. I don't see any thing else, besides the hair, that looks bad. I would've liked it a lot if there were more hand choices.

Overall, it's still a nice figure. Her poses look lively, apart from her emotionless face. I like it.
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