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To Heart 2 Another Days - Yuzuhara Konomi - 1/7 - Frilled Tube TTo Heart 2 Another Days - Yuzuhara Konomi - 1/7 - Frilled Tube T

Sculpting: 8:10

The sculpt is rather cute, hair and face-wise it's very close to Kotobukiya's previous uniform Konomi. However this Konomi does not have the problem that Konomi had with the hair sculpt, and that was the lack of detail. Still, there could have maybe been a little more, but I'm happy enough. Everything else is nicely sculpted, her bottom is especially cute... ^^;;

Painting: 8:10

No problems with the painting, I haven't really noticed anywhere where one colour bleeds into another or anything. Her skin is shaded well, which is pretty important for this figure as she is showing a lot of it.

Posing: 9:10

I really like this pose. It's not too bland, nor is overly dynamic and taking up a lot of space. I like the kneeling post because if she was standing up, she probably wouldn't fit in my shelves as they are kinda short.

Base: 9:10

Of all my figures, Konomi definitely has the best base. Rather than just some plain plastic coaster, her base is sand-textured and coloured, perfect for this figure. You can also pop out the sand part from the black part and flip it over for a mirrored base, but the mirror wasn't really that good, so I'll stick with the sand or no base at all.

Packaging: 9:10

Her box is nice. There are square windows on the top and front, sakura petal shaped windows on the sides, and a round window on the back, which has pink sakura petals, slightly clear, all around it. The box colour has pink at the bottom, fading to white, and the inner part of the box is blue, which I think looks a small bit out of place with all the pink, but I guess it does match the whole beach theme.

Enjoyment: 9:10

I really enjoy this figure, she's adorable to look at and it's quite fun to switch the accessories, whether you're using the float ring and sandals that come with her, or just random things you have. I found a nice Re-ment kettle that fits perfectly in her hand, and Konomi was good to hold my iPod earbud cord.


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