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StarshipPooperStarshipPooper9 years ago
I am here today to share with you this seductive figure. This particular figure is "only" available through the Volks Store for sale in Japan exclusively. This basically means your only option to acquire her if you can't go to Japan is through a proxy. She's already pricey before adding on all the fees involved with a proxy. I've had mixed results with Volks figures, half of the ones I acquired were great and I was happy to pay the extra fees to get them. The other half, I regretted, and wish I never knew they existed. In this case, it's the former, I absolutely love her.


[size=large]There will be NSFW content in this review, they will be marked as such so only view those contents at your own risk.

Before I proceed, please understand I will never give a score of 10 no matter hoer perfect a figure is as there is always room for improvement.

[size=large]Sculpting & Painting

Before we get under way, let me point out the only "glaring" issue with this figure so I can get onto the good stuff.

It's hard to see in the picture below, but the seam where her jawline meets her neck is ugly and noticeable especially up close. This basically means you probably want to refrain from displaying her with her left profile. However, I'm sure results will vary between figures in their fit and finish. But in this case, I don't see how it could be better, just worse. Maybe they could have done something with her hairstyle to hide it better? It's not that big of a deal I guess but that's basically the only "big" thing to mention.


Now, let's take a quick 360 tour.


She looks great, right? Well, trust me she is that great and more especially when you have her in your hands. I'm sure you noticed some very prominent features on her while viewing her from various angles which I will be covering.

Let's start with her hair. Besides the other seam/line mentioned the only other visible ones are in her hair like most figures. However, in her case it isn't really in the usual spot. That line is there at the top of her head but you can't really see it since it's integrated very nicely with her hair style. It's actually the back of her bangs. It looks like They were made of multiple pieces joined together. You can see one in the picture below, it's hard to see and only visible up close so not a big deal.


While we're up here, lets take a closer look at her hair ornament. No complaints about it, it looks OK but my concern is that it looks like one of the first things to break if you're not careful. So be careful handling her around that area especially her pony tail which is susceptible to damage.


And speaking about her pony tail...


Love that pony tail. Also those two long antennas? Those I fear the most in damaging since, but they're flexible enough that will allow for some movement but I wouldn't want to test their limits. Basically, I love how they sculpted the hair as well as the painting.

Now let's move on to her face.


That smile/smirk just looks great to me. I love it and those big, blue eyes of hers. One of the most prominent features? The Décolletage on this figure is fantastic. Her bare shoulders and elegant lines from her neck and collar down to her amble breasts.

Speaking of the Décolletage, her cast off feature is actually really annoying because it doesn't really attach to her. It's constantly falling off exposing those amble breasts of her. I don't really care but I'm sure some of you might have an issue with it.


Above, you can see the infamous cast off piece...it may look like they designed it to integrate with the figure but not really. It doesn't attach to anything and only rests on the figure slightly. At least for mine and easily falls off when I move her around. Also, might want to be careful with it or it may paint transfer onto those milky white breasts of hers.


It turns out the piece fits just fine, I just didn't push down enough on it for it to go all the way in.

[size=large]Warning, the next section will be NSFW unhide at your own risk.

NSFW!! Click to UnhideClick to hide


Like the rest of her, her breasts are milky white. And I'm sure you can't help noticed they are pressed/squeezed together by her arms on each side emphasizing her full breasts. Her areolae and nipples are a nice shade of pink as well. A classic porcelain doll beauty.


Now, I don't know about you but see looks weird with her breasts exposed so I rather not display her that way. I much prefer her with the chest piece on, the Décolletage looks better that way to me. Sometimes not seeing is more sexy than seeing. I'll actually be going more into that soon.


Her bare shoulders and back look great. Just love them. I wish they could have exposed more but that tight dress, hugging and accentuating her curves as well the various shading makes for a killer dress. You can almost see the small of her back through that dress, love it.


I love the gold treatment on this figure, very nicely done. And as you can see in the pictures above and below, those rope loops? look great. The attention to detail is nicely done. The wrinkles on her dress and to remind you how tight her dress is, hugging her lean frame you can see the indent of her bellybutton through the dress.


In the picture below, you can see that majority of the material for her skimpy outfit is concentrated around her hips. Her full hips and those luscious curves are deadly weapons on their own. Her dress is hugging her curves so tightly that it leaves little to the imagination. However, she is still covered up and what you don't see is what makes her even more sexy. They exposed just enough to make you want to see more and since you're denied it, you are just driven more crazy with desire.


She's got a butt that won't quit! 8Þ The material straining to hold her curves back is absolutely killer.


Let's not forget her lovely legs clad in skin tight stockings.


They just look great. The positioning, the shading on the stockings bring depth and dimension to her curves as well as the various wrinkles and creases showing an attention to detail. The gold treatment again looks good and the transition from flesh to stocking is great. To emphasize how tight fitting her outfit is you can see her thighs spilling out of those stockings. Can't get enough of those long beautiful legs. Her boots look great too. Love the detailing they put into it in both sculpting and painting.


Last but not least, let's look at her amazing sword. The detailing and attention they put into was remarkable.


Just love it, but it was a pain in the butt to attach to her. The handle detaches from the sword but it was a very tight fit and I almost broke her hand to get the handle through it...

Verdict? Sculpting and Painting were both a solid 9, max score possible.


I love the sway of her hips and how her stance centered on her left leg bent at the knee with all the weight balanced precariously on the ball of her foot. Her full hips are the main attraction with those deadly curves.



Her lean and the look on her face especially that wicked smile just seals the deal with what a femme fatale she is with that killer Décolletage but especially those bare shoulders of hers.



That killer pony tail...



Put everything together with that killer sword, you have yourself an amazing pose for a great figure.

Max score possible for posing, 9.


A small base that's just the right size but pretty plain...


Score of 5 for average.



Window box design but with their own touch, I like it. Decent layout/artwork. And of course note the "For Japan Only" and not for kids 3 years old or younger? Umm, I don't think a 3 year old could appreciate this figure anyway besides trying to eat the figure... 8Þ


Blister design with the figure covered in plastic to protect from rubbing/paint transfer.

She's well protected and box is OK. Score of 8 for above average.


What can I say? I absolutely love her and I'm OK with the hassle of obtaining her. She's worthy of the title exclusive and I'll happily own her for some time. Like her friend, she's supposed to be 1/8 scale but tower over others of the same scale. In fact she's the same size or bigger than 1/6 scale figures meaning she's around 7 feet tall!!! I'm not complaining but I wish they would specify the correct scale.


See you later.
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Mazinger_AngelNice reviews.
I noticed from your photos that the cast-off piece is not at its right place.
You have to put it firmly under the ropes, so the cast-off piece will not fall.
I did it to mine and it stays well. ;-)

I put an update in that indicated I just didn't push it in enough, the piece fits fine. Thanks.
9 years ago
Mazinger_AngelNice reviews.
I noticed from your photos that the cast-off piece is not at its right place.
You have to put it firmly under the ropes, so the cast-off piece will not fall.
I did it to mine and it stays well. ;-)

Thanks, will have to check that out later.

Ah OK, the reason I didn't push it in all the way was because I was afraid of paint transfer but I see what you mean now...
9 years ago
Nice reviews.
I noticed from your photos that the cast-off piece is not at its right place.
You have to put it firmly under the ropes, so the cast-off piece will not fall.
I did it to mine and it stays well. ;-)
9 years ago
I would love to get her. I have the older volks one which is also really good.
9 years ago
Beautiful eyes!
9 years ago
The recent Volks figures are sure washing the bad feelings I got from my older ones, this figure is so beautiful and well ended, thanks for reviewing and for sure, updating these nice pics :)
9 years ago
She looks to be well armed with that sword....nice figure and review!
9 years ago
Great review. I'm been chasing her the last weeks but she's freaking expensive.
9 years ago
Drego Neko fanboy
I ... need ... this ! ♥_♥
Thank you for reviewing her ! :')
9 years ago
Thanks for review!^^
9 years ago