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Today, we'll be taking a glimpse of Yuki Nagato. This particular figure is an Ichiban Kuji Premium Prize figure. She is the second in a set of three, the others being Haruhi and Mikuru. This particular rendition of Yuki is from the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya story arc. Of all my Yukis in my collection, she would have to be one of my most favorite Yukis up to this point. It's so rare to see this stoic alien showing emotions and her shyness is so cute.


Before going any further, please understand I will never give a score of 10 no matter how perfect a figure may be as there is always room for improvement.

If you looked at my other reviews before, you'll notice I'm very hard on packaging. There are a couple reasons. What is the first thing you see when you receive your figure? OK, OK, you see the shipping box first... Then what do you see? Fine, fine, fine! wrapping paper or maybe bubble wrap, etc. OK, then what do you finally see? The box! That's the first impression you receive on the figure and the manufacturer.

Prior Premium Prize Figures had nice artwork. However, I don't know when it started but they seem to have gone downhill in effort and quality. I understand you buy a figure for the figure but if they go cheap on the box think about what they do with the rest of the figure? Do you honestly think they'll pass on the savings of the packaging to making a figure better? Maybe in fairy tale land...

Below you see a plain white box with no artwork. Very disappointing.


Above you can see they at least used a standard blister design. The figure is of course wrapped in plastic to protect from rubbing/paint transfer.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't want them to increase the cost of the figure just to make the box look nicer. However, they could have put more effort into it. If you've ever bought a figure from me, you'd know how strongly I feel about good packaging and protecting the figure. This is very important to me and that's why I set a high standard because I'm hoping they meet it so I'll like the figure and manufacturer even more.

However, for this attempt I give a score of 4.

Another pet peeve of mine is the base. I understand you buy a figure for the figure and not the base. However, a nice base can make a great figure even greater. It also shows effort and attention to detail. I don't want them to increase the cost of the figure for a nicer base but this base was a big disappointment.

If you look below you see Yuki's base. The artwork is on it is probably the best of the three bases. I'm not really sure where they got the scene from though, I guess later in the story arc?


Now, I'm not complaining about the dimension or shape of the base. The problem? The foot pegs are not glued in and they fall out easily when trying to mount the figure. This is not an isolated incident. All three of my girls have the same exact issue. They couldn't even bother to glue the pegs in? Is glue that expensive or that it really take that much effort to apply the glue?

Score of 5... average, was tempted to drop it to below average.

The pose can make or break a figure and I don't think this figure is any different. If you look below, you can see three different poses. The first one is the original artwork of what they intended. The next one is the actual execution. And finally, I'm assuming is their inspiration from the manga. I'm assuming her holding a book was either too expensive or too much effort for them... Their compromise is acceptable but if you notice they still deviated somewhat from their original artwork and the final product.


The pose itself? Well, it's so uncharacteristic of her that the shock/surprise value earns points. Yuki is the epitome of stoicism so seeing her embarrassed/shy is priceless. As mentioned in the opening it seems like they pulled the pose from the cover of a manga for The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya story arc.

Love how they had her cardigan and skirt flowing out. The bend of her knees with them overlapping slightly leading down to her feet in a awkward clumsy position. Note the positioning and state of her hands and the angle of her head and of course that expression of hers. It's fantastic.

Anyway, love the pose. Max score possible, score of 9.

Let's take a quick 360 tour of her first.


Doesn't she look great? I couldn't really find a flaw in the sculpting. I really love the job they did on her uniform and cardigan. They did a fantastic job on her glasses as well. Her face is so cute.


Her legs look great and she has cute panties on. Gotta love the triangle shape gap between her legs. And let's not forget a nice butt. 8Þ They did a nice job detailing her panties.


Nice detailing on the skirt, all of those folds and creases. It ballooning outward, captured perfectly.


Now, the closet thing I could come up with that is an issue would be this...


I really don't know why they did that with her hair. It could have been one whole piece instead of all those individual pieces. It's not really a big deal.

Anyway, score for sculpting would be the max score possible, 9.

Like the other two girls, the majority of this figure is tinted. The only things painted on her is her face, the red line on her collar, her belt buckle, shading on her legs, socks and shoes. And of those they did a sloppy job. I understand some people are forgiving and expect to see sloppy painting. However, can you justify sloppiness if they barely had to paint her? How much effort does it take to paint a straight line and fill in the space completely?


How hard is it to paint the socks completely so you don't have an ugly unpainted ring on each leg!!


I'm not asking them to paint a masterpiece, but a little more effort to paint the little they have to is that too much to ask? You might think I'm overreacting? Well, this is my thought on the matter. If I continue to accept inferior/low quality figures, it will only encourage the manufacturers to keep making low quality figures and they might even make them even worse. Since they see that people will buy them irregardless of their quality. It's only my opinion and I don't expect anyone to agree with it.

They also used decals for her eyes. the saving grace would have to be her blush. The colors used in the tint seemed pretty spot on so no complaints there.

Again, you might think I'm nitpicking but when you don't have that much to paint there really isn't an excuse for sloppy work, score of 8.

All in all, she's a nice figure. As I've said, she's one of my most favorite Yuki Nagato's to date. I don't regret getting her even with the flaws mentioned. She is so adorable. Of the 3 girls, she's definitely a keeper. Max score possible, 9.


See you later.
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