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USPS...and stuff. Advice? Please?

Hello friends!

I have some questions about USPS....

Basically...I ordered something online. Cool. I guess it was sent by registered mail. Whenever I clicked on the tracking number on eBay, it was never updated, so I never really knew when to expect it. Anyway, about a month later, I got a little worried, so I contacted the seller. The seller said the item had been delivered to my house on May 13th but no one was home.

I guess either the seller entered the wrong tracking number on eBay or the tracking number only decided to update itself on the USPS website. Anyway, that's not what bothers me.

What bothers me is....I don't even think I ever got the notice of it's attempted delivery.

Question: Is it possible that the postal delivery person just didn't leave a slip? We recently had a change in our mail deliverers. I used to have this really cute and friendly guy...but now I have a lady (my dad even saw her THROW one of my packages on the doorstep...real nice).

Question 2: Don't they usually send a FINAL NOTICE before USPS returns the package to the sender? I certainly never received one!!

So, I tried to schedule a redelivery online...but I couldn't because apparently the package had been sent back to the sender! Grrr. I never received either of the notices.

Question 3: Is my mail woman just not leaving the notices? I hadn't received either...

Question 4: Does scheduling a redelivery online actually work? I tried it once and nothing happened. Does anyone have any stories about scheduling a redelivery online?

I realize that this whole situation is pretty much my fault for only checking the tracking number on eBay and not actually going to the USPS website...but....

Question 5:
What should I do?

I mean, my purchase was only like $6-$7...but still.
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Did you get this sorted out?

I go through this all the time. My postal deliveryman is lazy and hates walking up to knock on the door for packages I need to sign for although to be fair he is pretty careful with the packages he just leaves since I have a gate and have watched just to see how he treats them.

But to answer your questions...

1. They usually leave a slip, but who knows with your driver?
2. No, they don't always leave a final notice slip. They should, but they don't most of the time from experience. I guess they figure if you want it you'll do the footwork for it.
3. See #1
4. Yes. I have to do it quit often. But they will only do it once or twice and after that they will leave a final notice telling you you have to pick it up.
5. Like everyone else mentioned, just complain. It may or may not work.... and I will offer this warning as well. Be very careful what you say and how you say it when writing any complaints or when requesting redelivery. The mail carrier sees everything you write on a redelivery request since it is sent directly to them, and any complaints... they are informed who made the complaint and what was said more or less. If you are receiving delicate packages this can cause them to mistreat them even more than usual until they are finally removed which may or may not take some time.

And no it is not your fault. It is just the postal service, and stuff like this happens on occasion. :)

Good luck to you.
4 years ago
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
I'd call the post office and see what's up. At least complain.
4 years ago
kilani Sayaka Rank
Can you PM me the tracking ID so I can take a look at it?
4 years ago
I've had this problem before. Try calling your local PO directly and checking to see if the package has really already been returned. Sometimes they wait a few days, but the website is apparently automated and doesn't really know what's in their back room.
4 years ago
SweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur
Since she threw one of your packages call
and complain to the postmaster about it and not receiving slips.

I had a pretty bad postman I did this and ended up getting a better one.

Everytime they miss you they leave a slip.
At last delivery attempt they give you a notice to pick it up via post office.

Also call about the package. Maybe by phone you can ask for them to do a redelivery.
But at this point might have to contact seller and explain what happened.
4 years ago
Jennyfur ʕ•ᴥ~ʔ
Hmm that really sucks T_T My delivery person changed a few months ago, but thankfully the new guy is pretty good. I think you should call your post office and try to talk to the postmaster about it. Tell them the situation and that you think your delivery person may have forgotten to leave a notice or something. Double check that tracking number too. It's a really frustrating situation I know, and I really hope you figure something out!
4 years ago
neptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
Stalking (4 years ago) #1542026//Why the Sonic poll??

Because I like Sonic the Hedgehog. :)
4 years ago
The first thing to do is verify you have the correct tracking number. USPS numbers typically start with a 9 and run for 20 digits. Fedex numbers run for 12 digits. UPS numbers almost always start with 1Z. If the shipper uses SmartPost, then you have a number that is both a USPS number AND a Fedex number. You will need to break that number into the two parts and search them separately.

Fedex and UPS will provide real-time tracking info. USPS provides whatever info that had, probably several hours after the fact. It's not the same sort of tracking.

If none of that helps, or even if it does, call or visit your local branch. Someone there may be able to pry more info out of the system. Do your best to be really nice and polite even if they aren't. They have no real incentive to help so you sort of have to make them want to help.

Good luck!
4 years ago
Usually USPS will hold a package for up to a month. One time I didn't get a delivery attempt notice and ended up going to the post office 2 weeks later to see if they had gotten anything in. Turns out it had just been sitting there. *sigh* So I would definitely go ask your local post office.
4 years ago
DareToSpeak (4 years ago) #1542079All in all, your safest bet is heading to the post office if possible because USPS from my experience has extremely lazy workers @_@

Unionized government workers man. There's little incentive to work hard.
4 years ago
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