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Painting Kirito nendoroid

luca_puukluca_puuk4 years agoAsk MFC
When I received my Kirito nendoroid by Good Smile Company I noticed that the painting was pretty bad, especially for a GSC product.
I like their figures but I think this is the worst paint-job I have ever experienced on one of my figures, and for it to be a GSC figure is something I never expected.

So I decided to email them asking if they could replace the body of my Kirito for one that's better painted. Here are some pictures that I included:

After 2 days of waiting I got a reply that said:
"Thank you for contacting us. We examined the photos carefully.

However, as for your Kirito, we do NOT recognize it defective. We do not send the replacement for it."

I was not happy to hear this. Why is this not seen as defective? I paid for the quality to be like this:

And not for gray paint to be all over where it is supposed to be black.

Even the scratch on his arm is not seen as a defect… This makes me sad.

I emailed them again, with more and better quality pictures:

And this is the reply from GSC:
"Thank you for contacting us again.

However, we are very sorry for that we cannot help you. Since it is hand painted product, those paintings which you refer by your photos may occurr. And we do NOT recognize them defective. Thank you for your kind understanding."

Now I understand that hand painted products can have small painting imperfections. But my Kirito nendoroid does not have just one, he has many. Is this really something that can't be helped?

I read here on mfc that more people had painting issues with their Kirito Nendoroid… What happened to the GSC quality? This is not how I know them…

Anyone has ideas how to solve this problem? Is there something else I could try to have a well painted Kirito? Or is the only solution for me to repaint my Kirito or accept him with painting defects?

I hope you can help me, and maybe other people who have the same problem with their figures.

Edit: I don't mean to say that GSC is bad with the quality of their figures. I like their figures a lot and never (except this one) had any problems with them. But the quality of the painting on this nendoroid does not seem normal to me. I would have appreciated it if GSC replaced his body because even though I know painting imperfections can happen I think this is a bit much. I have seen more people that have issues with the painting of their Kirito, I don't know why he has so many problems with the painting.
Thanks for the people that replied so far or will reply, I like to hear your opinion.
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I have one nendroid atm and the QC is not the best either. However, I only paid 22 bucks for it, so I knew that there would be some issues with painting, sculpt, etc.

Little QC issues like the ones you pointed out don't necessarily mean it's a defect, unless there are parts and little pieces that are broken or don't work.
4 years ago
I think this is just a matter of QC - I don't think the defects are significant enough for GSC - they're within the production's error margin unfortuntaely.

Snow Miku/Sakura Miku were limited & exclusive products and the paint defects were consistent so they claim responsibility :s
4 years ago
"The end product may differ from the prototype" = like a doctor getting away from a bad surgery, no shame here at all ?
4 years ago
well, mine have the same problem like yours too.
4 years ago
Not defective, but bad quality (on the lower end of your average Nendoroid quality). I'm surprised that they refused to send you a new body, though.

Wasn't there paint defects on Snow miku and/or Sakura Miku and people still got new parts? Maybe their paint wasn't sloppily done, but more like wrong colors or rough parts. I forgot.
4 years ago
sarunamirabu married to Ookurikara
brandymallory (4 years ago) #1599275I'm kind of with the "That's not really defective" crowd here. For the cost of a nendoroid, small paint defects are kind of expected, seeing as they aren't really that expensive...

Edit: I have Kirito and mine doesn't have any issues I believe, for people who are going to be hesitating because of this now.
4 years ago
A Nendo is 30ish dollars without import costs. You can't really expect close to 100% QC for that cost.
Like others have said, you can paint it yourself.
4 years ago
wow, I was thinking in buy Kirito but now I don't want anymore, I accept some little paint defects (that usually are common for the nendoroid now) but this is not acceptable.
4 years ago
I'm kind of with the "That's not really defective" crowd here. For the cost of a nendoroid, small paint defects are kind of expected, seeing as they aren't really that expensive...
4 years ago
That is really bad quality by GSC standards. It's so sloppy. I think you were right to ask for a replacement, even though I don't see it as defective, just subpar quality.
4 years ago
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