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Morishima Haruka by Max FactoryMorishima Haruka by Max Factory

FabienneFabienne7 years agoReview
Today I will present you a new figure review, this time its about the Morishima Haruka - School Swimsuit Version figure which is produced by Max Factory, she was released at the end of April. Her scale is 1/7 with a height of 195mm. The origin of Haruka is the popular dating sim, Amagami SS which recently had an anime adaption which was aired from July till December 2010.

To describe it shortly Amagami SS is a 25 episode long romantic comedy anime, where each girl from the picture above gets a 4 episode long romantic short story with the main character Junichi. It was a very well made show, all the girls had likeable and interesting personalities.
In my opinion it is one of the better game adaptions out there and I enjoyed it a lot.

As this figure was announced, and I saw the cute face and of course her appealing pose ^^, my first reaction was Woah! Sweet! where can I order her!? and I preordered as soon as possible, unpatiently waiting for her arrival. Maybe this is the time tell something about her character.

Haruka Morishima (surname: Lovely) is a third year student and the idol of her school, she likes to have fun and likes to do exciting and crazy things. She can be quite eccentric I would also say she's a slightly crazy weirdo ^^. She isn't really conscious about her attractiveness and so Haruka is fooling around with the guys. but it is not out of bad intentions, she doesn't know it any better. Her best friend is Hibiki who sometimes has to upbraid her from doing inappropriate things haha she is quite strict with her.


So after the long Intro part, lets see how this figure actually turned out.


her hair would be a good point to start. In Amagami SS no crazy hair colors appear, everything has more natural look, so the lovely Haruka has dark brown hair, for the most part her hair is downright, only at the ends it is curled. Her pretty face is framed by her bangs and strands. Her face shows an expression of insecureness and a little bit emberrasment, but nevertheless she also wants to show you her best possible side in this situation. By changing her position, her face expression changes a bit, when you rotate her a bit more to the right she even shows a quite saucy face expression.




The part around her eyes and the eyes themself are nicely painted. Maybe they were a little more blue in the anime, but just by a small degree. For the shading of her blush marks a light orange colortone has been used, it is the same color like for the shading effects on her body.

http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2021.jpg http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2020.jpg


The Amagami SS anime has slightly ecchi moments, but never crossed the line, it's nearly the same with this figure, her swimsuit sits very tightly and follows her curves very accurately, but it is still on the more tame side because there aren't implied nipples or details at her *meow* area.( I shouldn't forget to clean my mouth with soap afterwards^^).

http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2002.jpg http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2009.jpg

The pose didn't exactly happened like this, it's more a combination of the second and third episode. In episode two she borrowed this normal school swimsuit because she felt like swimming, but Hibiki kicked her out of the swimming hall before she could enter the pool XD.



In episode three the male main character Junichi had promised to take her to an unusual spot during the lunch break, as reward he was allowed to kiss her, if he would choose a very unusual spot for the kiss, he decided to kiss her at the back of her her knee. So the flushed Haruka bend over and with her hand, she pressed her skirt tightly onto her body, somehow that sounds like stolen from a cheap erotic novel, but lets put that aside, the scene was hilarious and also a bit sensual.

Apparantly the sculptor put a lot of love into sculpting her lovely shaped butt, in comparison with other figures her buttocks stick out a bit more and look great in this black swimsuit. The main selling point of Haruka is her alluring pose, where she puts her butt on display. There are also other angles where she looks good, the side for example.

http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2015.jpg http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2016.jpg

The position of her arms and hands fits very well to her pose, Haruka's gently impresses the area where her left leg begins with her left hand, with the small finger of her right hand she slightly lifts up her swimsuit to adjust it. As the beautiful girl Haruka is, of course her legs are pretty as well, they are longer than her upper body and the head together.

http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2001.jpg http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2013.jpg


Haruka wears the default school swimsuit, not the more cooler looking ones from the swim club team, so here she stands with her charcoal colored swimsuit, it is a rather plain swimsuit, but it has some realistic looking seamlines on it. The tight sit accentuates her body proportions very well and compensates for it's rather unspectacular design, even though I really like this swimsuit.

http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2003.jpg http://mitglied.multimania.de/henzy/buddy/Haruka_M%20-%2008.jpg
In terms of quality this figure turned very good, there are no visible seamlines from the mass production process and also the sculpting looks very clean and well made. Also the paintjob looks nearly flawless, even though there isn't much place for messing up regarding the number of colors that had been used. When there is one thing I don't really like about this figure, it would be the color of the blush marks, I had preferred a more pink colortone instead of an orange one.

The base is a clear round disk with the Amagami SS logo on it. With the two pegs under one foot and one peg under the other foot, a safe stand is warranted. Oh nice she also has painted nails.


Final Words

Overall Im very satisfied with this Haruka, she looks like in the preview pics which were shown on Mikatan before. Haruka comes in a quite unique pose with her butt in the center of attention, but she looks also good from many other angles. Another charm point is Haruka's beautiful face together with her half curly hairstyle. When taking a look at her face it appears like this figure is more sculpted after the Haruka from the game instead of the one from the anime. The swimsuit of her might not appear as flashy like a colorful bikini, but honestly I've seen enough bikini figures recently and so this black swimsuit is a nice change, I really like it. Do you like swimsuits, too?
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shenzuo Blackthorn
Nice figure and nice review ;)
7 years ago
the wet look shot is so cool
7 years ago
Excellent review mate! I got mine today and im very happy with her. You gotta love that pose!! :)
7 years ago
Nice pictures! Hoping my sweetheart Ai-chan gets a figure as well, but not holding my breath ^_^
7 years ago
MastraCustomGreat review!! And great comparation with original drawings!
She looks very sexy and well made... (of course, it's a Max Factory's... my favorite!) :-D
Oh thank you very much, dude :) glad you like her ^^
7 years ago
ImanovDunno, but this simple and dark colored swimsuit fit her so better than anyone would... Nice review :3Ah thx, yeah I think the same way^^ I mean its a simple black suit, but she looks so pretty in it ;D
7 years ago
Dunno, but this simple and dark colored swimsuit fit her so better than anyone would... Nice review :3
7 years ago
Great review!! And great comparation with original drawings!
She looks very sexy and well made... (of course, it's a Max Factory's... my favorite!) :-D
7 years ago