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Re: Question about replacement partsRe: Question about replacement parts

Good day everyone,
Recently I just posted an ask MFC article about replacement parts and those in the comments asked for specifics; if anyone has any experience with this kind of thing, please feel free to comment.

In my previous ask MFC BLOG #9139, I asked whether you usually need to send a figure back to the store/manufacturer to ask for replacement parts or if photo proof is sufficient enough. The comments in reply said it depended on companies, as well as to try contacting customer support first.

To be more specific, the situation goes like this:
I'm trying to get a replacement body for my Leviathan(ITEM #97001) because it's pretty scratched up when you remove the clothes; she's made by Amakuni so I don't know the way their customer service operates though. I'm asking a friend in Japan to help me with contacting them since I don't know Japanese and to provide an address to send any possible replacements to.

My previous experience with GSC (as some have pointed out)is I just sent a couple of photos to them via email and they provided replacement parts. This was when I had a little smudge on my Megurine Luka's hair and they sent me a replacement upper body. However, I'm just not sure how Amakuni treats these kind of situations. I've tried contacting them before a couple of weeks before, and I'm worried that they might be a bit suspiscious if the images I sent them were fake or something and they haven't really replied since; hence I'm thinking about sending the figure back to Japan for a replacement. The problem is it'll cost a bit to send back the figure, and I'd appreciate it if the company could just send a replacement body.

For now, I'll try re-sending some images I took way before when I first tried contacting them, beacuase at the moment I'm away from my unit which houses some of my figures (I'm on a semester break) and won't be able to take any new pictures until I return at the end of the month.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should do, please don't hesitate to reply in the comments below. Anyway, thanks for any readers who have shared some time reading this lengthy post.

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Amakuni sells exclusively through Hobby Japan do they not? Did you try contacting Hobby Japan?
5 years ago
AFAIK, makers (with some exceptions such as GSC) won't provide replacements for sales outside Japan. I'm not sure since I don't have any such figures but I wouldn't be surprised if cast-off figures have some kind of disclaimer written on the box saying that you cast off at your own risk.

Is the figure actually scratched or is it just paint transfer? If it's paint transfer then you can probably use a plastic eraser to remove it.
5 years ago
You could try emailing the store you bought it from and they can contact the manufacturer on your behalf (this is also great if it's a Japanese store as they'll email them in Japanese).

Some companies just seem to straight up ignore emails about defects and issues. I had a defective trading figure from MegaHouse and they completely ignored emails from both me and the store I bought it from. I hope you get more joy out of this company.
5 years ago
Import from Japan

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