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Good Smile 1/8 TrielaGood Smile 1/8 Triela

Today we'll be doing a slightly retro review of one of my favorite figures, Good Smile's Triela, who was released back in August of 2011.

About the character: Triela is one of the main characters from the Gunslinger Girl anime and manga. She, like all the girls living at the Social Welfare Agency, has undergone physical enhancement with cybernetics. At its face, the Social Welfare Agency appears to be a philanthropic organization, using advanced medical technology to save the lives of select terminally ill and critically wounded persons. However, the SWA is in fact the Italian government's front for a counter-terrorism task force, and those rescued by the Agency become trained assassins after undergoing extensive physical modifications and brainwashing.

It is difficult to go in to much detail about Triela's character without spoilers, so moderate spoilers ahead:

View spoilerHide spoilerTriela is one of the older girls at the Agency, and she was one of the first to be rescued. As such she is something of a mentor to the other girls. She is originally from north Africa, but little else is known about her origin other than the fact that she was rescued by her eventual handler Victor Hilshire while he was with Europol investigating a human trafficking organization. Hilshire and Rachelle Belleut (a medical examiner with Europol) take it upon themselves to carry out a raid on the traffickers' compound; Rachelle is mortally wounded by gunfire, but before she dies, she is able to save the life of the critically injured Triela. This unauthorized raid effectively ends Hilshire's career with Europol, and he joins the SWA and becomes Triela's handler. Subsequently, Triela often dreams of Rachelle, who she views as her mother.

The figure was presumably inspired by this illustration. It appears in volume 15 of the US version of the manga; I'm not sure when it showed up in the Japanese version.



Here we see the front of the box, featuring an interesting T shaped window (T for Triela presumably), the Gunslinger Girl logo (actually the logo from the second season of the anime-more on that later), and the series' catchphrase.


The sides of the box feature a shot of the figure and a small window.


The back of the box features a couple more shots of the figure.


The box is attractive, and the stark black and white theme is in keeping with many of the official materials from the series. Overall, the box measures 17 by 24 by 13 cm, and the total shipping weight for the figure was 560 grams, so shipping costs should be reasonable.


Her pose is simple, but with some nice subtle touches. Triela is a pretty pensive girl, and she appears to be deep in thought while clutching her shotgun. More on the pose in the next section, but for now, let's do a tour around the figure.









Before we get to the overall fit and finish of the figure, let's see one of the stranger design choices made by Good Smile. Triela's skirt can be removed allowing her to be displayed in her panties. As you can see below, she separates at the waist allowing the removal of her skirt. So if you really are hellbent on displaying her without her skirt, it is possible. However, the fanservice level in Gunslinger Girl is pretty minimal, and so it just seems like a weird design choice. Here you can see how she separates at the waist, but there will be no Triela panty shots in this review.


Now that that's out of the way, let's take a look at her face and her overall appearance. The key elements of her design are her skin color and her blue eyes. As we'll see in a moment, her design is very consistent with Triela's appearance in the second season of the anime.



You can see Triela's appearance is somewhat different than her (early) manga self; the eyes and her more feminine clothing are the key differences.


Triela's appearance in season one of the anime. You can see the tanned/bronzed skin is faithful to the character.


Here, you can see that her appearance is basically a cross between the first illustration that was shown and her character design from season two of the anime, down to her unique blue eyes. In addition, she only starts wearing feminine clothing during the latter part of the series. I suppose we can argue all day about the change in the art style of the anime from season one to two, but there's no question that the figure's design is spot-on.


Here, we get a good look at Triela's weapon, a Winchester model 1897 pump-action shotgun which has been modified to accept a bayonet. Many of these guns are still in use today, even though they were last manufactured in 1957. Good Smile does a very good rendering of the gun; in particular if you measure the barrel of the gun, you'll find that it is about 2.5 inches long. At 1/8 scale, that would make the barrel 20 inches long, and in fact that was one of the actual configurations of this particular gun. It seems the 20 inch barrel is the configuration of choice in close-combat situations, where Triela often seems to find herself. A really nice detail!


Here's a close-up of the butt of her shotgun. You can see that Triela outfits it with a leather sleeve which holds extra ammunition. The painting on the sleeve appears to be a little bit sloppy, but I'll leave to the reader to decide if it's sloppy painting or if it simulates well-worn leather. In addition, the strap on the gun is fairly rigid, so be careful when handling it.


Another one of Triela's distinctive features is her blond hair. Here's a shot of her hair viewed from above. There is a very small rough spot or two, but generally her hair is well-sculpted and her bangs hide any seam line that might be lurking there.


A view of Triela's signature twintails. You get the impression that she is standing in a light breeze.


I had to work to find many imperfections in the figure, but here we can see a few. There is a small imperfection on the front of her bangs, and you can see the finish where her ponytail attaches is a bit rough. In addition, the barrel of her shotgun looks perhaps just a bit too plasticky. After all this is a vintage weapon that obviously has seen its share of use, so I would have liked to see a little weathering on the finish. Maybe that's being picky, though.

You can also see that the transition from her neck to her jaw area probably could have been handled a bit better.


Here, we see Triela's shiny leather boots. In an early episode of the anime, she says that she likes the way they sound when she walks.


Her legs are shapely and nicely done in my opinion.


One thing to be aware of is that her trench coat has a flat black finish. Although I thought I'd dusted her thoroughly (twice!) before taking these photos, you can see that any dust she attracts will stand out if you view her closely. In addition, over the two years I've owned her, the small scratch on her coat seems to imply that she must have brushed up against something at some point, so take care when moving her around as that flat black finish will show scratches easily.


Since her jacket is leather, the natural seams in the fabric could disguise joints and other transition spots in the figure, but here there's probably a bigger gap between her shoulder and the rest of her arm than there should be.


Despite a few picky issues, the figure's finish is excellent overall.


Her base is simple but elegant. Triela attaches to the base by two pegs, and if you didn't know better, you might be convinced that those are real stones. The leaves are a nice touch; this together with the suggestion of a breeze in her hair and the fact she is wearing an overcoat and sweater suggests a crisp early winter day.


Triela attached to her base.


Here's a small nitpick. If you compare her base with the base on Good Smile's Henrietta, you see the two bases are similar, yet just a little bit different. It would have been great if the two bases could have been integrated somehow. However, Triela's base is really much better (the stone finish is more realistic and it's thicker, making her much more stable than Henrietta), so I won't complain too much.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------10/10

Gunslinger Girl is one of my favorite series, and Triela would certainly make a top-five list of my favorite characters, and thus she would be a strong candidate for my favorite single figure. Overall, the figure exudes atmosphere and the fit and finish is for the most part excellent. This, together with the fact that there are so few Gunslinger Girl figures available should make this a must-own figure for fans of the show.

Let's wrap up the review by doing a quick comparison between Triela and GSC's Henrietta (ITEM #39).

Triela and Henrietta.


There were some complaints that Henrietta's legs were a bit on the stubby side, but you can see that is definitely is not the case with Triela.


Another way to display the two of them together.


The backdrop is an illustration that came with the artbox for Funimation's release of season one on DVD. I'd be over the moon if GSC someday did scaled figures of Claes, Angelica, and Rico. Are you listening Good Smile? Probably not. Oh well.


Availability (as of this writing):

Sold out new, available at a premium price secondhand.

She's not terribly hard to find, but brace your wallet if you want one. Henrietta got a second production run when Triela was released, but unfortunately no more Gunslinger Girl figures seem imminent, and so for now it'll be the secondary market or nothing if you want Triela to be yours. As I write this, AmiAmi has a B/B one for 12,240 yen, and Jungle Hobby has a sealed one for 12,600 yen. Her original retail was 6477 yen, so in any event expect to pay about twice that for your very own Triela.


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Comments4 comments

Shimakaze69 (2 years ago) #3238916Such a nice figure. She's also been on my Amazon wishlist for a looong time, but her price never seems to get low enough for me to buy her. She's steady at $180. Maybe one day, but with all the new stuff coming out scrounging the funds for an older figure like her is low on the list :-(

If you go the Mandarake/AmiAmi route, her price has remained pretty steady in that 11000-12000 yen range. With the dollar being strong right now, it's not a bad price particularly considering how 8000 yen is the new normal for higher-end new 1/8 scale figures.
2 years ago
Such a nice figure. She's also been on my Amazon wishlist for a looong time, but her price never seems to get low enough for me to buy her. She's steady at $180. Maybe one day, but with all the new stuff coming out scrounging the funds for an older figure like her is low on the list :-(
2 years ago
charle (4 years ago) #1622034She came out so nice! :) Thank you for the review!

She really is a beautiful figure. It's a shame there's so few proper Gunslinger Girl figures out there.
4 years ago
She came out so nice! :) Thank you for the review!
4 years ago
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