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Wagamama Capriccio - Melissa Seraphy - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Wagamama Capriccio - Melissa Seraphy - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

CasberryCasberry10 years agoReview
Here comes the next review, this time for the (my) beloved Melissa Seraphy because Good Smile Company’s Melissa just looks sooo good. Or perhaps I should say “Awesome”,”Incredible” or “Gorgeous”, but it’s not easy to describe it good enough for her. I don’t know much about this figure or her background but when I first saw some pics of her (I think it was on Dannychoo.com, i knew i couldn’t miss her in spite of the high pricey cost effort.
You know, her release date was a long time ago (first in 2006) and now she has become really rare, that there are so tiny chances to get a hand on her, be it ebay or any other shop on the world.

So here now, i want to give some information’s and attitudes of her appearance and for myself i want to give her some honor with this, so let me try, if i can do this satisfiable.


- The Figure's background
What I know about her background is, that she’s one of the protagonist figures from the game Wagamama Capriccio, a dating sim game (or hentai game) from the producer Unison Shift/Soft. In this game, she’s a princess coming from the devil’s world (? I guess, don’t know more) and you’ve to win her heart. Melissa also pops up in another dating sim game, “Chu X Chu Idol”.
Link to their Page: www.softpal.co....


- The Manufacturer
Good Smile Company (GSC) started in year 2005 (what i extract from their site) with a small bandwidth of figures and is now very popular these days, especially for their Nendoroids which they are producing in vast numbers. GSC is the worldwide leader in Japanese hobby products and service including the design, manufacture and marketing of Japanese character figures, so they say. They are used to give a very good quality on their figures, which not every manufacturer has got today.
Homepage of GSC: www.goodsmile.i...

- Sculpting
The Sculpting of this Melissa figure was done by Akihide Muraki and the original concept illustration for the game by Akifumi Ozawa. The sculpting was one-on-one assumed from the concepts, everything on the figure reminds to them, so here was done a great job.
Here I think the manufacturer could have done also a second version of Melissa with a different pose (option) or as an alternative to let her take another one. At least the people should have let the possibility to pose her on the base without her pumpkin. But more about this in the Posing part.


- Painting
Now we go to the part of her painting. Starting from top, the head-part is surely an eyecatcher.
Melissa’s hair is beautiful , with cool asymmetry, long random tendrils that end up in curls and the blonde colour is brilliantly painted on. The face is gorgeous, blushes adorn her already adorable face, her eyes are really shining out and her cute fang grin gives her something sort of a “Nyaa~” ^_^
The gloves (some varnish is put on them too) and tube have a glossy black, the latter has a rather evil skull smack right on her important area. Her clothes are lined with golden colour.
Removing her pumpkin, we see more criminal beauty. The customary loli hips, plus a tiny tiny string panty, all lacy and pink too.
At all, Melissa’s painting was incredible done, a great job from GSC. Love it.

- Posing
What can be better than to stand ? Yes, to float ! And this is what the Melissa figure is doing right in front of your eyes. Maybe, it looks like she stands on her tiptoe’s, but in reality she’s hovering a bit above the ground. Gives a “Wow!” to her, not ?
I mean, this is a really suitable pose for her, with her arms a bit stretched sidewards, what i also like on this figure, and her little red wings, perhaps it looks like she wants to fly around for a bit ?
I bet she wants.
I like her pose very, gives much more to her cuteness and appearance.


- Base
Melissa does have a translucent dark gray Base with a Star-like design on it with runic scriptures. Unlike normal bases, this one does not have plugs but instead, uses a separate triangular piece which can be inserted into the pumpkin skirt to keep Melissa standing. This innovative design has its pros and cons.
This method of attachment also allows Melissa to be posed standing on her toes in high heels off the ground, for a energetic hovering feel, which augments her little wings well. On the other hand you cannot pose Melissa without her pumpkin skirt if you want her to be standing.
So you have to lean her upon some wall/stone/whatever you think of, if you want to make some pics of her without her pumpkin.

- Packaging
Melissa comes with a medium-sized yellow colored box. Funny, with a close look you can see many many Halloween pumpkins painted on, what fits to Melissa’s pumpkin (tough i don’t like pumpkins that much). Is there much more important to tell about the Box ? No, not really i think. In my eyes, the box can be classed to any normal box you know, no extravaganza on it, so the Box suffices to keep Melissa savely.

- Enjoyment
I think the pumpkin skirt is surely the highlight of the figure. It’s the first thing people really look at and the major reason why Melissa stands out. In addition, the face of the pumpkin allows people to sneak into, what’s inside it and you can barely see Melissa’s pantsu and fine legs. A cute thing on the pumpkin for me, is the yellow ochre colored ribbon, gives the pumpkin a own special character.
Anyway, as all lolis do, Melissa has a disproportionately large head and small body. And on top of that, large eyes, a cute fang grin, blush, flat chest all boost her loliness. She’s not wearing much, just long gloves and a tube top. Oh, and of course, a cute small circlet on her head, which is put on a bit sidewise. Also something great.
I like her dress, it shows the right amount of flesh (a lot), with enough coverage to still prevent a slutty appearance. It’s funny how wearing long leggings or gloves and hence showing less skin gives a girl more sexiness. I also like that she has some swearly curl of hair, maybe i also had some in my early young years ?
Well, you can incessantly speak about her and find here and there something more, that makes Melissa more cute, special or whatelse. The enjoyment will steadily be there.


- Overall
Overall, Melissa is a fantastic super figure, the quality of her probably is better than of the most existing ones of today. Even when there isn’t Halloween, you can deploy her at any time anywhere you want and she keeps looking nice. An idea to everyone and this is what i saw on a picture here a while ago, if there is Halloween (or not), you should try it out, to deploy Melissa on a place and then spread some sweets around her. This will definitely look awesome. (I would like to try it out too, but then the sweets will vanish very fast XD )
Like here: figure.tsuki-bo...

What i have to keep in mind: To make my own pics of Melissa someday, some official pics aren’t bad, but the review would look better with some taken shots of her, so i’m sorry here, that i couldn’t do it yet. I will add them definitely !
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8 years ago
thanks i really want the nendroid of her because she is so cute, i need her loliness comes over in the way she is, the main reason i bought her was because of the the way she is made and that you can sneak apeek into her skirt and see her panties
8 years ago
Totally explains everything great about her ^_^
Good review!
9 years ago
Finally I've managed to get my own Melissa! Awesome figure but a bit smaller than I thought. I first saw her at RIUVA review.
9 years ago
I got one in my hand but at that time I have no money T_T
10 years ago
I am so envious! I nearly won one on ebay today. Just a bit out of my range. :(
10 years ago
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
Your reviews are always so well done. I want her even more now!!!
10 years ago
Wonderful review. Very interesting and well done! Good Job.
10 years ago
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
Nice review casberry!!!!
I like it!!!
10 years ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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