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MFC Secret Santa - UPDATEMFC Secret Santa - UPDATE

GodYagamiGodYagami5 years agoMisc
Hello again, my dear friends!

This time I’m here to explain to you the next step of our Secret Santa.
So, how it works? It may look kinda confusing at first, but it’s quite simple, really!
In the next few hours/next day you will receive an e-mail from drawnames.com group – the tool we’ll use for make it happen (don’t forget to check your spam). This e-mail is an invitation, and at the moment you join it you will notice a proper form to write down your interests/wishlist.

Please, let’s try to organize it with some rules, right? I mean, in this box let’s try not ask for things like “I WANT A VOCALOID FIGURE” because we don’t know if it’s possible to afford this since we don’t know who picked our name – instead, let’s try “I like Vocaloid. I would be glad to receive anything about Vocaloid.” But still, what if I just can’t find Vocaloid stuff in my city to send? I need more things to not feel totally lost, right?

So, let’s try to make a better interests list:
I like many things. Vocaloid, Attack on Titan, Tales of series, Pokemon ---
But I don’t wanna make an interest list just with anime/game stuff, I prefer to make it easy to the others, yeah? So:
I like many things. Vocaloid, Attack on Titan, Tales of series, Pokemon. Despite that, I really look for postcards, keychains, food! I love food!, cat charms – etc.

You see? Now I’m pretty sure that my friend will be able to get one of those things – or maybe they all! – to send me.
Of course I’m not dictating any rule here, I’m just trying to show that this way may be easier for everyone – but it’s upon you, after all. ^_^

Ok, let’s keeping moving! I just thought it was important to talk about the list because I’m afraid of someone feeling lost.
Now, after you make this wishlist you will put down your address. The only one who will check your wishlist and address is the one who picked you. So no worries here, okay?
And – OH! Still we have a nice tool to use here. You can anonymously ask questions to your secret friend! Any question, really. “OH YOU LIKE CATS OR DOGS” or whatever you wants to ask.
But beware, don’t tell who you picked or who you are, the best part is when your gift arrives and you discover who’s the sender! 8D
(So let’s try not forget to say our username in the letter)

Also, I would ask you some things that it’s really important to me – because I’ll try to maintain the control to make sure everyone get their gifts!
1. You will notice that we have a chat box in the “main menu” of drawnames group we made. Let’s use this to chat – duh! – AND to keeping updating your status, like:
Today I sent my letter and the gift to my secret friend, yay!
(but I’ll be glad if you PM-me so I will surely know about it)

So this way I can know if everyone sent it or not. In case I notice that someone will not receive a gift, I’ll make this happen because instead of me, I have two more people that will send in this person place.
But please, take it seriously!! I don’t want need to do this, it’s totally sux. Hope everyone can be committed to this matter and send the gifts. Last year one of us didn’t get any gift )’:

2. IF POSSIBLE, I would like to ask to PM-me when you finished to buy/make the gift.
I’m sorry if I’m asking too much, I will understand if you complain about it, but I have a huge list with everyone’s name so I’m writing everything. I mean, I wrote your e-mail, I’ll write if you finished your gift and I’ll put if you sent it. So I’ll know who is making it happen or not ´w`
And I’m just asking all of this because we have TOO MANY PEOPLE (it’s amazing, really) to pay attention.

3. Now this is important:
Since some people asked about the deadline for shipping, let’s try this way:
If you get someone from the same country as yours and you think it will arrive too fast, PM-ME AGAIN. Just tell me who you picked and when you intend to send it – this way I can know if you are just holding to send it a bit later or if you dropped our secret santa lol
But don’t forget that near xmas every post office in the world gets crazy -_-

Also, still about the deadline for shipping, early october won the poll. Let’s send it at October 1~10. You have 10 days to post it ´w` If you get any trouble, please let me know, because if someone didn’t send it until oct 10 I’ll have to make something in a hurry to send so everyone will get something ´w`

I’m sorry if I’m annoying >_<
But 73 people from different countries needs a proper attention, I think.

Here’s the list of members. If I made a mistake please let me know: View spoilerHide spoiler
1. GodYagami
2. Jennyfur
3. mikalacain
4. OhnoRaptos
5. CinnamonFox
6. R_Kasahara
7. Chibiran
8. missburrito
9. Conae
10. jena
11. AvalonJane
12. tails_prower
13. Febreeze
14. Nagara_Venteel
15. AmyInWonderland
16. Kazamir
17. Katto
18. Asako
19. SetsunaSaturn
20. silentxangel
21. xxkurenaixshixx
22. mimilop
23. Kousei
24. Smey
25. theyasminshadow
26. Ugga4life
27. ghirahim
28. kimilion
29. neL
30. kagaminelen
31. houseki
32. ponnie
33. Stalking
34. maraiatori
35. Kalissiah
36 Namiel
37. Yuiriko
38. Exand
39. lauderdale
40. midnighteve
41. nekotenshiemi
42. AndyPanda
43. escape_rope
44. Shinigamiyoko
45. Maronn
46. PlumTea
47. xraiko
48. cropzy
49. Carmina
50. Maakie
51. Leosach
52. kk090200
53. Tewiinaba
54. Hime87
55. Mary
56. Yoruno
57. redxmaverick
58. Raiski
59. justineski
60. maddynamite
61. Chris_Wolf
62. hipozaurus
63. ahokzyasha
64. nanaka
65. ymous
66. Mecatronico
67. clown_panda
68. DelicateThunder
69. Raithos
70. 692718
71. Aya-kun
72. Mydra
73. BlueMonday
74. vivichan
75. Anime0milk
76. WindsorSeven
77. Lhancat
78. Cev
79. infinitefall
80. wasabimiso
81. KikiOttosen
82. Yavimaya

That’s all for now, I guess.
If you have questions or just hate me now because I’m really boring, you can PM-me too ;3;
And I’m begging you again, PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUS. >_<


EDIT: All e-mails sent.
- Kousei (fixed)
- Exand (fixed)
- Maronn (fixed)
- neL (fixed)
These didn't got their e-mails because the tool can't recognize it, I guess. Sent PM's to them to fix it ASAP. ´w`

I guess I'm too tired and made a mistake -_-
--- Put your addres in the same box as your interest list.
(If you noticed that the one you picked didn't leave it yet, just ask later as anonymous)
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Oh damn I'm late OTL.
I will check my email as soon as I come home, which will be in a couple of hours n.n;;

Btw I love how dedicated you are for this event, you are so awesome c:
5 years ago
wasabimiso (5 years ago) #1645214Can I join this?
I am not sure if I am too late. :3

If you send me your email asap maybe I still can add you \o
5 years ago
Can I join this?
I am not sure if I am too late. :3
5 years ago
DelicateThunder (5 years ago) #1642039I didn't put anything in the wishlist, I'm hoping for a surprise. More fun that way! Although we can check what the persone we get collects from their usernames here, right?

Sure. That's I nice idea, I did it last year.
5 years ago
I didn't put anything in the wishlist, I'm hoping for a surprise. More fun that way! Although we can check what the persone we get collects from their usernames here, right?
5 years ago
neL (5 years ago) #1641138Their name isnt on the list you have

Really? o___o
I'll check it NOW

EDIT: nwm I was worried about the invitation but I invited him even if his name wasn't in the list o3o
5 years ago
I'm in btw, don't know why drawnames wasn't liking my email.
5 years ago
neL on ice
GodYagami (5 years ago) #1640120You didnt get the email?
Their name isnt on the list you have
5 years ago
Now I wonder how much time I will be able to resist the urge to send the gift immediatly after I know which one I'll send xD
5 years ago
Namiel (5 years ago) #1639656Is it possible that you forgot me on that list?

You didnt get the email?
5 years ago
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