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Soniko Babydoll ver (Yamato)Soniko Babydoll ver (Yamato)

Today we will be taking a look at YAMATO's first PVC rendition of Super Soniko/Sonico. It's actually quite confusing on how her name is spelled because I see it spelled both ways from both Japanese and English sources... For the purposes of this review I will refer to the vixen as Soniko. Soniko was created by the Nitroplus Company in 2007 to be their mascot for the annual Nitro Super Sonic music festival. Since her creation she has become quite popular and there seems to be an entire industry around just her from a video game "Communication with Sonico", merchandising and several figures.

YAMATO is offering a deluxe and standard edition. The deluxe edition comes with a refrigerator with cake, electric guitar with stand and a big teddy bear which retails for 12,800 yen. The standard edition does not include the extras and retails for 7,800 yen. Even though I have both editions, this review will only be looking at the special edition which is effectively covering the standard as the special included everything the standard has and more. Both editions were released in April of 2011 and at this time at least the standard is still available from various stores. The goal today is to determine if the special edition is special enough for you to choose over the standard edition?


Warning!!!! This review contains NSFW images, proceed at your own risk.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Packaging: 6/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

For a special edition, the packaging wasn't that special. The layout and design wasn't inspired. You have a good view of the figure and the accessories but leaving them in the box isn't really an attractive option. The dual window panel display is interesting though. The only saving grace is the lovely illustration that the figure was based on located in the back. Don't get me wrong though, I don't want them to go overboard and cause the costs to go up. In all honesty I don't think there really is much they can do artwork wise with the layout of the packaging.

Dimensions of the boxes:

Deluxe Packaging
H: 252mm
W: 350mm
D: 93mm

Figure & Accessory Boxes
H: 252mm
W: 167mm
D: 93mm

The special edition packaging is nothing more then a non-corrugated lightweight cardbone sleeve that fits over both the regular edition packaging for the the figure and one for the accessories of the same exact dimensions. Empty the packaging is somewhat heavy and they way they have it packaged means in the US it would be classified as a over-sized package meaning shipping costs could go up. As flimsy as it looks the packaging is rather sturdy. The only real concern is the sleeve breaking and the two boxes spilling out and tumbling around in the shipping container. However, two two boxes are sturdy as well. Basically, it's heavy and big but figure and accessories should arrive safe. I will touch on this further when talking about the blister.


Top & Bottom

The blister used for this packaging is similar to what you find for Figmas. However, they took it to the next level with multiple inserts embedded within to keep various pieces secure and separate from each other. The multiple layers of interlocking blister are quite strong. However, the design used also means it's very compact meaning there isn't any buffer space for the boxes to deform and still leave the figure safe.


Expectations were not met. The plain artwork for the most part was disappointing and there was no real differentiation from the standard edition. That in itself isn't a big deal as I rather the cost did not go up to have them create a new box. It's rather heavy and over-sized so there are shipping cost issues as well. In the end the fact that she should arrive relatively safe is all that matters.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to G.O. who has been sculpting for various companies for a few years. G.O.'s body of work is limited and but appears to be steadily improving in quality. Below you can see a sample of G.O.'s work which gives you an idea of what to expect.


She is non-scaled but it looks like she's close to 1/8th in scale. From the top of the base to the top of her headphones she is about 205mm tall. Below you can see everything Soniko comes with as well as her broken down.


The execution on her treats was done well in the sculpting department anyway.


Here we have the first deluxe edition accessory. It's about 120mm tall and 63mm wide. Both doors work. The two shelves in the fridge are actually removable and at least for mine I had to remove them to re-install them correctly. I think they did a nice job on it and can definitely see it being used as a prop for action figures.


The next accessory up is the teddy bear. He's fairly heavy for his size and very sturdy in construction, however I can see his ears breaking off if you accidentally drop him so don't display him near the edge... There are no seams to speak of and all of the details are actually carved into him. It's not just paint, all of those lines you see on him from his mouth and eye patch to his tummy are all carved in. I have no idea why they gave him an eye patch but it doesn't make him any less cute. He's also about 80mm tall.


The last accessory is her electric guitar and stand. The stand was rather disappointing due to it's size and nothing can be adjusted on it. The guitar for the most part does not sit well on it and falls off relatively easily. it's 144mm long. At first glance the guitar looks detailed but if you take a closer look you notice a very big problem. NO STRINGS. There are plenty of electric guitars of similar size from other manufacturers that offered strings, some even offered metal strings! Seriously, 5000 yen for a guitar with no strings?


The last item before we move onto the figure is her babydoll negligee. Babydolls have been around since the 50s. They are sometimes sheer and/or translucent which this one is. These types are usually made of nylon, chiffon or silk. This particular style opens from the front and comes with matching panties. Normally Babydolls are designed so the panties are visible necessitating the matching panties. Originally Babydolls were considered nightwear but now they are considered erotic lingerie. This negligee for the most part is flexible and sturdy so you shouldn't have an issue casting it off. The negligee does not have to be forced off, as mentioned it opens from the front. The only real concern is the decorations on the front are quite fragile and could break off or just fall off as they are not glued in. The bralette emphasizing her cleavage was executed nicely and the ruffles and frills look great as well. Also note how well they captured the wrinkles and creases in the negilgee even if translucent. A job well done.







Looks good, right? For the most part there are no sculpting issues to elaborate on. G.O. did a nice job matching the illustration.

Her face seems accurate to the illustration and is shaped nicely. Her headphones seem a little rough but that appears to be more of a paint issue but note the support bars on top are quite fragile and will snap off if any pressure is applied to them. Care should be taken around them and you especially do not want them to get caught on anything as they will more than likely rip off. Her hair is detailed and there are no seams visible. Various individual strands can be seen and it's rather soft so it should be able to resist damage. Also note her hair seems to be the longest of all the Soniko PVC figures released to date.


They did a great job on her torso. Her collarbones are detailed and pleasing to the eyes. Her pendulous breasts are nicely shaped and the cleavage formed is executed very well. Her nipples do lack detail though as I don't see any milk duct orifices but instead a smooth surface. Her midsection looks great as well from the belly button to the transition from her slim waist to her full hips. The curves are where they need to be.


As mentioned, her babydoll can be removed without damaging the figure. At least one of her arms needs to be removed to have the straps on the negligee clear her torso. However, it's recommended you remove both arms which separate at the armbands to reduce wear and tear on the negligee. Note that it may be difficult to remove the arms. Of the two I have, one was on so tight I was only able to safely remove one arm. Also, the fit and finish on the arms and armbands are rather bad for both figures. There are ugly seams/gaps and it will take some adjusting to hide them effectively with the armbands. A lot of force is required to make the armbands fit tightly to eliminate/minimize those seams/gaps. Also her detachable arms are very soft and no significant weight should be placed on them as they are not meant to bear weight and will only deform and long term may become damaged.


Her panties look great with the way they dig into her flesh. The form taking the shape of a heart from behind is aesthetically pleasing and note the triangle gap between her thighs. You could tell they put a lot of care and attention into her posterior and I don't think it can be argued that she's got a butt that won't quit. It looks great from all angles.


Her legs are long, sleek and detailed where needed. The ratio of her legs to body is very attractive. They are well proportioned and the free from any seams/lines. They transition well up to her hips and the same can be said for the transition to down to her feet.


Those clear/glass high heels look great on her and her feet are detailed and nice looking as well. If you notice her right foot doesn't rest all the way on the shoe and there is a slight gap. Both of my figures have this but I don't really see it as a big deal as you have to look really close and there are other things distracting you from that slight gap. Compared to other figures with similar setups this isn't that bad. All in all her feet and shoes look great.


YAMATO and G.O. exceeded my expectations in most areas. Having a few YAMATO figures in my collection I wasn't sure if she was going to be as good as the official photos but she turned out better. They did a great job with her body overall which looks refined and sexy. Her babydoll was executed nicely considering it was a castoff and was translucent. The fridge and teddy looked great but I was very disappointed about the lack of strings for the electric guitar and the cheap feel on the stand for it. She looks accurate to the illustration and my expectations for the figure itself was definitely met. G.O. keeps getting better and I cannot wait to see the next offering.

Consistency: 5/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡

I debated whether I should talk about this in the sculpting section but decided they were separate issues. As mentioned I have both the deluxe and standard edition, which are basically the same when it comes to figures. However, they were not exactly the same. The fit and finish varied between the two in regards to final assembly. I understand mass production of figures will cause variations but those are usually with painting and/or some of the finer details in features of a figure. Even the installation/placement of decorations such as a bow or ribbon. However, the issues I ran into shouldn't have been that much of an issue even with mass production.

Look at the two Soniko figures below. They look the same right? Look again. The head on the one on the right isn't in the right position. She's looking too high and too far to the left. I examined both necks and there were no gaps or explanation why one head is positioned so way off. Both were installed correctly but variation on positioning is too much for mass production. I have acquired doubles, triples and even more of a figure before and I never ran into this issues before unless there was a defect. In this case the problem looks like it's at the mold level or somewhere around the curing process because one neck even though it fits perfectly isn't positioned correctly. And you cannot fix it, as mentioned her head appears to be installed on correctly but it's positioned the wrong way. Short of installing metal rods to force the head/neck to face the correct direction I'm out of luck. The only good thing is the one with the mis-positioned head is easier to display since you have a clear view of her face from most levels.


Another issue is her arms. Yes, both were installed correctly but notice the position of each when compared to each other. The one of the left is perfectly fine but the one on right is off. Her arms are in the wrong positions that causes the dish of treats to constantly fall out of her hand because it's too high. Examining again, I don't see an issue with any sculpting issue but the problem appears to be at the mold level or curing process. However, I was able to get the arm at the "correct" level with some adjustment but now I have a gap in her arm due to it...

Then we move on to the shoes, particularly the one that is slipping off her feet. Neither of mine match the illustration. The shoe is either totally behind and or to the side of her feet. The only way I can get them to match the illustration is to bend the figures and the shoes and put both at risk of breaking. I'm not going to do that and this is very disappointing.


The inconsistency does not appear to be a sculpting issue but just incompetence with the mold/curing process. I am very disappointed with YAMATO for screwing up something that other manufacturers even ones with bad reputations get right.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

I've had mixed results with YAMATO figures in regards to painting. Some of them have been painted very nicely while others were horrible. The horrible ones were usually a second or third release. My expectations are usually mixed because I do not know what I'm going to get except for the fact they usually start off strong with the first initial release and that I should be wary of any additional re-releases as that's when they try to cut on costs meaning quality suffers especially in the paint area. Since this is their first release my expectations were somewhat high. YAMATO usually offers a nice blend of tinting, airbrushing and painting, complimented by the decals. This figure isn't any different.

As you can see the decals for her eyes look accurate to the illustration and were installed precisely and look nice. Her mouth was painted nicely and that shiny gloss finish was a nice touch, making her tongue look moist. Her hair uses various levels of shading to give it depth and dimension and looks similar to the illustration. The only thing missing is the halo shine which could have been done but they opted not to do it. The only issue I have is they did a bad job on her headphones. They just don't look good, a different choice of metallic palette would have gone a lone way. They just look cheap and fake. They did a nice job on her babydoll in regards to the ruffles and frills. The decals on her bralette were applied nicely.


For the most part, the cake was done well. Most of it was just tinting but they did have to hand paint some areas. The design of the cake made it very forgiving if the person painting wasn't precise since messiness could be mistaken for frosting. The dish full of treats on the other hand wasn't as forgiving and you can see how sloppy they were with it. Both of the dishes from my figures were like that so more than likely they were all painted the same way.


The decals on her panties were applied precisely while the accents and highlights applied to her flesh where the panties dig into her flesh look lifelike.


The tint they choose for her flesh looked good and the accents they applied to the rest of her flesh such as her bellybutton, cleavage, arms and collarbone look great. They did a very nice job on her areola and nipples as well.


As explained since this was the first release my expectations were mostly high and YAMATO met them. For the most part they did a great job.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

There's not much to say here. I thought YAMATO and G.O. did a good job recreating the pose considering the constraints. They did include an insert with the figure with the same background if you were so inclined to try to replicate it exactly. However, I'm fine with just placing her accessories in the general location shown in the illustration.


The only thing that I thought out of place in her pose was her right hand... yes it basically matches the illustration. However, I guess the hand in illustration didn't make sense either... it seems like she's going to pinch something? I wonder?


Super Soniko Pinch! That expression on her face makes sense now... she was getting pinched and of course the hand too... so somehow she is getting pinched and pinching at the same time. It all makes sense! 8Þ In any event YAMATO and G.O. met my expectation, a job well done.

Nosebleed: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you Exhibit A through D that prove my client, Soniko will give you a nosebleed! 8Þ

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D

That skimpy babydoll negligee that leaves almost nothing to the imagination with her matching panties barely containing that amazing posterior of hers. Let's not forget her nice looking breasts and the cleavage they form. Her curves are so deadly your insurance is void if you try to navigate them. And those ever so long legs of hers that go all the way up complimented by those sexy high heels of hers. Add all that up together and you have one happy bear. 8Þ

Base: 7/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡

The base was for the most part accurate to the illustration. The orientation was off but otherwise it looks pretty dead on. It added to the theme nicely and definitely complimented Soniko.


The construction of the base wasn't really anything to write home about but complexity doesn't always equal good and since they were trying to replicate the illustration, they did a fair job.


The kitties look great and raises the cuteness factor. They matched the illustration fairly well but the one with the shoe is an issue since there is no consistency on where the show is positioned between figures meaning it's difficult to impossible to replicate the illustration.


Considering the official photos just showed a clear base and most prototype bases never show up in the production figure, I didn't know what to expect. However, I was not disappointed they decided to replicate the base used in the illustration. It gives you the option of trying to replicate the scene in the illustration yourself and ties the scene together fairly well. It's stable and her left leg looks to be very strong and stable so I do not have concerns of leaning. Overall a nice job.

Enjoyment: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡

As mentioned at the beginning, the goal today was to determine if the deluxe edition was worth acquiring over the standard. Having acquired both and studied them I can safely say I would not have missed anything if I just stuck with the standard. As much as I liked the fridge and teddy bear as well being disappointed with the lack of strings on the guitar, they just weren't worth the extra cost in the figure and shipping costs. Don't get me wrong, I still would have gotten two but it would have just been two standard editions. If you truly want to recreate the illustration, they give you a very inexpensive option with the standard edition. Just take out the backdrop in the box and tada! and it didn't cost you 5000 Yen more... The figure as a whole I was pleased with, except for the inconsistency of the mold/curing which I am still disappointed in. I do not regret getting the figure but I do regret getting the deluxe edition, you do not get what you paid in my opinion. Just not worth it. In any case, my two new girls will join the super squad! 8Þ


See you later.
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Great review, thank you for comparing versions, this can help a lot.
4 years ago
The DX just wasn't worth the cost, bottom line. The regular is more than enough.
8 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
if I get it right, the DX version has odds and the normal version doesnt? if thats the case I will buy the regular one :P
8 years ago
Fab review! Yamato really do make a gem of a piece every so often but I think, like you, I'd be very disappointed in the areas where they skimped on details and quality control. She's got great detail and with the kittens, I am tempted but would I pay for the extras? Probably not and after your review, certainly not!

Excellent work <3
8 years ago
Great review!

I just wanted to add that I own the standard version and had no issues slipping the right shoe on her foot. I just had to slightly bend the shoe, not the figure, and it definitely wasn't forceful as to damage her over time.

Also, I agree about the arms removing/attaching being difficult.

But I am loving her!
8 years ago
Interesting that there are differences between your two copy's.
I hope I'll get a copy where her head is more tilted upwards ^^
Yamato's Soniko is more on thinner side, on the illustration her body appears a bit chubbier. Not really I thing that bothers me, since she's still very attractive :p

thx for sharing your impressions.
8 years ago
negativezero Ask me about Discounts!
I love SoniKo but I think it's her pose or my budgeting that's turning me off for this one. I don't find it particularly eye pleasing. I can't put an expression to that pose/face.
8 years ago
so, there are differences between the same figures... interesting.
and like every Sonico out there, this one is sexy as well ^^ and loot at this, you have many by now hehehe.
very complete and nice review, like it.
Thanks & congrats for this great figure.
8 years ago