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Comments • Koizumi Hanayo Alter: an overreaction

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    Hanayo is so precious. Thank you for your review
    10 months ago
    Yeah man, that's what you get from Alter! They are, imo, the best figure maker around (followed closely by GSC and Max Factory). I'm glad you so happy with her! Nice review, too!
    10 months ago
    I don't have much interest in the figure itself, but this review was delightfully written~!
    10 months ago
    You have a very charming and witty way of writing, and it really made this review all the more fun to read! You also encapsulated how I felt about getting my first Alter figure perfectly. Thank you for posting this!
    10 months ago
    Nice review!
    And yeah to be honest her face was one of the things
    that just threw a lot of people off including myself..
    it just looked weird from different angles that
    was not looking straight at you~
    I think Alter realized their mistake and that's why
    they're making another Rin and Hanayo ~ but I can't
    disagree with the fact that her outfit is beautiful!
    10 months ago
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