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    Stalking Loli hunter
    As others have mentioned, it really depends a lot on what the money they gave you was for.

    If it was gift money, then you should really be able to do whatever you want with it.
    If it was money for rent, food and such and you're spending it on leisure, I wouldn't be happy either.

    Buying figures is a hobby. Like buying paintings, or having a large selection of clothes in your wardrobe. You don't need them, but they are fun to buy, have and photograph.. But you don't need them. A healthy relationship with your family is more important than a hobby. I don't know how your relationship with your parents is, but if the only thing that causes friction within you is your collecting, then I think you should have a calm talk with them.

    You are allowed to have whichever hobby you want, but if it's an expensive one, be sure to feed it with your own money. If they gave the money to you as a gift, then it's already yours. If it was for rent/stuff, that's what it should be for.
    1 year ago
    First, I hope by "my parents gave me the money" you mean it's christmas/birthday money and not actual money meant to be spent on important stuff. Because, that's a whole other story.

    I think you should re-evaluate how you decide to pre-order something. If your parents only NOW tell you to not buy figures and goods mean somewhere you started to slip. To be honest 73 figure in a bit less than 2 years is a lot.

    For a while, my parents too were not super happy about me spending so much. Especially when I went into my first shopping spree. However I convinced them that I know how to manage money well so now they don't bat an eye (ok they are a bit annoyed, but they aren't angry).

    It's cliché, but take this as an opportunity to learn how to manage money, establish a budget, thinking money on a longer time period etc. Also, learning self control, learning about when you are weak and impulse buy. No need to stop completely, just take a break, analyse and come back stronger. :)
    1 year ago
    Pinokkio Want to be free!
    You are aware of your problem that's a good sign. A healthy hobby makes you happy! Lying, feeling guilty, beaning obsessed and not having control, is that making you happy. Take a break of this hobby and find out why, maybe a professional can help you. You a college student with a tight budget.

    Can you find happiness only in plastic figures?
    1 year ago
    You should stop, or at least cut back. Everything you want can be bought again in the future, and believe me this hobby is SO much easier when you have your own income to support it. Be kind to your parents now, don't look back on this one day and regret it.
    1 year ago
    So you are concerned about continuing to collect anime figures.

    Well, think of this. Are you collecting them mostly because they're anime, or mostly because they're figures?

    If you like them because they're of your favorite characters, or from your favorite shows, then instead of collecting figures, try shifting most of your purchases to items of those characters/shows that are cheaper than figures. Clear files, badges, straps, etc. are all way way cheaper than scale figures are. Those will let you continue collecting, continue showing your appreciation for the shows you like, but also let you cut down on the spending. Later when you're hopefully more on your own and more economically secure, you can restart the figure part of your collection.

    If, though, you primarily like them because they're figures, then try exploring the non-anime figure options to see if there are cheaper options there that will still let you scratch the collecting itch. (I don't know much about non-anime figures, so I can't give you advice on that myself.)

    Of course, you might also want to consider taking out life insurance policies on your parents, and plotting waiting for their untimely eventual demise. If you installed, say, a lion pit and they tripped... oh, such a shame.

    (for those unsure, yes, I'm joking about the lion pit. Poisoned darts triggered by loose paving stones are far more effective.)
    1 year ago
    At the end of the day its really up to you what you want to do, however I will say considering it's your parents money I would respect their wishes and listen to what they say.
    I mean, you could cut back on the expensive figures and get smaller cheaper ones every now and then I guess.

    You're lucky to have parents who are able to even give you money and support you with your expenses.
    I mean, yeah, I guess it would suck how you're not able to get all the things you want, cause believe me I know that feeling. Only being able to get 1 or 2 (if lucky) figures per year, but atleast I was able to get something.
    Besides, once you've started working and earning your own money they can't say anything then cause it's not theirs.
    But like I said, it's your call on what you want to do.
    1 year ago
    I'm going to go against what most people are saying here and say that it is fine to continue; to a degree.

    Most people here are giving the advice that this is an expensive hobby that you should not engage in without a proper income, suggesting that you wait until you finish college and have a job and what not. These statements are logical.

    However, from what it sounds like figure collecting is a positive aspect in your life. I agree with where you are coming from to a degree. And that at the end of the day figure collecting is a hobby. Everyone has their hobbies and they spend money on them. For me, figure collecting is the only "luxary" that I feel comfortable with spending money on. Any time I buy something else, many times I feel dissatisfied with what I bought, and feel bad that I wasted money on it. But with figures, I know exactly what I am spending my money on and what I can exepct. Some people think other people's hobbies are a waste of money, but if it is something you are truly passionate about I don't think you should feel bad about it. What matters is how we properly balance our spending habits on hobbies, so they stay as hobbies, and not addictions. And because you acknowledge that you have issues with impulse buying and managing your money; I think this is a good opportunity to figure out skills to better deal with these issues. For a start, I would recommend on thinking about a purchase before you order it. You should take a look at buyf*g.moe's flowchart on "should I buy". I put heavy emphasis on the "attachment to character". Try to only order figures for characters you have a personal attachment for. Do you have any figures in your collection that you don't feel as attached to as to when you first bought them? If you put yourself in a scenario where money is an issue, if you think to yourself "I wish I didn't buy figure X so I had money to buy figure Y". Try to avoid situations where you buy "figure X"

    You mention selling some of your collection. If you feel comfortable with selling figures, a good place to start would be to sell figures you don't feel as attached to and use that money to buy those "must have" figures.

    As bad as it sounds; learning how to use the money your parents give to you to buy the bare necessities while also saving up for figures can be a way to teach you how to be frugal; something that you will probably need to know how to do once you can't rely on your parent's income anymore.

    At the end of the day, if figure collecting is a hobby that is special to you, you shouldn't give it up. The only issue I can't give a solution to you is that your parents are upset with you about it. Ideally if you can show that you can properly ration your money with this hobby and let them know it is special to you, maybe you can reach an agreement that it is ok. Using your parent's money unwisely comes with lots of feelings of guilt. Like you said, getting a job and paying them back could relieve this; but if they don't want you working then I think you should listen to this. From what it sounds like, I'm guessing your parents would rather have you focus on your studies than get too busy with working while doing school.

    As a closing note; I agree that you should enjoy your youth while you can, and if this is a positive aspect to your youth, then you should continue; however I think you should try to cut back. Enjoy the present for what it is; fixiating on the future too much will just lead to unhappiness.
    1 year ago
    I would give it a pause if were you. This hobby of ours is not a cheap one. Every single figure you buy should be a product of a solid financial planning, otherwise it just becomes a addiction. One that could potentially tamper your social relationships (In you case, with your parents not trusting you with money for some time)
    I'm currently 26, and although I a have a solid income due to my work, I take care not get too much carried away. You, as a college student, should also give a little bit more of a thought before proceeding.
    1 year ago
    If you are in a situation where you can't get a job because your parents will pull their supporting allowance away (which you should use for things that you need, save a few bucks on the side if you want to get something nice for yourself every once in a while) then buying more figures simply isn't an option in the first place (unless you save up for a long time and only get those you really can't live without). You are lucky that you can go to university and have parents that are wealthy enough to give you an allowance on top of that.

    All the figures that I buy come from money that I earned through work - or money that I got as a birthday present, or the few bucks that I save up when my parents hand me a bit of money for being a good, hard-working daughter. Going to a university so far away that I would need to move away isn't even an option that I have right now. It would cost too much. I'm learning to become an office clerk right now and AFTERWARDS I can go to university if I get a job on the side so that I can make ends meet. My parents support me by letting me stay at home without having to pay them rent, so I have quite a lot of money for myself each month - however, I would have loved to go to university right away. That's an option that I didn't have and I would gladly have traded this hobby in for pursuing a higher career right away.

    I need to take the long way, though. What's a few years of putting a hobby aside if it furthers your future path in life? You can keep some of your favourite figures, sell the rest and grow an even bigger collection once you graduated and got a job. You're an adult and should, in my opinion, act more responsibly.
    1 year ago
    infinity_haruka (1 year ago) #25655309
    Most people of my country with this such kind of hobby usually is a college student and yes they spent their pocket money that their parent gave to buy/satisfy their hobby and of course, at the end of the month always end up eat rice+soy sauce or instant noodles :D
    in the end, people's maturity not always same like other

    I''m not sure which country you're referring to but this hobby is expensive for a college student lol. I honestly don't recommend using your parent's allowance against their best wishes and living an unhealthy lifestyle while you're in college. It's best to spend wisely and hopefully save now, then get more into collecting later once you've got a full-time job. To be honest, I don't think just working for the summer will really cut it since figurines are so pricey nowadays...

    FYI I live in Canada now, but I'm also from halfway across the world so I had to learn English beforehand. I also get that everyone's maturity is different, but be careful about who you offend. It's still not wise to call figure collecting 'childish' on a figure-collecting site...
    1 year ago
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