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Yahoo Auction ShenanigansComments • Yahoo Auction Shenanigans

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    If those tapestries are relisted tomorrow(or immediately) then it's most likely the seller bidding on his/her own listings.

    This is a common phenomenon in yahoo jp auctions. There's a lot of private sellers bidding on their own listings to up the price, i've seen it happen so many times. Idk if yahoo is ever gonna do anything about it.
    8 months ago
    I don't think it's that uncommon to see people without much feedback on YAJ. I bought something from a seller with 0 feedback on YAJ before and it arrived safely in perfect condition.

    The person might have genuinely wanted all of them and bid the same thing on all of them, especially if it seemed legit before. Of course shenanigans aren't out of the question but if you want to investigate maybe you should look if the same thing is happening on completely different items that this seller has up.
    8 months ago
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