Comments Impulse Issues and Potentially Closing AmiAmi Account

  • Well, other options could involve headbutting the keyboard and using that as your password (so you could reset your password if you feel like you're in a better place), or if you browse the site on PC, you could use /etc/hosts to send amiami.com to something like (or you could send it to a site you'd be more productive on, lol). Mobile, you'd need an app to block websites.

    If it does come to closure, I'd ask if they can close without ban, if you think things may improve in the future.

    If you want to try a halfway house option prior to full account closure, one thing I'd recommend is changing your figure purchases to come from a different bank account (or cc with a low limit set - some banks can do a custom limit), where you have an affordable amount entering it by standing order each month. This may help you not overspend, as when the balance is low, it'll make you think about what you REALLY want, or encourage you to sell items you didn't really want to replenish it.
    1 year ago
    Karumi Bishie Enthusiast
    Truthfully, even if you close your account, since they did not ban you, you could just open another one again. So I don't think closing it would be very effective in curbing spending as it is still an option even if you close the account.

    I would suggest allowing them to wipe your pre-orders, and creating a strict guideline to determine which things you can order. For me, I will not order something unless I've stewed over it for at least two weeks. If I look at it again and still want it, I might pre-order it. The longer I used this method, the longer it took for me to order things, and soon enough I found that I barely ordered anything anymore. Even things I was initially enamored by. And I was pretty addicted to ordering things.

    So yeah, that's my advice being an ex-addict.
    1 year ago
    AmiAmi isn't offering to cancel your preorders out of altruism; they're doing it because they want to keep your business. I'm assuming you have been a good customer of theirs and have already spent a lot with them, so of course they don't want you to close your account and take your business elsewhere.

    If you think keeping your AA account will just lead to preordering a load of stuff later down the line, then I say close your account.
    1 year ago
    I also have habit of getting addicted to things I like and now it is anime and figure collecting. What I do is make blacklist guideline and if the figure or my current finance meets the guideline (no matter how good looking, limited available, or reasonable the price is) I do not buy and ignore. I regret and suffer while I'm holding back but once the figure gets sold out or time passes, I get relief as I realize I didn't really want that figure and is better off without it. Once this happened multiple times, I never suffer of not impulsively buying things as I now know better at what I want and what I don't.
    1 year ago
    I'm surprised they offered. Usually when they have to cancel pre-orders they'll give you a warning as it's their policy not to and then account closures after to many cancellations.

    If impulse is a problem just use another place like HLJ that allows cancelling or even hobbysearch gives you a few days to cancel before it's locked in. No need to close the account just don't use it and it's there if you ever need it again.

    Also something else I found that helped with impulse buying is just prioritizing as far as figures are concerned. Basically only collect stuff from series that truly mean the most to you; look at the piece in your collection that makes you the happiest and ask yourself does this new item make me as happy as this original item? If the answer is no then you probably would be better off not getting it.
    1 year ago
    What helps me think over if I really need to preorder a certain figure or not is buying from sites that make me pay for the preorders right away. I mainly use cdjapan because it's just as cheap as amiami and they also have more reward points.

    That way I don't just buy stuff without considering if I'll be able to pay for it later and I also often wait a few weeks for their next discount coupon to show up which gives me some more time to really think it over properly.
    1 year ago
    I usually have to quit something cold turkey or burn a bridge so that I can't get back into a bad habit. it varies from person to person, but maybe you should just do what you originally planned to from the start.

    One thing i did to help curb over-spending was create a set of restrictions on what I was allowed to collect. like, i can't buy any more keychains. and I'm currently collecting a lot of nendoroids, but trying to cut back. so one rule is I can only get a character from a series I already started (like Detective Conan.) If they suddenly started making Inu Yasha nendoroids for instance, I have banned myself from ordering them.

    but uhm... this method is only somewhat effective. ;;;
    relies on willpower, and if you don't have it, then just close the account.
    1 year ago
    ''..., but I'm worried I'd fall back into old impulse purchasing habits a few months/a year or so down the road. ''

    You already got your answer!
    1 year ago
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