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    bluex (6 days ago) #70133962Hi, I'm Blue, hopefully I'm not too late to the party.
    I'm from Poland, currently living in Finland.

    hi blue! you are totally not late tot he party. it's cool because your name is my middle name actually! and my favorite color x). okay, your reccomendation is making me want to go pick up ALL of the light novels and read them! right now i'm reading brandon sanderson's warbreaker, and then in my purse i have sputnik sweetheart by murakami. i've been reading way more this year in an effort to try to be off my phone. also that's an awesome fact!
    6 days ago
    galablue (7 days ago) #70063257mel... your intro was the coolest. that's all i can say. one of my best friends in all of the world lives in auckland, and surprisingly lives in the rural part! side note, i love "city escape (escape from the city)" from sonic. it's such a banger. i love that your hobbies include fragrance. i didn't even know that that was a thing. what kind of smells do you like? i like vanilla, and i love floral and fruity. my favorite kind of tea is white tea and it's very difficult to find here. i have a bag for special occasions only. i also love your cats. please give them a hug for me. also it seems like a few of us were/are into cars! i used to drive a 96 miata and still love driving to this day. it's another solo hobby for me because i don't have a driving companion.
    Oh wow, thank you! <3

    OMG yes, Sonic had some banging BGM. You can find playlists on YouTube. It's so nostalgic. :')

    Yup, fragrance has a massive following. There's a few sites dedicated to us; Fragrantica, Basenotes and Parfumo. I love florals, florientals, powder, dark vanillas and anything spicy, woody or smoky. My favourite fragrances are Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady, Tom Ford Champaca Absolute and Guerlain Mon Guerlain.

    White Tea is hard to find, right? The tea shop I buy from only has a small range. My fave teas are Matcha (the higher the grade, the better) and Assam, particularly the Namdang and Hazelbank Estate varieties.
    6 days ago
    galablue (6 days ago) #70129370
    hi shiro! i loooove jak and daxter!! the whole series is amazing. i feel like it’s totally looked over as far as games goes but it’s one of the greatest. have you ever played sly cooper? i always pair those two together for some reason.

    I definitely pair them as well! I have played some of the sly cooper games, but never completed them because I didn't own them myself. I have my PS2 hooked up now, so I've been meaning to play the whole sly series :)
    6 days ago
    Hi, I'm Blue, hopefully I'm not too late to the party.
    I'm from Poland, currently living in Finland.

    My expensive hobby started with ITEM #117498 - I just couldn't leave the store without her and she is still one of my favorite figures.
    Favorite anime: Gintama and FMA Brotherhood, manga: Berserk and Claymore.
    Favorite books: Japanese - Monogatari series, Other - Discworld series, Martian and recently Three-Body Problem.
    Favorite games: Nier:Automata, Transistor and recently Atelier Ryza.

    I got really into anime about 7 years ago when friend recommended me FMA after that it exploded - I couldn't stop watching more and more incredible shows. Couple years later when attending local convention I was amazed by figurines that was shown there (most of which I own now), year later I ended up buying Insane BRS mentioned above.

    Other hobbies: games of any type, old, new, AAA and indie, computer, card and board games; photography, learning how things work, reading sci-fi books and listening to various range of music and probably couple of other things I don't remember now because I barely have time for those mentioned.

    Favorite animals: cats and foxes.
    galablue (6 days ago) #70130225so i watched monogatari but i’m trying to figure out if it’s worth reading the light novels as well? i see them in the book store and they look interesting. the anime is so crazily well adapted that im curious what the books are like. I'm not very objective here, but Monogatari books are really worth a read, if you liked anime, they are even better, with so much more details. Cool fact - I'm one of creators of Monogatari Short Stories fanbook - definitely worth a read after you are done with anime or LNs.
    6 days ago
    Scones (6 days ago) #70125486Scones or my nickname Ed. Or on Instagram, England, based on part of my account’s username on there.

    hi ed! before i say anything i just have to say your username made me hungry. i used to get scones from my elementary school during snack time (i went to a school with a british headmaster), so thanks for making me hungry x) so i watched monogatari but i’m trying to figure out if it’s worth reading the light novels as well? i see them in the book store and they look interesting. the anime is so crazily well adapted that im curious what the books are like. do you think i should read them? also dragons are such a badass choice! i love dragons too. i wish they were real, and i totally believe they were at one time. 17 inches?! you must have some crazy core strength!

    Kazehecatl (6 days ago) #70125490Hello everyone, they call me Giorgio from México.

    hi giorgio! god another cool name. i love your name. so i just got into building model kits. i actually might spend my weekend doing that after i finish my school project (which i have yet to start on lol). i’m building a gundam from keroro gunso. also i love crash bandicoot! it’s such a fun game.
    6 days ago
    Ayanah (6 days ago) #70122855Hi there! I‘m Ester and I’m a student living in Vienna ♡

    hi ester! what’s your favorite ghibli movie? i know they’re not doing it in vienna, but i’m lucky enough to be having the ghibli fest in the US right now. seeing them in theaters is amazing. WOW. your bunnies are BEAUTIFUL! i love their amazing fur. do you have to brush it? what do your bunnies eat (carrots??). so cute and fluffy ... i love them.

    AcidPunk (6 days ago) #70123572Hi, quick response.
    Bruno from Mexico

    hi bruno! first off i love your name. you never see anyone here named bruno and i dig it. i totally need to read berserk, it’s on my list. i’ve watched the old show and loved it so much. too bad i’ve heard not good things about the new show. also raccoons, aka trash pandas, are super cute and incredibly crafty. i used to have chickens and raccoons can totally open up locks if they’re simple! also that’s amazing you’re so flexible, i’m jealous!

    Hamsterpfote (6 days ago) #70124478Hello, I‘m Yunia, a 22 years old computer scienece student from Germany!

    hi yunia. your english is really good. please never let it be a barrier for commenting. i’m always so amazed that people know english when it’s not their first language. nausicaa is a very beautiful movie! i love castle in the sky and porco rosso. i watched a bit of my hero academia but paused, i totally need to start watching again! if you like shonen and liked hunter x hunter, watch Yu Yu Hakusho! you won’t regret it. i love crows … i know they’re different from ravens, but i have a bunch of them around my house. people seem to dislike them, and i saw someone run over one on purpose once. i went and saved him and he thankfully flew off. also it seems like a lot of people on here have aspergers, so maybe you could message a few of them? they might have some good ways to understand yourself and your diagnosis better. <3 also being weird = cool in my book. weirdos run the world.

    SebastianLover (6 days ago) #70124620Hello gala! Long post incoming:
    Irl I'm Madeline.

    ahhh yes. madeline, i’m glad you posted because i always see you around! my brother’s favorite show is one piece, he has read the manga like 4 times and still reads it weekly. i also am not so into swim suit figures so that saves me a lot of money, lol. my favorite legend of zelda game is windwaker. i really want to rewatch sailor moon, i remember watching it as a kid but it’s a vague memory. haha when i was little we used to joke that my godfather was a vampire, so you’re in cool company there!
    6 days ago
    Cloudberry (6 days ago) #70063721I'm Sam from Los Angeles, California. I prefer to be called Cloudberry though and it's based after an actual fruit that I saw after watching a Japanese cooking show (Dotch no Ryori Cooking Showdown) lol.

    hi cloudberry! fellow angelino! i actually think you were the one who told me about that store in the mall having tons of fake figures. well, thanks. i actually went last night to browse with my friend to look for stationary, and i was looking at their figures and some of them looked so derpy. you must be going crazy with the fires and wildlife. haha i love how some of us have hobbies that we got in order to maximize our “game”, but now we just have them for life! also i totally didn't know a cloudberry was a real fruit ... i would have assumed it was a neopet fruit or something lol!

    nightjellie (6 days ago) #70104862Silent lurker here! (rarely comments on anything haha)
    Prefers to be called by my username, from Singapore!

    hi nightjellie! thank you so much for commenting even though you’re usually a silent lurker! i’m so surprised that i don’t have any bootlegs tbh. i’m actually watching bleach while i do my mile run every morning, but i haven’t done it in a while … i’m only a little bit in. i should start that up next week! rukia doesn’t have enough figures…ahhh!

    Myondaze (6 days ago) #70117158Hi I'm Myondaze or I go by myon!

    hiya myon! so miki is my last figure i need to complete my magical girl set, lol. hopefully i get her for the holidays from my dad. i’ve heard a lot about made in abyss. do you recommend watching it or reading it? which one do you think would be better? aaarrrggg your job sounds so cool. i love detective work and crime scene photography (not creepy at all, right?), so hearing that you’ve gotten to do stuff like that is super cool. and also thank you so much for your kind comment, i’m just really happy to get to know more people! <3

    takashi-kun (6 days ago) #70122408i have not posted a comment in a while, but this seems really nice!!! anywho my name is vincent, i'm 19, and i'm in the united states.

    hi vincent! thank you for posting. mako is my ULTIMATE anime girl. she needs a scale. what else do you collect? i had boba for the first time a while ago and now i like it, but i always get it with iced tea or lemonade instead of milk tea lol!
    6 days ago
    kyoshinhei (6 days ago) #70063533
    IRL, people call me Manu and online I go by either Captain_GroManu or Kyoshinhei (from Miyazaki's Nausicaa), I'm born and bred in France and soon to be 34.

    ahhh first off thank you so much manu for your nice comment at the beginning. i am so happy seeing everyone respond. i wasn’t sure what kind of responses i would get when i made this post, but i’m just so happy seeing familiar faces introduce themselves to me, along with tons of lurkers i did not know existed. that’s so cool that one of your online aliases has something to do with miyazaki. my favorite miyazaki movie is castle in the sky, but i think my favorite ghibli is porco rosso. i have a little music figure from there which i love dearly. haha my little brother has a mustache right now and every time he eats he gets stuff stuck in it!

    CAPtainRogers77 (6 days ago) #70063576So my name's Cap, I'm 21 and live in the USA!

    hi cap! haha i see a few shark lovers here! the ocean is very important to me conservation wise. we have a plastic straw ban here, but did you know that plastic straws only count for ~.08 percent of ocean trash, while fishing trash is 60-70 percent of plastic? how crazy is that? sharks definitely get a bad wrap, and apex predators are super duper important to our environment. they’ve lasted something like 3-4 mass extinctions. without sharks, the whole ocean would be gone! i could go on and on about facts about sharks being good for the ocean, but i should probably stop blabbering! amazing that you survived the spinal surgeries, those sound very scary <3

    nyugvo6 (6 days ago) #70063607username I guess.

    hi nyugvo. i’m sorry that you’re going through depression, or that you’ve gone through it and beyond. i hope one day you’re able to find something that sparks your joy and brings you happiness!

    CarlyElric (6 days ago) #70063699My name is Carly and I’m from Italy.

    hi carly! haha, when i was growing up, i had a best friend who was older than me but shorter than me (i’m tall). when we’d go out she’d always get the kid menu and i wouldn’t … well, i wanted the kid menu and she didn’t lol! as i said in another comment, i just finished monogatari. who’s your favorite girl?
    6 days ago
    Ambiverity (7 days ago) #70063272Hi. I am Ambiverity but I also go by Stari- sometimes.

    hi stari! i just finished the monogatari series! my favorite girl is definitely hanekawa, although i don’t feel like they do her justice in the later seasons. i think for that reason, my real best girl in the show might be sengoku. i really connected with her on a personal level and i love my figure i have of her. penguins are my little brother’s favorite animal! they are a great pic. and haha well you can serenade us at MFC any time 8) you learning guitar for a girl but being awesome at it sounds like the beginning to an awesome anime.

    cute (7 days ago) #70063416what a cute idea!! i love posts like this
    my full name is annabelle rose, but i prefer to just go by rose online ^__^

    hi rose! omg! animal crossing is one of my favorite games of all time. who’s your favorite villager? mine happens to be wart jr. weird but the game actually really helped me get through hard times, and i look back on it fondly for helping me trudge through depression. i can’t wait for new horizons, and i plan on fighting my way to wart jr (hopefully he’s in the game!). i used to love sanrio stuff, chococat was my fav. whats your fav horror movie?? also i love depeche mode, my fav song by them is “just can’t get enough” 8)

    NyxLuna (6 days ago) #70063503Thank you for posting this, what a wonderful idea :3
    On the interwebs I go by either shiro or nyx.

    hi shiro! i loooove jak and daxter!! the whole series is amazing. i feel like it’s totally looked over as far as games goes but it’s one of the greatest. have you ever played sly cooper? i always pair those two together for some reason.

    Kuromii (6 days ago) #70063518What a cute idea!
    My name's Kuromii and I'm from England.

    hi kuromii! i liked gurren lagann, but i loved kill la kill even more … do we have to compare them because they’re from the same studio? yes! it’s just like how i compare bebop to samurai champloo (champloo is the better of the two, in my opinion hehe). i also love to bake. my favorite thing to make besides cookies (because who doesn’t love those) is lemon cake with lemon cream on top. it’s a fan favorite in my house but takes me over 24 hours to make it. and jeez! your word count rivals my own lol. that word count is something to be proud of.
    6 days ago
    galablue (7 days ago) #70063245hi lmc~! i think you’re pretty smart if you’re a chem grad student. that takes a lot of brains. i could barely pass my chemistry class! i still need to watch NGE, i share my birthday with asuka from the show. i still don’t really understand what moe means, i think it just means like…good points? i dont know, but if it’s stuff you love, my moe point goes to halloween! i’m also a vegetarian!

    Thanks Gala, very sweet of you to say! Yeah for me moe is mostly cute stuff like Miku’s cheerful smile and sweets themed figures. I also really like tiny trading figures so I am getting quite a few of those, so smol! I would totally recommend NGE, I think its definitely loved classic for a reason. Neat to meet another vegetarian too :>
    6 days ago
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