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  • This is sooooooo needed <3 Thank you Galablue for bringing positivity here, especially after reading and hearing the negative side of this site ._.

    It's really nice to read all these introduction from everyone here \^.^/
    9 months ago
    cute _(」∠ 、ン、)_
    what a cute idea!! i love posts like this

    my full name is annabelle rose, but i prefer to just go by rose online ^__^ i'm from the bay area of california! i'm 21 years old and work at a beauty supplies store which i really enjoy. in the (hopefully near) future my dream is to study psychology :)
    my first figure was ITEM #144458 which i got like, immediately after watching kokoro connect (which i ended up disliking a lot at the end but i really liked iori because i related to her). i think i was about 15 and i don't even remember why i decided to buy a figure for the first time, but i did!

    my favorite visual novel/anime of all-time is higurashi ♥♥ words can't even describe how much it means to me. the story and characters are endlessly dear to my heart and i highly recommend it to everyone! and while visual novels technically fall under the game category, my favorite actual game is animal crossing!! again, i love it beyond words and it has provided me so much comfort ever since i first played wild world at 9 years old. my best friend at the time introduced it to me, and i have the best nostalgic memories associated with it because of that. i remember that whenever we'd have sleepovers irl, we'd have them in the game too lmao it was a really nice time in my life :') i'm super excited for new horizons!!!!
    other faves are toradora, little busters, double decker, jojo's bizarre adventure, corpse party, and otome no teikoku!!

    besides collecting/anime, i'm super into sanrio (hello kitty especially ♥♥), fashion (90s!!!!!!), music (80s!!!!!!), and horror movies! i also spend a lot of time on youtube these days
    my favorite animals are wolves and bunnies..!! i actually have a bunny of my own, her name is ponyo and i've had her since i was probably 13. she's the light of my life even though she hates me

    i don't think i have any cool facts abt myself LMAO but a few random ones are that i have pink hair, strawberries are my favorite fruit, and my favorite song is enjoy the silence by depeche mode. extremely important things to know!!!!
    9 months ago
    just got off work so brain capacity is too low to answer your questions, but i just wanted to say youre so nice for replying to every body and posting this sweet journal. i hope you make more figure friends here and thanks for sharing ^^
    9 months ago
    Hi. I am Ambiverity but I also go by Stari- sometimes. I’m a 19 year old College Student from the Philippines. I first watched anime back in 2014, but I didn’t fall down the deep end until 2019; when I watched anime instead of studying for my finals.

    The first figure I technically bought was ITEM #765815 since I paid for it upfront.

    My favorite anime are the Monogatari Series, the Seishun Buta Yarou series, Sangatsu no Lion and Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. I used to play League of Legends, and I peaked at Gold 2. I'm basically harem trash.

    I was a Funko Pop collector before but then it got boring, so I switched to something that looked better and was more into what I was into at the time. I could go into detail into why, but that's a story for another time.

    I divide my hobbies into sections: Music (singing, guitar), Literature (Reading, Writing), Collecting (Vinyls/CD's, Anime Figures, etc.) and Visual Arts/Entertainment (Photography, Watching Anime, etc.)

    I'm not really a pet person. I feel like I'm not ready for the responsibilities of being a pet owner. But, if I were to choose a favorite animal, penguins are where I'm at.

    A fun fact about me? I wanted to play the guitar so I could serenade a girl on Valentine's Day. As of right now, I'm still single but I have these sick guitar skills.

    Thanks for reading.

    9 months ago
    galablue9 months ago#70063245muahaha! you have fallen into my trap of posting! ψ(`∇´)ψ thank you for pointing out that the community was silent, because as someone who was new, i could only assume. i mostly just bug people through DMs anyway, so i assumed a lot of people did the same. someone i work with has like 5 shih tzu's and they love them all like children. one of them is a big dopey guy who i love even though i'm not a huge dog person. also i'm sorry about your first figure, i saw the blog post and was in horror!

    Hahaha, no problem! It's just that I've been here five years (I had a previous account, but I took a hiatus for a long time then didn't bother cleaning it up lol so I just made a new one), lurking a couple years before that, and everything used to be so much more alive. TuT welcome, though! Even if it's a bit belated, haha.

    Shi tzus are great if they aren't a little shit like mine! X'D Though I prefer big dogs, but all dogs are great. <3 Cats are awesome too, but I'm deathly allergic to them and my dogs salivate with murderous intent when they so much as hear a cat's meow so I can't own them. TuT

    BRS has definitely seen way better days, that's for sure. TuT But hey, if you wanna bug people in DMs, feel free to slide in mine anytime! I like making new figure friends, haha. My best friend can only take so much gushing before he implodes because he knows nothing about the hobby X'D at least he appreciates my pics though.
    9 months ago
    dandybaby9 months ago#70063084I'm Mel; but here you can call me Dandy, baby.

    mel... your intro was the coolest. that's all i can say. one of my best friends in all of the world lives in auckland, and surprisingly lives in the rural part! side note, i love "city escape (escape from the city)" from sonic. it's such a banger. i love that your hobbies include fragrance. i didn't even know that that was a thing. what kind of smells do you like? i like vanilla, and i love floral and fruity. my favorite kind of tea is white tea and it's very difficult to find here. i have a bag for special occasions only. i also love your cats. please give them a hug for me. also it seems like a few of us were/are into cars! i used to drive a 96 miata and still love driving to this day. it's another solo hobby for me because i don't have a driving companion.

    Shogunyan9 months ago#70063110Hey, I'm Dan and I'm a professional writer currently living in NYC.

    ah, dan! a man after my heart. i, too, am a huge shonen fan. yuyu hakusho is my lifeblood of anime and is the show i will always return to when i'm in a bad mood. i love your comment about being closer to the characters we love. i think a lot of us feel this way, and it's something that binds us together as collectors.

    Velvet_Bunni9 months ago#70063206Hello! I'm Minty, or Bunni if you want to go by my username on here.

    hi minty! i love that scale. i don’t know where it’s from, but i’m a sucker for anything with cats in it. i’m surprised i don’t own a bunch of cat girls lol. WOW your art is so vibrant and colorful! you should make some kind of social media to post and show your progress! please continue to make art. i’m also studying japanese in my free time. rosetta stone has been very helpful to me. i want to visit japan as well but want to know the language better and also want to go with a very full wallet.
    9 months ago
    gwendal738-29 months ago#70063050
    So... my name's Anna and I prefer to be called that (or sometimes, I also answer to Gwen or Gwendal - it's been my name on the interwebz for more than a decade now hahah).

    muahaha! you have fallen into my trap of posting! ψ(`∇´)ψ thank you for pointing out that the community was silent, because as someone who was new, i could only assume. i mostly just bug people through DMs anyway, so i assumed a lot of people did the same. someone i work with has like 5 shih tzu's and they love them all like children. one of them is a big dopey guy who i love even though i'm not a huge dog person. also i'm sorry about your first figure, i saw the blog post and was in horror!

    OmegaWerrier9 months ago#70063051Hey hey!
    OmegaWerrier here! I also go by Phillip in the human world, so you can call me that as well.

    hi phillip! that’s such a bummer that something you were passionate about became a source of anxiety. that happens to me sometimes, so i’ve had to shift my hobbies. i used to suffer from pretty bad anxiety but have gotten a handle on it and have developed some pretty healthy habits recently (thankfully). i hope one day you’re able to return to it and do what you love, or find something new!

    GreatAether9 months ago#70063059Hi hi !! You can call me Egg and I'm from Canada !

    haha i love your name. egg is so cute. i’m actually a dual citizen to canada, but haven’t been up there in a while. you can link items by literally just copying and pasting the link into your message! it’ll shorten the link up easy peasy, i just learned that too! also i have fallen into the trap of miku … i would say don’t fall in, but maybe you should come join me.

    LemonMIntCat9 months ago#70063067Hello! I go by LMC (full username is too long but its 3 things I like jammed together).

    hi lmc~! i think you’re pretty smart if you’re a chem grad student. that takes a lot of brains. i could barely pass my chemistry class! i still need to watch NGE, i share my birthday with asuka from the show. i still don’t really understand what moe means, i think it just means like…good points? i dont know, but if it’s stuff you love, my moe point goes to halloween! i’m also a vegetarian!
    9 months ago
    Hello! I'm Minty, or Bunni if you want to go by my username on here. I'm from Texas and currently work in health insurance.

    My first figure was ITEM #379999 that I got from a convention a few years ago (this was when it was the only figure for him at the time) and my figure collection has been growing since. My first scale was ITEM #27630 where I got him for a great deal from someone on ebay. ;v; I would collect manga/anime, as well as charms and plushes before I got into figures- and I still do! I enjoy making ita bags for some of my favorite characters. ♡ rip my wallet U.U

    My favorite anime is Natsume Yuujinchou, though there are several others I really love too! But if I list everything we'll be here all day haha. I also love to play video games when I have some time, favs being Pokemon, Animal Crossing, LOZ series and Splatoon.

    Drawing is one of my passions! I don't have any sort of social media completely devoted to my art yet (maybe someday) but here's a few KNY drawings I've made

    My favorite animals are cats~ And I love my orange fluffy baby even when he walks all over me when I'm trying to sleep and takes half my pillow at night. I've also been learning/studying Japanese on my own, although sometimes it's off and on due to work and stuff. I'm probably at the level of a young child but I can at least say I know a lot more than before I started. UwU Someday I hope to visit Japan- and not just because of anime and stuff, but because I actually do want to learn and experience more of the culture and scenery there. I have a friend who has been there for a little over a year and the pictures she's shared have looked so beautiful. If anyone would like to be friends feel free to send a request or pm me! I'd love to get to more people. ^.^
    9 months ago
    ChocolateSpider9 months ago#70063028Howdy doo, everyone! I'm ChocolateSpider.

    hi cocospider! (my fav kind, hehe). i LOVE kill la kill! as i have screamed to the heavens before, and i will scream it again, mako-chan is my ultimate anime girl. she also randomly happens to be one of my brother's favorite characters as well. i think i commented on your travel post, but i absolutely loved it and hope you continue to do them. it brought me a lot of joy to read and gave me some ideas for my DC trip in january.

    Amy279 months ago#70063038Hello! I'm Amy, 24 years old, and I'm from Michigan.

    hi amy! i love history too. i'm a history major in college. at first i wanted to focus on religious colonialism through asia, but i've since shifted my interest into "false" history, or rather the history we don't know yet, and how easy it is to rewrite it. danganronpa (can never spell it right lol) was super fun, i just finished the first game. your pictures brought a big smile to my face. i just love how you use flowers and pumpkins! i'm gonna go love on a bunch of them right after i make this post.

    kaitylee9 months ago#70063042Hey~! I'm Kaitlyn, I'm from England and live in Cali:)

    hi kaitlyn~! fellow californian girls like us have to stick together. i never finished kingdom hearts. i always started a save over and over. i think i'm probably old enough to appreciate it now and would love to go back and play it.

    Poiyudachi9 months ago#70063044Yo what's up guys! I'm Benny a 24 year old from Southern California!

    benny! another californian!! hello my socal neighbor. i absolutely love your profile picture. shinobu is one of my favorite characters in the anime. i find that the girls in demon slayer aren't really that well developed ... well, except for the shining star shinobu. she is a badass. i'm also going to see konosuba next week! who knows, we could somehow be in the same theater lol x) if you see a girl dragging her entire family along to witness the movie with her, just know that's me. i used to drive a 96 miata, bright blue. it was super fun to drive but i recently sold it and traded up for a newer convertible. i think in order to drive a car like that you have to have the time and knowledge to work on it, and i have neither. one of my favorite things to do is to go through malibu on the weekends and explore canyon roads i never knew existed. i just turn off my GPS and go, stopping along the way on the side of the road and pull offs to sit in the quiet.
    9 months ago
    IntoOpenWaters9 months ago#70062962Hello! I'm planning on transitioning to another account at some point since this one doesn't match the name I actually use online. You can call me by this username, but I use Otaking everywhere else.

    hi otaking!! my favorite zelda game is probably windwaker on the gamecube. gamecube in general is my favorite console i think. i was thinking about how cool it would be if they had a LOZ game called "the zelda chronicles", where you got to play as zelda/shiek. i don't know why but i've been thinking about this ever since i got to dress link up as a woman in breath of the wild, haha! an octopus is such a cool favorite animal. i used to want one as a pet, and while that's wildly unrealistic of me, i just thought it would be awesome. so many arms to hug you with, and very intelligent. congrats at starting your own business! ganbaru, do your best, i believe in you! ^_^

    AlienEmoji9 months ago#70062969Howdy!
    I'm Jim, a 26-year-old freelance artist from Slovenia.

    hi jim! i've seen your profile around and always enjoy scrolling through and looking at your art whenever you make a comment. you are super talented. one of my oldest internet friends and i were chatting last night about our own personal internet lore and how much things have changed. i've seen quite a bit in my day (i sound old even though i'm younger haha). that's actually one of the reasons why i love MFC, it feels like a little slice of a blast from the past. your cat callie is beautiful. i love her and want to give her a big hug. i own three cats, and it might surprise you to tell you that i owned a pig at one point. my best kitty friend's name is morgana, who also goes by the alias of mayhem because she will destroy on my command. she's a good girl and i love her.

    Aloren9 months ago#70062982Hey I'm Deiren nice to meet ya!

    hi deiren! so one of my good friend's fav shows is naruto ... and my brother's fav show is one piece. i dunno why but i've seen a lot of one piece fans versus naruto fans on which one is better? don't know why they compare the two lol. my figure collecting journey also somehow began on amazon. your art is awesome! fountain pens are such a cool thing to collect. it's nice when you have a job that revolves around something you love and feel passionate about. it's also cool that you work with your dad. i work with mine too. working with family is a blast, but it can also be tough because, well, family is ... family.

    Kotoni9 months ago#70063014Hello everyone! My name is OrangeKotoni, although sometimes I go by SakuraKotoni or just Kotoni.

    hi kotoni! omg! amazing that your mom is into anime. my mom isn't really into it, but she'll sit down with me when i turn it on. she also helps me pick out figures sometimes (the 400$ miku was by her command). she knows that if i'm having a hard day, i'll bundle myself up on the couch and watch. she's actually going to go see the konosuba movie with me in theaters so i don't go alone. also one of my favorite games of all time is luigi's mansion, so i just love boos also! i still think "boosy" was the better name for the booette OC 8)
    9 months ago
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