Comments Buying figures at conventions?

  • Cons dont happen too often around me, but I'm kinda getting the hang of it.

    I keep the idea of buying a figure that I normally wouldn't of bought online and payed shipping for, maybe a figure thats lower on you wish list. (Albeit if the price is right)

    Dont be afraid to haggle, if the price is iffy* ask for a few dollars off or try to bundle! if My friend and I both find a figure we like from the same dealer; ive asked if they could do a bundle deal and we pool our cash together, or buy two and get 1/2 off a third figure.

    Bring cash if you plan to haggle, wave that green stuff right in front of their face and say "I'll give you "X" amount of dollars for said figure right now". Dont be afraid to low blow, they might meet you in the middle.
    12 days ago
    HassySoda12 days ago#78135501I would literally do price checks and tbh it was a freaking joke. These people sometimes really count on ppl not being savvy with this or fall into the trap of "OOh it's right in FRONT of me!" and cave in. I think I once saw someone trying to charge like an extra $100 for something? I warned my friend to not do it
    It truly is ridiculous T-T I must admit that when I first started I fell into that "It's right in front of you!" tactic - it's really effective since buying the figure is kinda time sensitive ;-; I wish they wouldn't prey on new figure collectors lol, but seriously, 100$ extra!! that's just mental innit
    12 days ago
    indian_summer2212 days ago#78135170Check if there is a "Bring and buy" area. There the con will sell your stuff for you. You are more likely to find a good deal there than at a vendor's booth. (Careful though, a lot of collectors set ridiculous prices as well. Always check for damages and imperfections).

    :0 that's interesting to know they do that! I don't think I've been to enough cons to notice a "bring and buy" area - I'll most definitely look around for it next time I go!
    12 days ago
    Haruhiism12 days ago#78135081I only have experience with Anime Expos mostly but you got to treat these conventions like swap meets. Most booths that sell figures are just local shops selling what they have but if you can find the ones that are trying to unload their excess stock you may get some decent deals. Like you said, if there is a problem with the figure you probably won't be able to contact that them afterwards so you need to check before you buy. Last summer I almost bought a nesoberi (ITEM #921147) from a booth for a decent price but noticed the tag was a bit torn and she had some weird stain on her clothes so I asked the dealer if they had another one which they didn't. He didn't even offer me a lower price or anything and "put it aside" and when I walked away he just threw it back on the table.

    Bruh exactly v^v I feel like a lot of sellers try to be fair and nice, but some are kinda snakes and sell just to make some money for something they normally couldn't normally pass off as worth that price :( can't believe they didn't even offer it to you for a lower price after you saw the imperfections -_-
    12 days ago
    GabCM12 days ago#78135058The problem I saw with figure shops at conventions is that the vast majority of them overcharges a lot, like more than you would pay online for the figure and its express shipping such as EMS. You'd be better off buying your figures in stores that you know don't go overboard with their prices.
    One rare exception I saw was Navito World, a figure shop from Toronto, Canada. Their booth, or at least what I saw at Otakuthon, was the cheapest in the con, with either the figures retail prices or something more akin to their aftermaket prices you see after release. The most you'd pay is the equivalent of the figure price + shipping.
    So yeah, decently priced booths exist, but they're rare, I guess.

    They most definitely overcharge cause of unsuspecting, naive, and fresh figure collectors ;-; so sad...it's hard to tell what figure prices are fair - and even to do research on the best price when you're brand new to it T^T it's good to know there's at least a couple shops out there that sell for fair prices vwv!
    12 days ago
    Chibi-Jibs12 days ago#78135022The only two figures I've bought at a con was: ITEM #236199 - from an Official Kinokuniya booth, they have a store in the city where I am, so I knew she was official. And a Jibril nendoroid.
    Outside of that, I use preorders for most everything and AmiAmi's preowned section tends to be great for other things.
    The one year I went to the convention I was dying at the Zero Two prices. Her Nesoberi was like $100 and her one cheap prize figure like $90-120. Sometimes, in booths I cringe when I hear people buying two prize figures (in this case they were Rem) for like $75.
    Last year when I went to Anime NYC they had this ITEM #133961 figure for like $400. Most of the time I just look at the prices, laugh and be like could get that cheaper online.
    I do like looking through the booths most of my money goes into the artist alley at conventions though.

    Oh my goodness...those prices are just ridiculous :0 I'm glad I've never seen that in person...I woulda cringed myself into oblivion - I'm sure those Rem prize figures could've been found for like a solid 20$ each online (probably even less)

    And same here, most of my money goes to supporting artist's items (posters, plushes, etc.)

    The prices at cons do be ridiculous tho
    12 days ago
    MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
    I've been to quite a few conventions, and I tend to buy a lot of figures from them. It's true that many booths price-gouge, so you definitely need to price-compare as you shop. Keep in mind that some booths might even haggle with you. I'm also willing to pay slightly more than the cheapest retail + estimated shipping in order to get something immediately (I call it a convenience fee, plus the fee for finding it "in the wild," which is more fun for me).

    I have had sellers discount prices for beat up boxes, though I've never seen someone try to pass a "used" figure as "new." There is one specific seller (I don't know the name, but I always recognize the booth) that I avoid like the plague. Unique selection of items compared to the rest of the con, but prices are double what they should be. It would need to be an impossible-to-find item for me to even give them the time of day.

    I have definitely found well-priced items at cons, though, as well as hard-to-find items, so it's always worth it to me to search. Most of my convention time is spent in the dealer room, actually. If you don't want to spend time looking up every little thing, I recommend making a wish list in advance and including a lowest list price (including shipping) so that you have a quick reference for major priorities. If you're going on a treasure hunt with nothing specific in mind, be prepared to do a lot of searching online before buying if you want to be guaranteed the best deal. Official company booths are the absolute best places to get good deals IMO (GSC, Kotobukiya, etc).
    12 days ago
    I usually don't buy figures at conventions because I've noticed that there is almost always a ridiculous mark up, which I understand because the people running the stands have to make money too.

    That being said I've only bought three figures at conventions.

    The first one was a Hatsune Miku figure that I'm fairly certain is a bootleg because it didn't have a box or anything, even though it seems to be good quality. The second was ITEM #331511 which was visibly NIB and authentic.
    The third was ITEM #286361 which was an awesome find because it was NIB and I was able to get a decent price for it even though it's pretty hard to find.

    I guess that was a long winded way of saying that it varies from con to con and the people running the booths and it helps when you know what to look for and the pricing of things.
    12 days ago
    I love buying at conventions! I live in the Netherlands, and I know there are several reputable stores that have stands at them. (and so, if something's wrong with the figure, I know how to contact them)
    I always double check the prices with MFC though before I buy, to see if they're overcharging or not (if I'm not sure, because mostly I can spot the issues). Sometimes it's either the same price or slightly more expensive than if I would order online. Since I can actually touch/see the figure in person I'm okay with spending a tiny bit extra if I have to.

    The thing I like about buying at conventions is that I can see what I'm buying. I have the same with clothing, I'd rather see it in person first, unless there really isn't another way to buy the item. This way I can check if the quality of the figure is to my liking, or if it's a bootleg, etc.

    The Bring & Buy is also good to check, but I noticed I often find the figures I want more in the other stands.

    I think most of my collection comes from buying at conventions! :) I can't wait for the quarantine to be over so I can visit them again.
    12 days ago
    I would literally do price checks and tbh it was a freaking joke. These people sometimes really count on ppl not being savvy with this or fall into the trap of "OOh it's right in FRONT of me!" and cave in. I think I once saw someone trying to charge like an extra $100 for something? I warned my friend to not do it
    12 days ago
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