Comments The delight and dismay of hunting pre-owned figures!

  • As I started to collect seriously in a middle of 2019 year, so most of my figures are pre-owned.
    I ordered from AmiAmi Akagi (ITEM #675918) with Kotobukiya bonus face (wich i find more Akagi-like) A/C quality.
    I was just so happy to find her, my precious Akagi, that even A/C was not bothering me. Actually, her condition was perfect (A), the only issue I got with a box was a blister detached from a paper on one side.
    So, AmiAmi always has my heart <3
    11 days ago
    Most of my collection is second hand. My fav places to go are Mandarake and private sellers.
    11 days ago
    A large majority of my collection came second-hand from Yahoo Auctions and Mandarake, usually A-B condition, and I've never been let down. A scratch here or there really doesn't ruin my enjoyment of a figure, especially as they are barely visible anyway.
    11 days ago
    I bought a C before and I didn't even see the issue that was stated before (paint transfer) so ig I got lucky lol// usually their C's are very good
    off-topic but I never got amiami's preowned section update schedule like,,, sometimes I go on and it doesn't update for a while or sometimes I refresh and there's new stuff :")
    11 days ago
    I bought a C figure before but it unfortunately came with more damage than was stated :(

    one time, an unopened figure came broken as well but it would be impossible for them to tell because it was the type of figure that had pieces sealed individually! luckily an easy fix though
    11 days ago
    When I first started collecting, most of my purchases were pre-owned, ranging from A-C.
    AmiAmi's preowned section is pretty much my go-to for aftermarket figures.

    That said, AA's rating on pre-owned are often overstated as anything between A and B- are practically new and anything labeled C is typically very minor to fixable and there will always be a description of the damage or imperfection.
    Often, the item will be rated C because the postcard or bonus item it originally came with is missing. Those are usually the best deals.
    11 days ago
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