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  • GollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
    SebastianLover5 days ago#90033630*Snip*
    Dang I really hope you get the rest of your money back, that's awful!! I wonder what happened there?
    Oof. The first figure I ever ordered off of Ami was delivered right before a snowstorm and I didn't know. We got almost 2 feet of snow that day and needless to say she was stuck outside for 2 days buried and I had no idea lol. Luckily they package their stuff pretty well so nothing got damaged. How weird though? I didn't know that shipping companies do that. I would sure be surprised about a wet package but the box being okay.

    Karumi5 days ago#90035663*Snip*
    I have never used FB marketplace for anything before, but I'm starting to see that. I still don't think I would morally be able to go to FB marketplace and jack up my prices just because someone who is uneducated of the value would buy it. I guess that's life though and a ton of people do that.

    Setsunin5 days ago#90035982*Snip*
    This is true! I'm not really sure where they came up with the prices. And I can only assume that the price it was sold for was the same or around the listed price as I can see the list price and the fact that they are sold, but not exactly how much it was sold for. So it's possible it was much less.
    5 days ago
    GollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
    Jenthehen5 days ago#90031651*Snip*
    It wasn't so much that I wanted more money. I thought what I was selling for was a fair price that I agreed upon and was happy with. It was more or so the fact that he was overvaluing what he was reselling. And people are paying for it. I guess I just feel like it was a scam for other people, not so much myself. But as others are saying, I shouldn't care what happens after I sell it, but I can't help but feel bad a little bit haha.

    Milady-Alluca5 days ago#90031652*Snip*
    Yes! That's very similar to what happened to me. Trying to lowball me multiple times before coming to an agreement. But after standing firm they still accepted my price and in the end I was okay with the what we settled on. I know it's the name of the game, but it's still frustrating when it happens. I don't sell too much but when I do I always believe that my figures are going to a good home. It was hard for me to part with these figures. But I get what you're saying to just not be stressed out about it afterwards, what can you do!

    Belle_Reve5 days ago#90031861*Snip*
    The figmas were the same ones they were trying to purchase from me. But I do not believe they posted early assuming they were going to get them, I think they already had some they were selling. I'm guessing they are trying to acquire any SNK figures because the show is popular right now and that's what will sell.
    5 days ago
    Just to chime in as someone who has sold figures and other such items throughout the years:

    Just because someone puts a really high price on something doesn't mean it's worth that. Or that it'll sell for that much. People can look at really high list prices on eBay or other marketplaces and think that an item is actually worth that much (or will sell for that much), but the only way to really tell if that's true is to check the sold/completed sales items on that site to see what's actually sold and for what price. People can buy in order to flip it high, but unless that's for some seriously in-demand figure (like the Flare 2B or a Fire Emblem scale figure) or they hook a really ignorant buyer, it ain't going to sell for a really high price.
    5 days ago
    Karumi Bishie Enthusiast
    FB is a weird marketplace where most of the people buying there don't understand the value of anything. They either think everything is supposed to be expensive because it's from Japan or they think that everything should be cheap because it's made of plastic. Just gives me a headache.

    Also, the person you mention is just trash. Begging for freebies and selling stuff before you even have it at huge markups is just trash behavior. If karma is real I'm sure they'll have a sale go bad that'll cost them.
    5 days ago
    Jenthehen Otaku at Law
    fantasy_trance5 days ago#90033558While the flipping isn't the problem, I think trying to weasel someone out of more free stuff just so you can turn a bigger profit is really rude. It's insulting even to take advantage of someone's kindness like that and keep trying to get free stuff out of them. It makes me feel gross.

    I guess it has an icky feel since this site is more of a community than a marketplace.
    5 days ago
    Thankfully I’ve never had any negative experiences with anyone yet (though I’ve only bought from people). I hear most of the terrible stories are from the sellers, since people who are buying can just be plain rude and entitled and whatnot.

    Anyway, kind of confusing scenario here about how to feel. I totally understand the frustration yet at the same time they’re not doing anything wrong. Guess it’s just the feeling of giving something away/selling it and having someone profit more from passing it on. It almost kind of feels like you’re getting ripped off in way, which is the only way I can explain where the frustration comes from.

    What I found annoying was them asking for free stuff. Again, I guess it’s not wrong but it definitely seems rude to me.
    5 days ago
    to be honest, it's the asking for free stuff that's really... kinda bizarre. (but then again, depending on how they asked, i mean it doesn't hurt to inquire- the worst someone can say is no.) other than that, tbh, reselling is just part of the hobby (and any other hobby). there are people who need money (especially now) and there are people who have money willing to part with it for the right item. if you think about it, that's no different than what stores like mandarake or amiami do- buy and resell. if it really bothers you, you're better off keeping the item or selling it for a higher price point (or even gifting it to a friend who likes it, etc), otherwise it's just business.
    5 days ago
    I agree with everyone saying flipping/arbitrage is not wrong, but I get where you're coming from. A lot of people who sell figures are hoping that someone who will enjoy them will buy them, not someone out to make a quick buck, and this is especially true if it was a hard decision to sell. In this case, it looks like this user took advantage of you as they demanded free stuff to sell later on. It sucks, but it's best to let it go and choose not to sell to that user anymore.

    As for bad experiences, recently I had a weird transaction where the seller asked for a second payment for shipping after the first even though I had already paid for shipping. I was fine with it as I thought maybe only express shipping was available, but 5 months later the item never shows up and apparently there was no tracking. I messaged the seller multiple times with no response even after I threatened to open up a Paypal case. I opened a case about the first payment and got my money back, and now I'm just waiting to resolve the second one.

    Another time I got a package where the figure boxes were wet and falling apart but the shipping box was oddly in great condition and there was no packaging inside. I thought the seller had played me, so I made an article here about potentially seeking a refund, and MFC enlightened me that shipping companies will repackage heavily damaged parcels, so I figured that's what happened and decided to just live with the damage. The seller had been very courteous otherwise, had a lot of good feedback, and had even given me a discount. I was actually happy that it was probably just bad luck and not malicious intent.
    5 days ago
    Jenthehen5 days ago#90031651There's really nothing wrong with "flipping" items, tbh. After you sell something to someone else there's no implicit guarantee they won't sell, gift, destroy it, or use it for voodoo curses, after all. It's surprising and unpleasant to have discovered this, and the person was definitely rude for demanding free stuff (although to be fair, you set a precedent by including it the first time, so I guess they thought there was no harm in asking? *shrug*)
    I guess if you want more $$, next time sell on FB yourself lol

    While the flipping isn't the problem, I think trying to weasel someone out of more free stuff just so you can turn a bigger profit is really rude. It's insulting even to take advantage of someone's kindness like that and keep trying to get free stuff out of them. It makes me feel gross.
    5 days ago
    Just to clarify - were the SNK Figmas that they had listed on facebook marketplace the ones they were trying to purchase from you? Like they listed them before they actually bought them from you assuming the transaction was going to go through? Or they had other figmas from the same series that they were selling?
    5 days ago
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