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  • Just to clarify - were the SNK Figmas that they had listed on facebook marketplace the ones they were trying to purchase from you? Like they listed them before they actually bought them from you assuming the transaction was going to go through? Or they had other figmas from the same series that they were selling?
    1 month ago
    this is just arbitrage, it creates liquidity throughout the market by facilitating the exchange of goods that normally would not ever end up anywhere else. The amount of effort invested into performing this feat (waiting for shipping, shipping it again, customer bartering) is where the value gap ends up on their end; scalpers only exist when the demand far exceeds supply, but with collectibles, demand is based on how absurd the collector is willing to go to obtain it.

    If you have a serious issue with not just completing the transaction (not worrying about what happens afterwards, and pricing to your needs, not your expectation, and maybe a lil of both) then require personal relationships with the buyer so you can make sure they're not that sorta person :p
    1 month ago
    Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
    I agree it's a frustrating situation (and asking for more freebies is totally a terrible move on their part ugh) but at the same time I'm of the mind that once I'm paid I can't really care about what happens to the figure/merch afterwards. Just too stressful and you're helpless to do anything about it except block the buyer from buying from you further.

    For my own experience it was on ebay not MFC but I was trying to sell a pair of Kill la Kill figures on ebay for a VERY reasonable price imho. Within 20 mins of listing a buyer tries to send an offer of 50% off!! I was automatically angry and rejected it. They countered at 25% off and I rejected again. I go to check their profile and they had one of the figures I was selling listed for like $350 USD when I was selling a pair of figures that went together for like, maybe $150 USD + shipping! I guess they didn't want my competition or really wanted to lowball me for my figure to try and turn a huge profit by selling it again in a scummy scalper way :/

    I blocked them and waited one more day and the listing sold to a person who when communicating over Ebay messages told me they had really gotten into KLK and were excited to get the figures for their collection. That made me happy at least :)
    Selling anime merch really is you win some you lose some, sometimes.
    1 month ago
    Jenthehen Otaku at Law
    There's really nothing wrong with "flipping" items, tbh. After you sell something to someone else there's no implicit guarantee they won't sell, gift, destroy it, or use it for voodoo curses, after all. It's surprising and unpleasant to have discovered this, and the person was definitely rude for demanding free stuff (although to be fair, you set a precedent by including it the first time, so I guess they thought there was no harm in asking? *shrug*)

    I guess if you want more $$, next time sell on FB yourself lol
    1 month ago
    Aside from the begging for free stuff, I don't see anything wrong with it, to be honest. You both agreed on a price, so if it was unfair to any one of you, you probably wouldn't have made a deal. You're free to do whatever you want with the money and he can do whatever he wants with the figures. It's an expensive hobby and with increasing figure prices, I kinda see why some people sell things to pay for it. I've seen those kind of rants so many times on here and from my experience it's just the anime figure community, that makes such a huge deal out of it. It's very common with western figures / toys. A lot of people buy stuff in bulk, pick whatever they really want and sell the rest to pay for their hobby. The same goes with comics, vinyls, trading cards, anything really.

    If you don't want anyone selling your stuff for more money, just don't sell below market value.
    1 month ago
    GollyGeeItsBoo1 month ago#89997256Oh no that's just an awkward experience. It's one of those things where someone does you a favor but its wrong so you don't know what to say back. They were probably mad because they thought they were helping you out and you were taking advantage of it but in reality you just wanted it to be corrected, even if you paid for it I'm sure. You just kind of want to say "I know you're trying to help but you're not helping at all". I hope you eventually find the piece you're looking for!

    It was very awkward!!! I'm so glad the experience is behind me lol. I did eventually find another person that was parting their's but I had to buy all of the arm pieces to get the one because the seller didn't want to break it up that much. So now I have a little container full of arms, plus the arms from the previous deal lol. It's definitely stashed in the back of my closet XD
    1 month ago
    It looks like they are buying up figures that are quite rare and trying to sell them on facebook...

    Umm i would put them on full blast so we can avoid dealing with this type of person...We should not tolerate people devaluing others figures and should avoid that type of behavior like the plague. Those types of people have no respect for MFC and should not be welcomed on the site.

    As collectors tho, we need to realize that we should not resell any of our figures for a price that causes us any type of pain because sellers remorse is a real thing and be wary of people doing other shady dealings

    Also to sellers..value your collections more! you worked hard to collect your sets of figures so dont feel bad to sell for more than you bought for
    1 month ago
    You say wonderful community, I say people can just get away with less here. Clearly a person is different like your example when they're in a place where they can show their true colours. Remember, you only bumped into this by chance and if you hadn't then you'd still think everything's amazing here.

    Reminds me of someone I used to date who was all into that DeviantArt OC commission scene. The difference between how she normally is vs how she'd converse with people on there was night and day. Plenty of other examples but basically...fake it till you make it, people shapeshifting (adapting) to the environment to survive and get what they want. As with everything, there are a few exceptions to the rule of course.
    1 month ago
    This sort of thing seems to bother a lot of MFC users. (At least since I've had time to actually read MFC articles almost every day for a consistent amount of time)

    Maybe it comes down to the difference between getting rid of stuff to make a sale verses holding onto your stuff to get a fair price.
    1 month ago
    GollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
    Moribundead1 month ago#89992312They only do that because some people actually do pay that price. Especially on FB, where there are a lot of uneducated folks, who've never ever been to Japanese sites to buy from.
    Considering the question if they are to blame for being ripped-off... I don't care.
    Personally, I would attempt to educate people about where to purchase (hey, something you can do!)... not everyone will follow that new route, but I think some will be thankful for your advice. :)
    About those others... you'd have given them a chance and they didn't take it, so it shouldn't be your concern anymore. If they want to be ripped-off, just let them walk into their doom.

    I was never aware of how the FB market for anime merch was. I joined the group and never really looked back into it because I don't use FB often. It seems like a lot of people overcharge on there and others are just paying. But you've got a good point, it is their own fault. I know I do a bit of research on things before making purchases, especially on a marketplace where someone can price it at whatever they want. So they should also do their research. It was just sort of shocking!
    1 month ago
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