Comments How big is MFC? Is anime figure collecting community growing?

  • Well, there is an anime figure reddit, which is almost 70K strong. There's also quite a lot of members here too, it's just that not everyone posts.

    However I'd assume that the biggest community is in Japan and they don't mingle much with the Western community. There's probably a respective Chinese, and Korean community too, which probably just like the Japanese one, don't interact with the Western one.

    But if anything this hobby has only boomed in the last few years. Pre-orders for figures are much higher and I attribute the rise of figure prices to the increase of popularity and demand for anime related merchandise.
    11 days ago
    Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
    They love patching without notices.
    Cut key functions, add bugs and restrictions.

    That's really frustrating for many users.
    11 days ago
    I've seen quite a few people leave MFC over the past few years, but i don't think the figure community is getting smaller. If anything it's getting bigger, just on other platforms aside from MFC. Lately I've seen more figure based youtubers, redditors, and even on tiktok the figure community is pretty big. A lot of these people don't even know about MFC so that might be another reason why the user base seems small here.

    On the other hand Covid has also definitely made an impact on collectors here. Due to insanely high shipping prices/delays people are thinking twice about ordering already expensive figures, and some countries don't have any shipping methods available to them at all still.
    11 days ago
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