Comments what is the most nostalgic figure for you?

  • Definitely ITEM #186. She was the first Nendoroid and anime figure in general I ever saw, in around 2010 when I was first getting into Vocaloid. I own her 2011 Cheerful release and she's still one of my favorites!

    Some runners up include ITEM #41459 and ITEM #78177, since they were the first figures I ever got to buy at an IRL shop, and ITEM #25067, since she was the first I ever bought, though she was a bootleg.
    1 month ago
    it's not as old but ITEM #5693

    I was obsessed with CLAMP in middle/highschool and when this figure first came out I remember the hype still so clearly on forums and it was my first time going "huh, I should own figures."!! I never ended up getting it, mainly because I'm in my 20s now and my "obsessive" interests have shifted a lot, but if I ever saw it for ..not $400 I would definitely still snag it! But look at us xxxHolic fans now, getting a brand new figure in 2021! ITEM #729563 We finally getting the goods.
    1 month ago
    I'm not sure how I got into figure collecting tbh but my first figures were also Vocaloid! Specifically it was a Miku Append figma and a Gakupo nendoroid lol
    1 month ago
    Same, I also got introduced to figures through the Vocaloid nendos. I got into collecting around the time the Meiko nendo released, and shortly after Gakupo, Gumi and Lily were announced. I remember being so excited. I completed the set last year, it feels like a dream to have them all now.

    Recently bought ITEM #5859 and ITEM #5858 and their main selling point to me was nostalgia. Anything related to the Vocaloid 2 era is super nostalgic to me, and these figures really capture Kei's style. I also think the chunkier and more simplistic sculpts of older figures are really charming. I'm hoping they'll look good with ITEM #78591

    I also love and kinda want ITEM #12053, but I'm having trouble justifying another default outfit Miku (at least for now).
    1 month ago
    ITEM #178749

    This starfire figure! Got her when I first started collecting when I was round 14 years old, and every time i look at her I remember being so nervous to ask my mum if I could get her, cause I was worried she would judge me for wanting a figure of a girl pushing out her chest :,) now I get big figures of girls in playboy bunny suits and proudly show them off lol
    1 month ago
    Heldrik1 month ago#95216606I could say my first figure, ITEM #1237, but I'll go with ITEM #166. When I see her, it reminds me of simpler (and probably happier, or at least more innocent) days, back when I first started getting into anime around 2005. Those were great days.

    Totally understand what you mean. my pick is ITEM #49124
    1 month ago
    Elise_Grimwald The other Warner sister
    In terms of figures I've actually owned since childhood (and would be considered nostalgic), I think only this one qualifies:
    ITEM #9398
    If 13 still counts as a kid, anyway (though I was a pretty immature 13 year old, so maybe? lol).
    I had been a fan of Sailor Moon since I was like 10 or so, but there was no figures available for it. None. The best thing I could get is a pack of valentine cards. So you can imagine how excited I was to see this figure in a local comic book shop. Even though Neptune wasn't my favorite (I liked Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto at the time, but I pretty much would have taken anyone I think but Venus at the time, who I disliked for some reason), I was glad to see her available. Although she's really bad looking in today's standards and I don't have her stand (I don't believe I could get her to stand, so I tossed it), I keep the figure around in a box, because I can't stand to donate it due to how much that figure meant to me at one point/the nostalgia I have associated with Sailor Moon.
    1 month ago
    That is an interesting question! I haven't owned any of my figures in/since/from childhood and thus I won't really be nostalgic about the figure itself. However looking at the original source -- something that I was/am nostalgic about -- I might have a few qualifications.

    I still love (and play!) the original Pokemon Red/Blue games with all their full-of-glitches and absolutely-horrid-menu-systems in their glory. So all my pokemon figures (and merch mostly) definitely strikes a nostalgic chord. I don't really display the actual Nendoroids, but the Pokemon that come included with said Nendo's I display. I love the gen 1 monsters the best. :)
    1 month ago
    LittlePisces1 month ago#95216611Oh wow, I discovered Vocaloid at the age of 10 too! Do you remember your first Vocaloid song? :)

    Yes! In fact, I still remember almost all that happened the day I listened to my first song. Beforehand I was watching pokemon and touhou parody videos of a bunch of different anime songs and had a video of tewi and reisen dancing to popipo suggested to me. I watched the video, and saw the original pv in the suggestions and clicked on it.
    I did not like the video at all. I thought it was very weird and it almost completely disinterested me from looking more into vocaloid. But for some reason, I was still intrigued by these characters and continued watching more videos regardless, and it all started from there
    1 month ago
    I actually got into garage kits first, back in the 1990's, before prepainted figures became prevalent. I remember the first kits I bought were ITEM #513862 and ITEM #590485 at a convention circa 1992. It was the beginning of this amazing (and expensive) journey for me, so I'd say those 2 are my most nostalgic.
    1 month ago
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