Comments Prominent People Owning Merch Of The Series They Worked On?

  • Aikyan Kobayashi (LL seiyuu) has shown off her Riko (LL character) merch in an old livestream!
    1 month ago
    Bryan Dechart owns nearly everything Connor (official and fan-made) from Detroit: Become Human, which is just the most absurdly moe thing ever. His Instagram and Twitter are always active when it comes to that stuff. Not sure if he has Connor's Nendoroid yet, though...

    Yana Toboso (Kuroshitsuji) owns quite a few official plushies of Ciel and Sebastian and I believe she also has their first Koto scales from back in the day (can't remember though).

    Tsuji Santa ALWAYS posts about getting new Super Sonico figures before the general public gets their orders. Not sure if he purchases them himself or if they are gifted to him for free at this point since Nitroplus is swimming in yen. lmao

    I follow quite a few prominent voice actors, seiyuus, artists, and mangaka on Twitter and Insta, so it's always a treat when new stuff gets released. I think it's a huge benefit since we get to see them geek out over merch of their characters too!
    1 month ago
    Furukawa Toshio, the voice of Piccolo, Ace, and many other characters, always comes to mind. (His site uses frames so the menu is missing here.) These are old photos. He's posted more recent ones on Twitter but it would be too hard to find them. He pretty much buys anything and everything of his characters. It's cute.

    (And if you've ever met him at conventions, he and his wife are the nicest people in the world!)
    1 month ago
    I can't find the exact video, but Kazuki Takahashi owns a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! merch! I remember seeing a video of him touring his collection, and saying that the American Yami no Yugi toy has an "interesting face"...
    1 month ago
    koyfish1 month ago#96253434iirc daisuke ono was once quoted saying that he spends everything he makes voicing jotaro on jojo merch lmao
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    shaarii_shirley1 month ago#96253460Similarly, there's Shimazaki Nobunaga who also spends his entire paycheck from working on FGO to...spending it all on the game. I remember him saying during a live broadcast that he'd be fine being paid in Saint Quartz (in-game paid currency) since he's just gonna use his paycheck to buy Quartz anyway, ahahah. Aside from that, he's a huge fan of the characters he voiced in FGO (particularly Arjuna) and even cosplays them during live broadcasts.
    I love how most of the people you guys bring up are just voice actors being fans of themselves esentially I just find it really nice and wholesome unironically. People in the film and anime industry that are those kinds of people just make me smile.
    1 month ago
    tantei1 month ago#96253424Tiffany Grant, who voiced Asuka in the Evangelion English dub, grew to love her so much she has an entire room full of Asuka merch. She is her own fan and that's such a nice thing.
    1 month ago
    This is actually such a fresh article apart from the usual articles that we usually see here
    1 month ago
    Vocaloid Kaito's voice provider, Naoto Fuuga adores him and has tons of merchandise of him, he also retweets fanart and the like of Kaito on his Twitter
    1 month ago
    There's a photo of Hirohiko Araki of JoJo fame in his house, and you can spot this bronze Jonathan statue ITEM #125712 on the shelf, as well as a figure of Iggy by the stair handle, however I can't really identify it so it might not be an official figure.
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    For another one, Yoshiki Fukuyama, the vocalist who performed as Basara Nekki's singing voice in Macross 7 is quite famous for owning and actively using his Arcadia Basara guitar at concerts (I believe he owns at least 3?)
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    At a recent concert he forgot the decorative tip of the guitar at home and felt it was important enough to post about it on twitter lmao
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    He also owns a trading figure of Basara ITEM #12006 and tbh I'd be willing to bet he'll probably own the MegaHouse scale when it comes out
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/cbFpyJ6/yoshiki-fukuyama-84e0d683-2056-421c-915b-fd694dd8005-resize-750.jpg

    I love Yoshiki Fukuyama he dispenses serotonin
    1 month ago
    In this interview for the Darling in the Franxx manga, you can see Yabuki Kentaro (ENTRY #26158) sitting in front of a number of To Love Ru figures.
    1 month ago
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