Comments Big in Japan Forwarding Review

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    1 month ago
    BiJ did offer DHL to the US, but once EMS became available again, they took away that option. It sucks because DHL has been cheaper for most of my orders from any shop I've used since EMS came back.
    1 month ago
    Kuromii デュエーデュ
    Blackship also require you to submit evidence of your identity (ie passport) as required by Japanese law iirc, which is why I didn't end up using them when I first looked for a forwarding service...

    I love BiJ a lot, I've used them to forward Suru parcels for years and yeah Suru can use enormous boxes sometimes xD they're usually worst for it when ordering small items; figures tend not to be so bad.

    Edit: oh, I couldn't work out if you knew already based on your article, but your order was shipped in one of BiJ's own boxes, not repackaged into Suru's. Suru uses brown boxes with their logo stamped on the sides; BiJ use plain white :)
    1 month ago
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