Comments Questions arising after considering buying a figure.

  • skylinedo BANNED
    PVC from Solaris should be ok as PVC is generally flexible. Paint quality should be a telltale sign of overall condition and last I checked, Solaris was reliable in fig ratings I bought ITEM #453907 from them.

    That figure you're looking at is from 2013 and Griffon is hit/miss.

    The disclaimer once only applied to Fots/Pulchra/Insight which I love but wouldn't buy from a company with that disclaimer and refused to offer extra inspection/protection/packing despite my willing to pay extra.
    12 days ago
    I only have one figure from Griffon , so can't speak much from experience as such...
    One part of the figure has a tiny hair end missing (which you can rarely tell) but my main problem I run into with her is that she leans back every so often, so I'm constantly moving her back on her pegs.
    I'll also add her face just doesn't seem right (I can't explain it)....

    I did lots of research after I got her (thinking mine was broken) but turns out a lot of Griffon figures just don't have the same quality standard as other figures.

    I would assume that Solaris writes high rate of breakage due to the quality of the figures in general, I think Griffon really are a hit or miss company unfortunately.
    Someone already mentioned below, but definitely look at the comments on the MFC page and you'll see reviews and photos :)
    12 days ago
    Huh, I got ITEM #178227 used, damaged box, but nothing broke.....hmmm weird (though I am very lucky and I’ve only had one figure break in transit)
    Ps, I bought it off of mandarake not Solaris
    As to your question, I have no idea sorry maybe try contacting them about it?
    12 days ago
    They mean the figure is likely to break in shipping or by being handled. Griffon figures are so fragile. Ive broken pieces off just taking them out the box, got rid of all but one in the end as the amount of time I was spending repairing them was ridiculous.
    13 days ago
    kyoshinhei Unsanctioned figure repairperson
    Like others have said, I think Solaris' warning is their generic one for all "problematic" manufacturers.
    From what I've gathered left and right, with Griffon you should not so much be worried about breakage but you should expect leaning issues and/or stickiness from plastic chemicals and/or paint defects and bad QC.
    For this particular Griffon figure, I suggest browsing its user pictures and comments on MFC and make your own opinion.
    13 days ago
    Solaris uses the same warning about 70% breakage chance for B'full/FOTS/Insight figures (which is more than true with their use of 3d print material).

    I've never heard of Griffon's broken figures. The only complaint about the figure is big black base used for most Griffon's figures, so I'd say you're safe!
    13 days ago
    Not entirely sure why they have the warnings on griffon figures - their PVCs aren't particularly breakable. Iirc they do have some cold cast/resin stuff that would be, but most of their figures were PVC.

    Main complaint about Griffon back in the day was the final product not resembling the prototype, not stuff turning up broken.
    13 days ago
    I'm not familiar with griffon figures but they probably mean that the figure has a high chance of arriving with broken limbs. >.<
    13 days ago
    They're talking about figures arriving with limbs broken off levels.
    13 days ago
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