Comments Are Prize Figures cheaper than scaled figures?

  • When you use the word "cheaper" are you referring to the quality of the figure or the monetary value of the figure? I'm going to assume that you are referring to the quality of the figure.

    Assuming that I am understanding your question correctly, yes, prize figures are lower quality than scale figures. However, depending on the price point, prize figures are not always significantly lower in quality than scale figures.

    If you were to compare well-made $20 prize figure to a Pop Up Parade scale figure from Good Smile Company which costs $40, Pop Up Parades are objectively not worth twice the cost of a prize figure in terms of quality. It really comes down to the law of diminishing returns. The more you spend, the less benefit you are going to see.

    If you compare a $20 prize figure to a $260+ scale figure, it should be obvious that the $260 scale figure is superior in every way quality wise to the $20 figure. But is it 13 times better? Not really. Then again, I'm not saying high priced scale figures are not worth it. To me and many others they are worth the price. It really comes down to what you feel comfortable spending and how the figures at certain price points make you feel at the end of the day.

    If you take a look at aftermarket prices of certain figures, people may be willing to spend 2-3 times the cost of the retail price. Are figures that were originally worth $120 at retail now worth $300? Of course it isn't worth it value wise. But to the people that want the figure, it's completely worth it because that figure brings them joy. It's all subjective on what you think something is worth.
    11 days ago
    are you asking the difference between scale and prize figures that causes their price to vary so much?
    I ask simply because the question makes no sense to me. If you’ve been collecting prize figures already because of your limited budget then you should already know that prizes are significantly cheaper than scales, thus why you’re collecting them.
    sorry im a bit confused.
    11 days ago
    My Prize Figures Are Cheap
    11 days ago
    skylinedo BANNED
    Some of my prize figures have better sculpts than my scales at a fraction of the cost. Then again, I inspected most of my prize fig prior to buying.
    12 days ago
    $15 compared to $150 and up. Yep, no difference at all /s.

    Also, holy run-on sentence, Batman!
    12 days ago
    Prizes are much cheaper and generally easy to find once they go up for order and also on the secondary market. The exception is Kuji figures which may be very limited, and some that are older and now hard to find.
    12 days ago
    Scale figures are very Expensive. I buy freeing 1/4 scale bunny figures that range in price from $220 to $400 plus. Prize figures cost around $20 to $40.
    12 days ago
    Yes, prize figures are cheaper. They typically range in the $15-$25 range or around $50 with a bad aftermarket. You could get older scales though. They can be had for as little as $30 and some of them still look pretty nice. Realistically you'll never find a modern scale for under $100.
    12 days ago
    tomura prev. rimi
    Prizes are cheaper than scales, yes, and the price reflects since theyre usually lower quality and more prone to quality control issues.
    12 days ago
    When I lived at home the rules about money were "it's your money so use it how you want to."

    Of course money is a finite resource, so if I spent my entire life savings on a single item ...... well yeah. :)
    12 days ago
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