Comments how much are you actually willing to pay ?

  • Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
    For an average figure I dunno maybe 400 to 500 USD but my general preference is no more than 220 for a single figure, 350 to 400 for a duo figure. I might pay a bit more for a doll, I have a 600~ usd doll on PO but may cancel it.

    A custom figure situation of course could weasel maybe between 1000 and 1500 from me depending on the situation and artistry involved. I know someone posted awhile back a custom ffxiv character figure they commissioned to be modeled, printed, and then worked + painted. If the quality of independent 3D printing continues to get better to a point I am personally satisfied and artists that can build off that are available I would definitely be willing to sink 2k usd into a personal commission. But for me to be spending that it needs to be damn near perfect so :'B
    12 days ago
    For me it's about 450 for a single figure no matter the size. I just don't feel like spending more. And the 400-450 range is something I would not feel good about, I'd have to ponder about whether to go for it or not for days.
    12 days ago
    I don't know? I don't think I have a specific limit...maybe like $4000 if I have to throw a number at it. Of course to pay that much, it'd have to be something amazing that I'm like head over heels in love with lol. Like it really depends on the item. Some items I'll look at and go, I like it. But no way am I paying $200 for that lol.

    The most I have spent on something so far, would be for ITEM #790870 and ITEM #549534 but those aren't close to my "limit", but at the same time, I wouldn't often spend that much on an item (hence why there are only two of them in that range). In general though, even for everyday figures, what I'm willing to spend is all rather arbitrary.
    12 days ago
    Depend on my brain score
    10 perfect: 50.000 yen
    9 absolute fetish: 35.000 yen
    8 great for my taste: 25.000 yen
    7 looks cool for me: 10.000 yen
    6 and below not buying except if the only obe my favorite character made off and the sculpt didn't out of character.
    12 days ago
    I've never gone past $2000 for an individual figure so I guess that's where I draw the line
    12 days ago
    Probably no more than how much ITEM #1096760 is. She sits right under 50k yen. I already definitely don't want to be regularly getting figures in the 40k zone, ultimately the reason I'm doing so with her is because her release date is so far out that it makes her easy to save up for, and I could also take advantage of Good Smile's set 2k shipping cost.
    12 days ago
    50k yen, shipping included for 1/4
    30-40k yen, shipping included for 1/7 or 1/8
    I prob would make an exception for the Kaido POP but it's out of stock everywhere...and no, scalpers stock doesnt count, I refuse to pay their prices :D
    12 days ago
    $500 before gst and shipping would be my limit. The highest I've paid would of been $300 for the torso sized eva
    12 days ago
    No more than $500, period.
    12 days ago
    $200 before shipping is absolutely it (though i'd make an exception for a few characters)
    12 days ago
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