Comments Figures you really like but don't care about their series

  • I seem to be a part of a very small potion of collectors. I just buy what I visually like, like Figures with great design or looks. I dont even know most of my figures names tbh. No need for any "attachment" to the character it displays.

    To put it simple: If it appeals my eyes I'll buy it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    3 days ago
    When that happens I try to at least take a look at the source material so I can get a general idea of the character's personality.

    Usually a couple of "cute/cool moments" compilations on youtube do the trick lol
    3 days ago
    I tried playing Genshin Impact and it wasn't mine, but I ended up pre-ordering nendoroids of Main Protagonists ITEM #1131740 ITEM #1131738 in the end, because I loved the wings and how they were made (also fan of twin characters).
    3 days ago
    I have ITEM #287789 the series has a lot of great figures but I'm not that into she show. She is the only figure I have which isn't an oc to which source material I have no big connection.

    Well and ITEM #325 + ITEM #326 but the thing is I probably would love the source I just cannot find a way to read it in English.
    3 days ago
    With figures and general merch I only collect items where I know and love the series - that's what is pulling me into purchasing the figures. However, when it comes to dolls, and specifically Pullip dolls, I haven't actively been interested in them, until I fell madly in love with a version of Pullip Hatsune Miku - for reasons unknown, because my knowledge of Hatsune Miku back then was basically "anime girl spinning onion while Värttinä is playing in the background".
    I did look into Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku when the love for the doll has been there for some time and didn't seem to go away, but I still don't really get all the fuss around her, and none of her aspects seem to interest me (the original, musical aspect of Vocaloid could have been interesting from a composing PoV, but her vocals are not my cup of tea and also doesn't fit in with the type of music I'm involved with). Yet here I am today, owning 3 (technically 4) versions of Pullip Hatsune Miku - and they are not customised or modified into completely different characters (well, I did give 2 of them different names and consider them triplets) ^^;
    3 days ago
    I am familiar with or have watched most series. I like most of ENTRY #42167 newer figures, despite not liking the part series I saw and am planning on getting a few figures of her.

    I have never been interested enough in Overlord to watch it (don't like video game type isekai much), but I really like some of the character designs and figures, like ITEM #675224 and ITEM #1051980, and have them on my wishlist/preordered.

    I actually like Rin's character and design and have ITEM #26700 but did not like the overall story or most of the other characters in the Fate series I watched. There are a few other figures of her I want too.
    3 days ago
    90% of my collection are figures from series or video games that I've never seen. I just care more about the character design than the thing they came from.
    3 days ago
    I really like pretty much all of the Hololive character designs and their figures but vtubers are definitely not my thing
    3 days ago
    I have ITEM #945893 and she's the only one I took out of the box so far and I don't wanna dive into FGO.

    I just love the swimsuit so I ended up getting her.
    3 days ago
    For the most part I have to like a series for me to buy figures for it. For example, I like the design of Zero Two but I find the anime trash, so it's highly unlikely I'm gonna buy a figure of her.

    One of the rare exceptions are probably Hikari and Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I despise that game but it has a few characters that I really liked. :)

    There's some cases where I might dislike the manga but like the original route an anime took and then I'm fine with buying figures again (or vice-versa). :)

    Original figures are a different thing of course. I have no problems buying original figures if I like their design, especially when they're from an artist that I adore. ^^
    3 days ago
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