Comments Are you proud of your collection?

  • I started only last year. I'm happy with my collection but I do have collector's envy for something different.

    People who can stick to a single character or series. Those collections allows look amazing! Mine is pretty much whatever character I like so a bit of a jumble. I'm looking to organize it by themed sections.
    1 month ago
    I love my collection! But I definitely feel the newcomer envy of seeing people own figures I want or have collections that I could only dream of owning. It's a symptom of never being satisfied I suppose, but!! I love the figures I own and the ones I'm going to be welcoming over the course of this year. I'm very excited to see where the journey will take me!
    1 month ago
    Not too sure about being "proud", but definitely am happy with the state of my collection

    1 month ago
    I really appreciate my figures, and have become more picky over the years. I first started collecting around 2012, but got rid of my whole collection in 2019; only just restarting in the second quarter of 2022. Its gonna be a lot better in the future, but i'm thoroughly enjoying each addition.
    1 month ago
    My collection is only small but I ADORE my figures. I've been collecting for years but Im always super selective so Ill only buy a figure I love completly. If I get bored of a figure I sell it and replace with a new one.
    1 month ago
    I am very proud of my To-Re & Shin Tsukinami collection
    I don't really have a lot of merchendise, Items & figures that are "very expensive or very rare", but to ME they mean a lot.
    I'm very happy when I can afford to buy merchandise from my favorite series with my "hobby money".

    I don't envy other collectors...I just wish that I would ALSO want to have it for my collection (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡
    1 month ago
    Absolutely! I would say I am a collector of collections (aka hoarder) but if anyone needs a 'random object for a thing' they know where to come lol.

    I only have a few nendos, because I have next to no money, but they make me very happy and have started making clothes for the dolls, which links up nicely with my hoard of scrap cloth.

    Why would anyone not be proud of their collection? Why accumulate something if you don't like it?
    1 month ago
    Yes I am proud of it especially with how I managed to get a room improvement (with the help of my uncle) after a decade of neglect. I don't know but I finally got the will to let go of various stuff that I have been keeping from the past. Wish I had a picture of before and after to share to you guys.

    Makes me appreciate the figures that I have bought these past few years. I have a small collection but the room improvement basically made me enjoy displaying them a lot more.
    1 month ago
    Yes, especially my plushies
    1 month ago
    contrast figure collector
    Hmm.. I think I like my collection, I am okay with where it's at in the moment. But I am not entirely proud of it currently. I know I have ways to enhance my shelving and make it more visually appealing for me to enjoy the space and I feel like after I do that, I will feel much more proud.
    1 month ago
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