Comments Genuine Question: Why keep figures in boxes?

For me it's only miss ITEM #197297 that I keep in her box just because I know that there were only a few of her ever made and I just want to make sure she never gets damaged
5 months ago
There are two categories of figures I keep in box-

1. Figures whose boxes are an open&done kind of thing (older figures in my case). I really appreciate newer boxes that can be opened and closed, because I don’t like to destroy my boxes…even little blind boxes :|

2. Funko that don’t have connecting bases (exceptions being ones that I modify). They have window boxes so they’re mostly visible, and I do actually like how they look in them. They also aren’t posable.

Everything else is out and about in my display cases :)
5 months ago
Tough question as most people don't have the space to keep the boxes, which happens quite often directly in Japan. I have all of my boxes in storage
5 months ago
Unfortunately this isn't exclusive to the Anime figure hobby. It happens in every collecting circle I'm in.

I'm usually very hush and just browse most community sites, and just like you, I see too many people keeping EVERYTHING in their boxes. Now, I'm not going to tell anyone how they should be collecting. But I've never understood keeping everything sealed shut.

Of course there is nuance and exceptions, so we'll set those aside. But the biggest issue I see (only my opinion) are people treating any hobby as a business or investment. I'm talking people who only collect with the sole intent of reselling. I've seen hobbies with a worse trend.

Anime figures should be proudly displayed. I don't understand what the point is in shelling out so much money for you to not really appreciate the figure.
5 months ago
Elise_Grimwald We are Star*T*Rain!
I don't honestly know. You can't see a figure if it's the box. Why buy something you can't even look at? It makes no sense to me. :/ I keep boxes, but I don't keep my figures in them.
5 months ago
I don't have space for figures anymore :"(
5 months ago
Lacking Display Space.

Just this. Space.
5 months ago
murialita Grumpy old man, lover of Tamamo
Since I don't run a store, I don't leave my figures in boxes. Personally, I don't see the point of never opening them, and having the figure covered in sheets of protective plastic to the point that you can barely even tell who the figure is.

Of course, there is always an exception. I have one figure that I never unboxed. It's my second copy of Casual Tamamo ITEM #287974. She's my favorite figure, and I have the first copy on display. When she got re-released the first time, I got a second copy, and just never opened her. She is in a full plastic box with little protective plastic, so she is very visible. She's also the only figure I have on display in my bedroom.

So all that being said, I do appreciate the people that never open their figures. That's how we can buy unopened, basically brand new figures years and years down the road.
5 months ago
Partly down to space, size of collection, time, desire to unbox not being that high.
To busy with other things to be able to take the time to carefully decide what to unbox and display

Did not have decent display cabinet until recently

If I need to sell then will get a better value

As a collector then I tend to keep everything as it's part of the figure in a way, the box is part, some boxes look good especially for scale figures.
I do however open and check them out when they arrive or I purchase them if in store.

I can see a fair few and dusting is mostly not a problem
5 months ago
I already know I'm moving within one and a half year from now on as I live in a student only housing complex and I'll be graduating in the next few months. So for me it's also functionality to keep all of them in their boxes. But I'll eventually throw away most boxes of figures I'm definitely gonna keep or take off the art on the figures.
5 months ago