Comments MFC Update - Some Updates & Changes

  • Recent updates also include:
    - Wishlisted-item-sale notifications;
    - Friend-birthday notifications;
    - The ability to score item directly from the item page sidebar;
    - The ability to set your wishability directly from item page sidebar;
    - New POTD, POTW, POTM award icons;
    - Awards section on your gallery page listing all your earned e-awards;
    - And a lot of bug fixes.

    @ComboChrist, please make sure javascript is enabled. If javascript is enabled (and not blocked by some browser extensions) you can try to click again on the "Add to my collection" link. Endless loading might happen if you click on the link too soon during page loading.
    4 years ago
    ComboChrist S-Rank-Spirit
    Btw am I the only that has problems with the pictures-section endlessly loading + the same thing happens with the "add to my collection"-window?
    4 years ago
    With that "Open official gallery" function in place, the pictures showing on the item page could be reverted to "random" like they have been until a couple of months ago, instead of always showing the same most recently uploaded official ones.

    I find that a pity because there are so many good user pictues one can otherwise only see if thoroughly browsing the galleries. With random pictures showing, one discovers a lot of gems. If someone is specifically after official pics, they can now use the new feature.
    4 years ago
    I like this gallery addition, I'm always clicking the profile image expecting it to expand into a large image so I can check a figure out, only to get a tiny image. This not only allows me quick access to a large version of the profile pic but to move through the other official images.
    4 years ago
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