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Looking for European Members which ordered from Mandarake!Comments • Looking for European Members which ordered from Mandarake!

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    I usually use registered SAL so i know where my pacakge is and it costs around 1,200 yen so withoit it it would only be 700 yen uregistered if you are not using paypal but since I do it's automatically registered.
    Mandarake is great for shipping time usually takes 8 days
    5 years ago
    Well I'm from Germany and I mostly use SAL. It's cheaper than EMS, takes a bit longer but works just as good. I've normally paid between 1200 and 2500yen depending on the item you bought.
    5 years ago
    I'm from Holland, and I've bought a fair number of things from Mandarake now. EMS is indeed expensive (but quick) and I usually paid like 25 euro's shipping with it. DHL is even more expensive (nearing 30) and about the same speed, whereas SAL usually takes two weeks and has varying costs (depending on the size of the package), usually inbetween 13-18 euro's. No idea if it varies between stores either (I only know some stores offer DHL and some don't), but I doubt it matters much.

    I always use SAL anyway, it's the cheapest and I can stand waiting for a few weeks.
    5 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.