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Isn't this too much?Comments • Isn't this too much?

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    Their entire line is expensive for no good reason.
    5 days ago
    It really doesn't seem like its worth it. I would pay that much for a 1/7 if its an old release that is hard to find (and unlikely to be released again), or if it had something really amazing about its sculpt/design. BUT, this one is not a rare old figure, and just seems pretty bland/generic in its design.
    5 days ago
    Jenthehen (5 days ago) #48120571*snip*


    and I'm not going to screw myself out of a figure I really want playing the aftermarket game only to have to decide whether to pay now double the price or pass on it indefinitely.

    I don't order a ton of figures. I budget myself, try to find deals on older figures and whiddle down the ones I really like enough to pre-order. It sucks but nothing will change until the community collectively takes a stand but the problem is, some more than others have money to burn and don't care or are perfectly happy blowing the bulk of their living expenses on their hobby.
    5 days ago
    Figures are overpriced
    Vote with your wallet and don't order stuff you know is overpriced.
    5 days ago
    She is too expensive for a 1/7 figure in my opinion. I can see the reasoning that she is limited and exclusive. The best way you can complain is by not buying. Why would I spend so much on her when I could get maybe two figures for that price ?
    5 days ago
    I was about to say something about it being cheaper on amiami (figures are typically 1000-2000 JPY cheaper) but I just checked and she's actually more.
    Still the whole With Fans line has been "meh" at best so I expect them all to go on sale.
    5 days ago
    In 2010 I was buying top quality Alter's Momohime scale figure for a 6250 yens and back then it felt like it's a lot (it was my 1st fig). Nowadays nendoroids and figmas are around this price point... While scales became a bad joke. I really think that newer figs are not worth that much.
    5 days ago
    I'd like to add my personal point of view as well!

    You shouldn't forget that Kanan is from LoveLive! a very popular franchise that yields lots of money (like Fate) so prices are naturally higher. Additionally, the manufacturer is GSC, which makes the price shoot up even higher (same as if it were made by Alter). Also, she's a 1/7 scale, contrary to the (once) dominating 1/8.
    And at the end, figure prices rose quite a bit in the past, which is what we all are suffering under now.

    Concluding: Yes, the figure is quite expensive. If it had a better base and not the (for me) cheap looking base with a non/very little shaded wooden deck and a semi transparent something underneath it, I might be able to justify it.
    However, I wouldn't necessarily call it overpriced just yet. The market is changing, and we all have to accept that sooner or later. If you want guarantee to recieve a good quality figure, you'll have to cash out quite a bit. Maybe some cheaper underdogs will rise to the top one day, but for now, at least I personally will stick to the more expensive manufacturers.
    5 days ago
    I personally think that is too much for that figure, but not much you can do when people are willing to spend the money they earn on their favorite waifus.
    5 days ago
    While I do agree that it is pricy, my collection consists mostly of male figures so this price range is rather normal for me and is in fact just the starting point. While this figure is considered plain and maybe even boring, it's still much better than many male figures that are in static poses. I think just based on perspective, what you deem not worth it can really change.
    5 days ago
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