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    Most of my OTPs are from Fullmetal Alchemist (Roy x Riza, Ling Yao x Lan Fan) but those guys don't have much figures, except Roy and Riza who have nendoroids. Since those don't work out well in my favor, I try to get as many Edward and Alphonse figures and merch instead because that is the one true pairing I love in the show! Not in any romantic way, no. But I think their love for each other as family surpasses all my actual romantic ships in any other series and that really warms my heart (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) Same goes for HxH's Killua and Gon who really care for each other! I collect fanarts and pins of them (no yaoi stuff because I don't ship them in that way...) They have nendoroids coming out soon so I am excited for that as I can finally start my KilluGon shrine ( ˙꒳​˙ ) Nothing beats friendship and family love ♡
    7 days ago
    I find any excuse to say my fav OTP hands down is Shirou and Rin from Fate/Stay Night :)

    I try to get as much figure merch as I can of them (that is in the same scale to be paired together - there's not much):
    I currently have five copies of Rin and Shirou 2.0 figmas for standing constant "customs"/outfits (I'm waiting for the figma swimsuits for the fifth one to be used):
    I also like:
    • Kurisu x Okabe from Stein's Gate (I just have figmas of them, I briefly thought about getting Nendos but changed my mind and am selling Okabe).
    • Mikoto x Touma from A Certain Magical Index / Scientific Railgun (I just have figmas of them - not much Touma merchandise).
    • https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Okeno1537984802.jpeg
    • Makoto x Joker (Persona 5) - I have the nendos and figmas on order (only Joker has been released so far).
    7 days ago
    Sasuke & Sakura Uchiha. Hands down my favorite anime pairing of all time and the pairing I love/loved for 15 years now. Yes fortunately I do have merch of them.I have two small figures of them and some Megahouse ones as well.If Megahouse will ever make an adult Sakura ver,be sure that I will do what I can to find that Adult Sasuke they released not too long ago. Im also planning at the moment to buy some straps of them and some more small figures. I just need to find the right place to buy them from.
    7 days ago
    I'm not much of a shipper, most canon ships I'm just like 'ok nice' but I don't really have strong feelings about it either way, maybe because it is canon so I don't have to worry about it? Most ships I'm kinda into are those 'tease' ships that never got official but stronger feelings were strongly hinted at. I do enjoy fanart from a lot of ships (for example one of my favourite artists draws a lot of Cu x Archer stuff) but I'm not really actively shipping most of it.

    That being said I do really like Royai (Riza x Roy Mustang) and I have both their nendos and Roys scale figure (Riza should get a scale too! She's such an awesome character!). I also like Ling x Lan Fan (only have two chibis of them - along with the rest of the set).
    7 days ago
    I have some manga/anime ships, but The OTP for me is always Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. I collect pretty much all I can find with them, and thankfully they feature together in a good amount of merchandise. :) I also have a lot of doujinshi, but I don't list them here.

    I've got this awful photo from (yikes) 7 years ago with a bunch of my stuff.
    7 days ago
    I think my name speaks for itself LMAO My ultimate OTP is definitely Sasuke and Naruto (and my collection most definitely reflects that), although I like Gaara and Naruto too. Itachi and Deidara are my favourite side pairing so to speak.

    As for other OTP's: Levi and Eren (Attack on Titan); Rin and Haru (Free!); Shizuo and Izaya (Durarara!!); Kurose and Shirotane (Ten Count); Kanda and Allen (D.Gray-Man); Karma and Nagisa (Assassination Classroom); Kagami and Kuroko and Akashi and Kuroko (Kuroko's Basketball); and Ichijou Mashiro and Mizuhashi Sou (After School Nightmare).

    Basically in most cases, if two characters of a show pop up regularly in my collection, chances are big I ship them together LOL In the other cases it's just because I really like them XD
    7 days ago
    My top pair of all it's Eren x Historia,

    then following are :

    Naruto x Hinata
    Meruem x Komugi
    Soma x Erina
    Levi x Hange
    7 days ago
    my all-time fave otps are suzaku/lelouch from code geass and doug/kirill from double decker ♡♡

    and almost my entire collection revolves around both of them!! hehe you can see both shrines on my profile. my fave things to collect are keychains/straps and plushes so i tend to focus on those
    my suzalulu collection is currently on hiatus tho since uh.. re;surrection was.... like that LOL but i'll probably return to it sometime in the future or add a few things here and there (secondhand only). but i retired it on a nice note and i'm pretty happy w/ how it is rn ^__^
    here's a pic (of some of it) from several months ago when i was working on an ita bag

    now all my focus is on my dougkiri collection!! i only recently started it so it'll take a while to get as big but i'm excited to add more to it ♡♡♡♡ i really hope i can get both their figures (i preordered the chibi ones at least!)

    i'm also quite fond of leo/izumi (enstars), saruhiko/misaki (k), and haruka/rin (free) but their shrines will have to wait until i'm not broke anymore lmao
    7 days ago
    Oh well.
    My OTP is Erwin Smith x Levi (Attack on Titan)
    I own figures (Nendoroid and scales) and I plan to purchase more Nendoroids of both, so I can display them in different settings^^
    And I buy a lot of keychains and Acrylic stands. I really can't hold back when it comes to these two x3

    Other ships:
    Shirotani x Kurose (10 Count): I pre-ordered the Nendoroids and Scales and honestly can't wait for them to arrive.

    Nero x Avilio/Angelo (91 Days): I adore them and I wanna buy some merch, but I didn't found anything online :< They don't have any figures, but I'm planning to make a custom Nendoroid of Avilio/Angelo and maybe one day Nero? I don't know^^
    7 days ago
    JD Real and I'm obsessed
    7 days ago
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