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  • As someone else mentioned, Kotobukiya's Horror bishoujo line has female versions of popular cult horror icons.

    Here are some of my favs:

    Edward Sciccorhands ITEM #381685
    Chucky from Child's Play: ITEM #393941
    Hellraiser's Pinhead: ITEM #600568
    1 year ago
    There are a few Hatsune Miku figures that are more Halloween Themed than Spooky if you’re interested. I too want a bigger spooky collection.
    1 year ago
    I don't have much to add, but Saya is definitely spooky, & so is Murder-chan ITEM #167774

    Mizuno Junko's characters are a mix of spooky & cutesy so you might like some of them!

    & some Halloween-y ones are ITEM #216850, ITEM #549488, ITEM #396960, & all of Morrigan's figures.
    1 year ago
    This is what came to mind. Sorry if they're too waifu
    ***Some of these are NSFW
    ITEM #676096
    ITEM #464669
    ITEM #621959
    ITEM #734708
    ITEM #393940
    1 year ago
    Iwanaga Sakurako comes to mind immediately. If you are aiming for the serious macabre or chilling figures (not the cutesy-spooky type), that is.

    A few of her figures:
    ITEM #395408
     ITEM #198412
     ITEM #28199
     ITEM #25661
    1 year ago
    Check under the abyssal fleet tag, some of them have pretty high spooky levels. If you don't mind girls with warship parts.

    Also some of the figures of Arpeggio of Blue Steel's Kongou might fit within the aesthetic you're looking for.
    1 year ago
    Queen of spooks, Misaki Mei : ITEM #107499 & ITEM #116770
    Ps. If you haven't watched Another and you love horror, you should now! I actually hate anything with horror stuff in it and it is the only horror series I ever watched(will never again). Spooky level over 9000.
    1 year ago
    Only prepainted girls?

    I have a list of creepy stuff but not only girls though LIST #31222

    maybe you can add certain feature preferences to narrow down

    Oh yea if you like Ito Junji's works there are figurines too
    1 year ago
    I can't think of any scary girls aside from those that were mentioned, but since you mentioned Halloween figures this one's a favorite of mine: ITEM #464511

    Edit: ENTRY #8156 makes some pretty creepy figures as well, you might find something you like there!
    1 year ago
    Like KalasRaven said, the first thing that came to mind after you mentionned Silent Hill was ENTRY #105896
    I also think Myethos' Wisteria could fit the bill, maybe even Judith?
    Other random suggestions: ITEM #107499, ITEM #21476, ITEM #6203
    Hopefully at least one of them fits the aesthetic you're going for!
    1 year ago
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