Comments How did your significant other react to your figure collecting?

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  • DirtyDeeds poggers
    I have mainly female figures, and am a girl. My boyfriend says that they're pretty but he doesn’t really get the point other than to look at. I see it as a way to have some cool statues of characters I like or those that I find aesthetically pleasing. My dad thinks anime figures are cool and he wants some himself (for reference, he is 65, and likes them as art pieces as well).
    1 year ago
    My friends love it, we're all into anime so every time I get a new one I happily show it to them!^^
    As for my parents… they don't even know I have half of them, I currently live abroad due to college and I don't feel like telling them part of my college money goes to anime figures (of course always using head and buying just what I can afford)… ^.^"
    1 year ago
    My husband and I are both collectors of sorts, so he is always supportive of stuff I want to treat myself to. :) I have also gotten him Nendos of his favorite characters as gifts! I wouldn't want to be with someone who didn't support me in a healthy way ;o;
    1 year ago
    My girlfriend is totally fine with it, and even encourages me to buy figures when I show her ones that I'm interested in.

    Although she doesn't really like animanga, she herself collects Legend of Zelda amiibos, figures, and toys. It's nice we have a somewhat common interest in this sort of hobby.
    1 year ago
    I like female characters more than male characters, but I'm not lesbian (idk if liking female characters while being female might be seen as a lesbo thing). My whole collection is around those few characters I liked from favorite anime series.

    My husband is ok with it, since he bought me some, even as christmas and birthday gifts!
    1 year ago
    xShiroSakura Flagship
    I once went on a date with this guy which was a kind of enlightening. Before we met up, he had found some old pictures of my room from back when I was into decorating my room with anime posters etc. He then asked if that was my room and I awkwardly admitted that it used to look like that. Onto the date and we're getting to know each other - I'm mainly the one asking questions and keeping the conversation going all evening.

    At one point, I ask what his impression of the meeting is and he said he was positively surprised because apparently, after seeing my room, he had some kind of idea that I wouldn't be capable of talking about anything other than all this geeky stuff. I barely mentioned it all evening. Why? Because I realised I was just looking for a really decent human being to spend my time with, and him sharing my hobbies would just be a bonus. It can actually be quite refreshing to have your own hobbies to yourself in a relationship, because it's your space where you can focus on yourself and the things you like. Needless to say, I didn't go on a second date with this guy.

    My current SO is really chill and open minded about my collection, albeit surprised when I mention the price tag on some of the things I've bought. He doesn't get how I can spend money on this kind of stuff but supports me because he knows it makes me happy. And well, so far, I've been living the happiest 10 months of my life.
    1 year ago
    ddarko1 year ago#68342946The main satisfaction comes from hunting it down and owning the piece, or how you personally derive pleasure from its design and sculpt. That satisfaction is not something that is easy to share with another as well.
    Personally, for the above reasons, I have pre-emptively started moving more and more toward different hobbies. Plenty of hobbies that can be fun for the whole family.

    I don't think the hunt has ever been the thing I derive pleasure from when it comes to figure collecting. Though I understand exactly what you're saying, as that *was* what I enjoyed about video game collecting. But when prices rose, and people out in the world started asking for eBay prices while in person, it just started getting irritating. It sapped any enjoyment out of it. It wasn't even about the money, it defeated the purpose of even doing the hobby anymore.

    Then I collected antique audio equipment. Guess what? Same thing ended up happening.

    Now I collect paintings that I like. Not anything valuable or rare (though they typically become it), just things I Like. I suspect someday that hobby will get ruined when somebody finds like a Rembrandt in their basement, so everyone starts thinking their old paintings are gold, so prices skyrocket. So dumb.

    But comparatively, figure collecting is a breeze. In fact I'd dare say that because of my skills gained from the prior, I can find almost any figure at any given time.

    I think I just enjoy owning a piece of shows I've seen, or games I've played, or just things I like. It's almost like a visual history. Though I am frightened to touch Amiibos, despite playing tons of Nintendo games. I see that getting out of hand real fast.
    1 year ago
    lifewithfigures1 year ago#68349523A person who shames the things that make you happy isn't a person you want to be with. <3

    1 year ago
    I had a few 2HU figures before I met my partner, they have a huge collection and now mine's growing too. It's fun to be able to collect and browse together (and I put a brake on the overspending) so I've been very lucky in that regard :~)
    1 year ago
    broken-Toybox lump of laziness
    My boyfriend is really supportive of my collection and on Christmas and my birthday always asks me which figure I want. X3
    He obviously doesn't like everything I get, but he knows it makes me happy. I have given him a few figures as well over the years, though he's incredibly picky (just some One Piece stuff and a few Noodle Stoppers). Whenever I go to a convention he'd ask me to get him something as well, but when I started collecting figures he explicitly started to ask me to get figures for him. Imo it's really cute how he kinda flirts with the hobby/wants to enjoy it with me without really getting into it himself. I'm also really grateful for him being that way, since I started like 3 years ago, when we already went out for like 8 years. To be fair though I was heavy into collecting manga before, so maybe he's just desensitized in that regard. X3
    1 year ago
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