Comments Do you ask for figures as gifts?

  • I ask for figures as gifts but if I ask for an expensive one I feel really bad and I only ask for one if it’s above a certain price, also I don’t ask for anything else unless I get moaned at lol.
    I tend to ask for figures that are no more than $60 but if I really want it and an event is coming up then I do ask for it. (Sometimes a pre-order is useful for my parents because Christmas and my birthday is two months apart so if it doesn’t come in time for Christmas it usually comes in time for my birthday otherwise I buy it)

    But overall I do feel bad because I love scales and they tend to be the most expensive figures and I don’t want to ask for expensive gifts, it’s an anxiety thing.
    10 months ago
    So this is a long list as I can't really afford all the figures I like...

    Birthday figures: ITEM #166904 , ITEM #171156 and ITEM #455863 (whole set)

    Gifts across the years: ITEM #604500 , ITEM #593301 , ITEM #675700 , ITEM #348672 and ITEM #806391

    They second list is a mix between "I'm sorry" gifts and "I love you" gifts. Everything bought by my husband
    10 months ago
    I barely ask for figures, but I have received three figures as birthday or Christmas gifts: ITEM #109879, ITEM #291214 and ITEM #167038.

    I do have a small part of my Christmas wishlist for figures, though.
    10 months ago
    I do ask for figures as gifts! I’ve gotten 2 as birthday gifts~ My friend got me this for my birthday a few years ago: ITEM #209591 and this my was the figure I got for my birthday last year: ITEM #287781
    10 months ago
    It depends on when I ask for the item (usually not too long before my birthday or Christmas) and how much it costs; anything past the $30 range, I generally resolve to just buy myself. XD;
    10 months ago
    In the earlier days of collecting, I used to ask my parents to buy figures for my birthday/holidays. No surprises--I gave them a link and they pre-ordered or bought the item for me (aka I put their card info in or they transferred money into my bank account).

    I'm still very picky when it comes to curating my collection. My friends either give money or buy non-fandom related gifts.

    As for gifting others, I only have one irl friend in the hobby and they're more geared toward goods. Still, I do pick items from their wish list and only occasionally get something that's not on there. I stick to their fandoms though, and it's always done to make shipping worth it when otherwise it wouldn't have been.
    10 months ago
    Most of my family members see figure collecting as throwing money away and they arent supportive of the hobby so nope lol.

    10 months ago
    Ah ha ha no. When I was eleven I put gunpla kits on my holiday wish list and my relatives staged a religious intervention. Don't ask. I don't know. It's been twenty years and I still don't know.
    10 months ago
    My Aunt knows of my hobby, but has at times discouraged me from collecting more, and suggested I go for more 'mature' collections, such as luxury bags and jewelry. ^-^; So she hasn't gotten or offered to get me any figure. My boyfriend on the other hand is very supportive, as he has been a longtime collector. He collects some anime/game figures & focuses mostly on Marvel & DC figures & statues, and has surprised me a lot of times with figures. To date, he has given me 9 scale figs (ITEM #167033, ITEM #236273, ITEM #264423, ITEM #287844, ITEM #307778, ITEM #331541, ITEM #543993, ITEM #549408, ITEM #549502, ITEM #582274) & 16 nendoroids. The Saekano & Ram figs were from his display, and when he didn't want them anymore, offered to give them to me. The rest were gifts for different occasions. I've never really asked him for a gift, my requests usually center around food, but he knows how much I like certain figures so he decides to give them to me.
    10 months ago
    Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    I usually don't, not cause I don't want one but usually my family doesn't know where to look and might just buy a bootleg and then think I'm happy.. So rather not.
    Tho I've thought about an online list and adding a direct link hmm.. But it would be a nendo or a cheap fig like MF Haruhi (1.8k yen ex) which isn't absurd to ask

    Or I ask for mangas I'd like to have. Cause there are some comic shops that have em or archonia and book depository, Amazon etc that are a bit easier for them to find and use.
    10 months ago
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