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  • 3pt
    The shop in Austin is called Anime Pop Austin. The owner is super cool and nice. I try to go in once a week to get something. At least a manga. I've gotten almost all my figures from him so far.
    5 days ago
    kishitani (5 days ago) #70190218It’s nice to meet you!! You can call me Kida~ I’m from Canada!

    hi kida! who’s your fav pokemon starter? it’s such a tough question but mine is probably charmandar, squirtle, or cyndaquil … yes, i just named three! too hard to pick one. i clearly like fire starters but i think that i’ll pick grookey if i get the new game. i noticed we have a lot of duck lovers here! also hospitality major is super cool, so you’re right 8)

    Morkiory (5 days ago) #70190237Hi there! You can call me Mork or Kio, I'm from the Dominican Republic and got into this hobby fairly recently in comparison to the majority of people here.

    hi kio! it’s great to get into the hobby wether you are at it for 40 years or 4 minutes. also i love that your first figure was a gundam model kit. i’m building one right now but veeeeeery slow at it. penguins are my brother’s absolute favorite animal, he used to collect plushies and had like 100. he also loved piplup and it was his favorite starter. he has a limited edition hat from the pokemon club website that used to exist, and he hasn’t been able to find the hat on ebay or anything. also i love your cool fact.

    alytheluvly (5 days ago) #70190245Hi there I'm Aly from the beautiful not so sunny Uk :p

    haha aly, i see you have a sense of humor right up front x). you can’t fool me though, i know the uk is a little less sunny than you’re letting on. gah a bootleg for your first! i’m surprised that didn’t happen to me. also great for your other half making you get into the hobby. one of my best friends had 2 axolotls, but one of them ate the other one. so we renamed her “lily da killa”.
    5 days ago
    ProbablyANinja (5 days ago) #70190086Well, I just like to go by Ninja, because ninjas are awesome. lol I'm certainly not one though. XD

    hmmmm i dunno your username says you’re probably a ninja … so the likelihood is very high! also you collect swords, so i’m PRETTY sure you’re a ninja.

    onionaitor (5 days ago) #70190142My name is Ashley, and I'm from Tennessee

    hi ashley! nice to meet you.

    FabyCopter (5 days ago) #70190194Name:FabyCopter, or just Faby.

    thank you faby! and thank you for being a part of my little experiment and helping bring the community “back”! have you watched yu yu hakusho? it’s by the creator of HXH. also i love animal crossing, who’s your fav villager? mine is wart jr. dangan is also really fun i just finished the first game. my little bro loves ducks lol! what other language can you speak (is it spanish?)?

    amaterasu (5 days ago) #70190214Hello everyone! I'm a long time member on this site, but mostly lurked. I'm trying to remedy that now.
    I go by Amaterasu and I live in the GTA.

    woot woot amaterasu! welcome to not lurking in the community! i’m gonna guess GTA is greater toronto area, but if i’m wrong correct me, i just know that because i live in toronto part year 8) i just checked out your instagram and you have some amazing merch from sailor moon!
    5 days ago
    turnmebackwards (5 days ago) #70153433Turnmebackwards better known as Paul from England.

    hi paul! what made you sell most of your collection? future diary is really good and i feel like it didn’t get enough attention (*cough* yuno needs more scales, she is the 01 to 02 in darling in the franxx *cough*). i’m currently reading death note right now and it’s amazing.

    Leikeima98 (5 days ago) #70153451Hello! I am Leikeima (or Leiki or Leik), 21 and coming from Germany.

    guten taag leike (my terrible german which i won't even spell check, and it might not even be morning there lol!) wei gehts? as i have said with several people before, please never let your english be a barrier for participating! your english is really good and it’s amazing that you are good enough to write on a forum board about a hobby you love. also it’s amazing practice. so please don’t be embarrassed! i wrote it before but i watch AoT with my dad lol… he really likes it. i used to play a ton of overwatch but stopped over the summer as i don’t have enough time to play anymore. also your art is good, you should call yourself an artist! plus you do GKs which take a lot of artistic talent. believe in yourself, leiki, you can achieve anything!! also please make loot blogs! i love reading those.

    LittlePisces (5 days ago) #701547641. I just go by my username!

    wow that game looks really fun and cute. also i love the explanation for your username! also don’t be afraid to not have a collection yet, everyone starts somewhere. that figure you preordered is absolutely beautiful and is an amazing start to a wonderful hobby. also i love hamtaro i was literally reading the lyrics to the theme song with my mom in the car ride before writing this response lol! haha i remember doing an assignment like that for school. i chose the “aye aye” lemurs … and made my title “aye aye captain” (very funny, i know).

    Perky_Pat (5 days ago) #70155922Name: Just my username! I don't think I want my account to be linked to my actual name lol

    hi pat! no problemo about using a username! a lot of people do it. also your first figure has such a pleasing number … 6666. also yeah i’m really glad i didn’t start ordering nendroids or else i would be in the deepest layer of hell with you. i absolutely love true crime and right now i am currently obsessed with cold cases. i’ve been watching a lot of documentaries on them. i like to watch the shows rather than podcasts because i love crime scene photography.
    5 days ago
    galablue (5 days ago) #70190264
    imma call you blaze! omg those finger puppets are so cute. what’s your fav pokemon? mine is cubone. the cubone storyline in the pokemon game on the switch was so cute it melted my icy cold heart. also super mario sunshine is a forgotten gem! i absolutely love that game.

    I like that name! Yep they are so adorable but very addictive to collect. Aww, cubone is adorable, good choice and the Marowak and cubone scene in LGPE was so much more heartbreaking. My favourite Pokémon is Rayquaza because I have great memories of trying to catch him at the sky tower in Pokémon, he is so cool and I love legendary Pokemon.
    Yes super Mario sunshine is so forgotten when it’s one of the best and most unique Mario games out there, you have great taste!
    5 days ago
    Elise_Grimwald (6 days ago) #70143075Elise. I use this username a lot lately, and entirely just go by Elise only.

    hi elise! if you like the simpsons do you like futurama? that show is really funny to me. some of my first introductions to figures were through “toys” as well, and i still have a few that my dad gave to me. i love your story about how you got into the hobby! also i love crows and ravens. i said this previously in my responses, but we have some crows that live near us and someone on purpose ran one over :( i got out of my car and ran up to him and pulled him out of the road and stayed with him until he flew away. they’re such smart animals so i don’t know why anyone would do that.

    gay (6 days ago) #70145453I don’t normally broadcast my name to people online I’m not familiar with so Erm.. how about Sien? or u can call me by my user bc that’s funnier LOL

    lol! i will call you sien. how did you come up with that name on the spot? x) i remember watching tokyo ghoul way back when. that is a badass figure. i kind of want to rewatch it. also it is amazing that anime and manga can help us through hard times. ive had many hard times where i go back to shows and games i love and the characters help me through it. swimming is one of my favorite things to do, i am like a fish when i get in the pool. ok fun fact but you might hate this but red heads share more genes with neanderthals and i find that awesome. also my aunt is a natural red head. i’m always jealous of red heads because they have beautifully colored hair and typically really cute freckles.

    EsvaldForceswoop (5 days ago) #70152262Well it's Esvald (what a surprise). It's from an old online game, and I stick to it because it tends to be free in every online game where you need to name your character.

    hi esvald. very cool name. i want to watch fate but there’s just sooooo much of it, i should probably look up a guide for where to start. you’re lucky that your first anime had a ton of figures! also your card game sounds bomb … and now i am immediately jealous.

    leith (5 days ago) #70152803I'm soo late lol
    Hi everyone, I'm called leith and nice to meet you all.

    !! you are never too late, leith. also your english is really good? if you hadn’t told me that it wasn’t your first language i would not have assumed. please be more confident because it is very good! i’m really lucky that i grew up in a family who loved games. my dad collects atari vector machines and we have like 4 gamecubes because he never wants to get rid of anything. we’ve slowed down on modern consoles though.
    5 days ago
    ddarko (6 days ago) #70139961So I am ok with being addressed as DDarko or DD :) I am from Canada.

    hi dd! woot woot, another familiar face i see around MFC! i like the new battlestar galactica, but i keep only getting a few episodes and then switching to the old one … and then trying the new one, it’s like an infinite loop! i should sit down and just watch it. i actually am considering minoring in religious studies but not sure yet, it depends on the religion classes offered (i’ve taken one thus far which was a religion in peace building class). also i think you’re totally remarkable, so give yourself more credit x)

    HottyLevarBurton (6 days ago) #70140632Hello all! I go by HottieLevar.

    hi hottie (hehe, it's a name and a compliment!). i totally know who levar burton is! i’m a huge trekkie, and also reading rainbow is a++. i don’t think he gets enough credit as the amazing actor he is. my cousin just moved to austin, so maybe next time i’m there i’ll have to check out this anime shop with amazing figures.

    WanderingWastrel (6 days ago) #70140975
    Online just use my username, or just 'wastrel', or 'WW'. Sorry, I learned back in Usenet days not to make it terribly easy for people to connect my real life with my online inanities. While I've used this username in other places, in most places I use different names. Also other people use this name as well, particularly in the SCA or D&D communities; those folks are not me. If you find this confusing, then I have succeeded.

    i was actually just talking with someone about when the shift between usernames/real names came about. and also the shift between “if it’s on the internet it isn’t real” versus “if you can’t google it it doesn’t exist”. i kind of wish i had not put my name everywhere, but when i first joined MFC i didn’t really think there was an actual community (thought it was just a database) and here i am x) i’m just starting love live! i’m one episode in and it automatically grabbed me. i tried watching idolmaster cinderella girls and could not get into it. also i always enjoy your humor when i see it, so yes you are succeeding.

    Candycanes02 (6 days ago) #70142037I can be called Candy or candycanes02 which is my username. Candy isn't my real name but it's the name that I'm known by on the internet :p

    hiya candy! you are very welcome! i hope you feel like you can participate more in the community now ^_^. you have such an amazing mixture of ethnicities! i’m glad i never got into nendos or else i would be drowning in them, literally. funny enough i actually watch attack on titan with my dad. also what?!?! you made that?! i love that nendroid, you did an amazing job!
    5 days ago
    Bananapanda44 (6 days ago) #70137364This is a great idea!
    I'm just going to introduce myself as Bananapanda44 to maintain an aura of mystery ~('.'~)

    hehe, i think i’ll call you banana for short 8). fruity names are great. my little brother’s fav series is one piece! he still keeps up with the manga weekly and has read it about 4-5 times. i always try to get him one piece merch but he doesn’t want to advertise that he likes anime, but i managed to get him a shirt from uniqlo and he wears it every now and then!

    hikaridranz (6 days ago) #70138974
    Not my real name obv. This is my longest-used screenname so hikari is fine; I got so used to it I sometimes accidentally respond to it when it's not the name I use elsewhere (´▽`;)

    hi hikari! well i think the best part about a blog like this is that, to me, the collector is the best part of the hobby. it’s weird because when i first started collecting i found it very solitary. i didn’t have any friends who were into anime or manga, and i really didn’t share that i collected figures with anyone. joining MFC is awesome because i get to meet a bunch of people with the same hobby as me, and it’s always interesting to see who the collector is behind the screen. i’m interested in learning more about the community of collectors as a whole. also there is NO pain like stepping on a beyblade. beyblades were actually banned at my elementary school because people were using them to attack each other, lol.

    Josine (6 days ago) #70139406You can just call me Josine, simple enough :)

    hi josine! FMA was one of the first mangas i ever read, but i didn’t get very far. i really want to pick it back up but i’m not sure if i should watch it or read it. what’s your opinion? also that’s amazing that you’re interested in animal evolution and plaeontology!

    BlazeDazzleDusk (6 days ago) #70139552Hello, I’m BlazeDazzleDusk

    imma call you blaze! omg those finger puppets are so cute. what’s your fav pokemon? mine is cubone. the cubone storyline in the pokemon game on the switch was so cute it melted my icy cold heart. also super mario sunshine is a forgotten gem! i absolutely love that game.
    5 days ago
    Hi there I'm Aly from the beautiful not so sunny Uk :p
    My first first figure was a bootleg of a Chii statue that I got from a comic-con, back when I knew nothing about bootlegs.
    My favourite anime is Sailor Moon, she got me into this madness back in the 90's! I love Zelda, pokemon, Witcher and alot of Nintendo games.
    I got into this hobby more thanks to my other half, he collects alot of figures as well ^_^
    My favourite animal is the axolotl, I have had many as pets. Look them up; they're cute. (woopers!)
    A fact about myself ... I'm a crazy cat lady ^_^
    5 days ago
    Hi there! You can call me Mork or Kio, I'm from the Dominican Republic and got into this hobby fairly recently in comparison to the majority of people here.

    First Figure: The one that started it was was the Gundam Astaroth HG, which I bought off Amazon after binging on Gunpla videos for months. This got me to buy multiple more Gunplas until very recently I made the jump to non-model Kit figures with Polynian Emil and Eva-03 Revoltech, both some very solid and fun figures I love posing around, this being just the beginning.

    Favorite Videogame, Show and Manga: If I had to pick just one for each category in this exact order, these would be Monster Hunter (I like the series as a whole and have played most games), Goblin Slayer (Anime and manga) and Watamote (Only the manga).

    Introduction to Hobby: I've always liked to collect things in small portions. Be it shiny things, flowers, coins or whatever, I've always been very fond of collecting something in a small scale. Figure collecting was brought to my attention by things such as toy reviews on YouTube or me sometimes seeing someone's collection online, but what really made me start my own was seeing all the cool and silly scenes you could create with some figures, a camera and some creativity.

    Other Hobbies: I love drawing, is something I try to do as much as possible and this month have a goal of doing as much fanart as possible, be it for a character from a show/game I like, another artist's OC I like, some friend's OC, etc, I want to make as much fanart as possible. I also like writing and plan on producing music at some point in the near future.

    Favorite Animal: Penguins. Simple Enough. How can you not love penguins?

    Cool fact about you: I have a great affinity for music, to the point that I can listen to a song and then memorize and replicate (on another instrument or by tapping my fingers) the rhythm of almost every beat, instrument or complementary tone in a piece, no matter for far in the background it is, a couple of listens will be enough for me to learn it.
    5 days ago
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