Comments December 2019: What's coming into your collection?

  • I everything goes right:

    - I received ITEM #166270 yesterday;
    - Today a package with ITEM #455088, ITEM #549364, ITEM #792780, ITEM #806055 & ITEM #744888 should ship, and hopefully get here before Christmas;
    - Still waiting for ITEM #604787 to ship, but should get here soonish;
    - I bought ITEM #740316 & ITEM #604001 recently, but I'm probably having them shipped only in mid/late December;
    - And my preorders of the month are ITEM #675314 & ITEM #739758 if they aren't delayed.
    9 months ago
    Hopefully I’ll finally get my Kaneki vs Yamori scale from Figurama!
    Been a few bumps in getting them - they thought I was in Canada (idk why), I had to email them to get my shipping invoice, and now UPS “tracking” is stuck at label created.
    So who knows when it’ll come.

    I’ve also a nendo of one of my favourite sword-boys on the way, but he might not appear until Jan with Christmas post and all.
    9 months ago
    Nothing much since I'm moving on the 20th, so you could say that my collection gets more spoiled than me this month lol.
    9 months ago
    Reserved a few figures, expecting they'll released this month.

    View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #676029
    ITEM #739714
    ITEM #675890
    ITEM #740091
    ITEM #777234
    ITEM #740460
    ITEM #740291
    ITEM #675966
    ITEM #740292

    But the one which mades me impatiently expecting is ITEM #766939 due to her delay. But now i'm being skeptical from experiencing delays on Mikus lately.
    9 months ago
    ITEM #908173

    assuming these don't get delayed!

    ITEM #549563

    ITEM #549564

    ITEM #806166

    These will get delayed for sure.

    ITEM #549677

    ITEM #740292
    9 months ago
    This month I should finally receive my Vintage Dress Miku, ITEM #604392. Also I have a small trading figure,ITEM #12562 and a tapestry,ITEM #896615 coming in. Also hopefully my plush that got delayed from last month. I also just preordered (payed now) ITEM #846018, she will come in June bc she is shipping from the US. Otherwise I am going to try to stop buying an currently available or preowned figures as there are many figures I am interested in for next year so I want to save money and space.
    9 months ago
    I recently ordered ITEM #56407 , ITEM #61357 , ITEM #27604 , ITEM #117986 , and ITEM #136011 for myself, all second-hand and super cheap, plus all things I've been looking to add to my collection for a long time!

    There's some stuff that might be figure-related from my family -- my brother told me he got me something Miku-related for Christmas, which might be a figure or a plush. I have a few Idolm@ster figurines on my wishlist, namely the rest of the Candy Island set which is pretty inexpensive. Besides that, I have no idea what's gonna be on my plate this holiday season.

    I'm also starting in on two custom figure projects (that will definitely not be done by the end of the month, but I'm starting in on them at least!). One is a sakura-themed Akita Neru, and the other is based on this artwork of Severa from FE.
    9 months ago
    IntoOpenWaters9 months ago#71240658I don't even want to think about the answer to this question.

    omg i have to say i am both excited and nervous for you with this amazingly long post. that is amazing you got 650 in free stuff though wow!
    9 months ago
    Nothing unless I get something for Solstice and my birthday. I did pretty good this month cutting back on spending, but I plan on placing a preorder on ITEM #872645 this month, so depending on where I buy her from I'll either have to spend the money now or later.
    9 months ago
    MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
    I don't even want to think about the answer to this question. My significant other and I went a little bit crazy on Black Friday (though thanks to TOM point sales, we literally got $650 in free stuff!), and when you combine it with the pre-orders for the month...uh...I don't know where we're going to put all this stuff lmao.

    ITEM #645905 and ITEM #369442 (vastly different qualities lol) are waiting to be picked up right now. I'll be grabbing them in about an hour when I head out to run another errand.

    Grabbed ITEM #464718, ITEM #604506, ITEM #675871, ITEM #840293 (x2), and one of those Love Live Muse swimsuit girls from Banpresto (don't ask me which; five of them already arrived, and one of the remaining four ships this month) with my Black Friday money. Also grabbed a few pre-orders for higher quality figures, so most of my purchases won't be showing up this month. Non-figures I purchases include ITEM #130780, ITEM #130781, and ITEM #130782 from the RightStuf sale.

    My BF is expecting ITEM #604614, ITEM #604381, ITEM #847471, ITEM #27602, and ITEM #419497 this month. While he pre-ordered a couple of things, most of his money was spent on high quality released figures, so we'll be needing to make room for these shortly.

    On top of that, there is still Christmas coming! For my BF, I purchased ITEM #851439, ITEM #604450, ITEM #604453, various guns for them (don't even ask which ones; it'll take me forever to dig them out of the database), ITEM #657026, ITEM #657028, ITEM #782239, and ITEM #10471. Obviously I don't known what he's got for me, so there is an unknown factor lol. As for the Cactuar, FYI I intend to wrap it exactly as it is, down to the "hairs" on it's head. I'm going to play it up like it's some really mysterious gift and I can't wait for him to open it, even though it's quite clear what it actually is.

    As for general pre-orders...I THINK this is everything:

    ITEM #794633 (with ITEM #806252) from TOM; can't wait for the complete set!

    ITEM #840284 and ITEM #840285 if they aren't delayed...again.

    ITEM #845791: The life-size Detective Pikachu that is completely ridiculous and absolutely necessary in my life.

    ITEM #740292: My waifu.

    ITEM #855075: My hentai waifu.

    ITEM #775139 and ITEM #844773: Mandatory Rem.

    ITEM #844774: the cutest Ram ever.

    ITEM #845447 and ITEM #845449: Let down by the quality control of the Rin in this set, but I already ordered them so hopefully they look nice altogether.

    ITEM #464725: Do I really only have one Nendoroid pre-order this month? Maybe I made a mistake.

    ENTRY #170741: I mean, these are Nendoroid-related.

    ITEM #874491: Mandatory Haro.

    On top of that, we order five Pokemon Fit/Sitting Cuties per month, so those have yet to be determined. Also expecting one Aikatsu PC cushion (Oozora Akari) and four small Aikatsu plush (Hosmiya Ichigo, Oozora Akari, Nijino Yume, and Kiseki Raki) from Premium Bandai, though they aren't in the database. I also have no doubt we'll be bringing home more manga and light novels this month.

    God I hope that's it. Looks like it's time to rearrange my home. Luckily Sunday was my last day at my job, so it's not like I won't have time... (sweats nervously)
    9 months ago
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