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  • dang it is the future... though printing for 1k is for quality is quite a bit. give it few more decades and we might be getting stuff straight from STL... color 3d printed and finished.
    7 days ago
    As a fellow FFXIV, this is awesome! Congrats!
    8 days ago
    This is truly amazing! She looks so great. What an accomplishment.
    8 days ago
    That is amazing. I need to get back into FFXIV myself. I was going to do a custom dragoon and dark knight nendoroid but I think I'll just wait til I get better screenshots.

    Congrats though.
    8 days ago
    Congrats! She looks amazing! The sculpt and painting are great! You must be so proud ^^~

    And an Aura using Miqo'te's Hempen was a nice touch >D
    8 days ago
    Man, what to say?
    Having a dream project is a thing. Keeping the determination to lead it to a successful end is something else.
    You have certainly met a lot of questioning and encountered discouraging obstacles in the process, but you did it.
    That's such an amazing feeling.
    You will forget the money invested, but will always keep the pride of this accomplished challenge. Congratulations !
    8 days ago
    The sculpting service was 2500 USD
    The printer in Toronto cost 1000 CAD plus another.. I think it was 100 CAD for shipping to the UK
    My painter was asking 300 (Which comparatively to other services was gravely underpriced) We instead did 450 CAD plus some of the expenses along the way, which I think totaled to another 100 CAD. Shipping back to Canada was 100 CAD for sure.

    That makes for a rough total of 5050 CAD, or 3800 USD
    nightflight8 days ago#83367087This is incredible! I applaud the passion you put into making this project a dream come true! It looks amazing in your display.
    May I ask what was the estimated total cost in all from beginning to end?
    8 days ago
    As a fellow XIV player, this is SO cool to see!! Everyone really did an amazing job bringing your character to life! I love the base being the SAM symbol. :)
    8 days ago
    jumpluff Pegasus Knight
    The sculpt is really impressive. I loved looking at it and comparing it to what you see with mass produced sculpts... I think sometimes the anatomy on mass produced sculpts is really wonky in particular, and the limbs can be kinda noodley, whereas there was pretty good detail on the arms and back musculature and bones here that I thought was neat to see. Most figures don't have such well-rendered elbows either :P Haha, sorry for fixating on weird details but I think the effort you put into finding a good sculptor really paid off and I appreciated the closeups that let me geek over it. Her face turned out super well too IMO, you said you were paying attention to details like eyes and stuff and it seems your friend really nailed the eyes? I imagine having someone you know involved just ratchets up the sentimental value =D

    I think your character is awesome and I'm glad you could follow your dream and get such a great result! It's lovely that you had such support from those around you, too! Thank you so much for sharing all this information about the process of getting a custom, and congratulations on completing your dream <3 Hope she enjoys hanging out with 2B and the gang!
    8 days ago
    she is stunning!! everything from the sculpt to the painting is incredible... i'm especially in love with the subtle shading and the gradients... congrats!!!
    8 days ago
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