Comments Vtuber figures: who would you want?

  • I would love a Korone, Gura, and Kiara figure! They're probably the ones I watch the most out of all the Hololive group! :)
    7 days ago
    vtubers are very-very cheap entertainment for me when I have nothing else to waste my time on.
    they have to have something extra to drag me in.
    I'd buy oozora subaru in her donald duck outfit. (the gray one)
    nakiri ayame, because I love onis is general.
    shirogane noel for her tits and knight stuff.
    tsunomaki watame, she's adorable. plus horns.
    yukihana lamy for ther insane cutesy.
    shishiro botan for her lazy-cool personality.
    the only english one I can tolerate is ina. her design is neat too.
    but most of all, I want minato aqua's CAT. just the cat without her.
    I'm debating of buying a shirt of that in fact and I don't even care for aqua.
    7 days ago
    I'm slowly getting dragged down the rabbit hole too...

    I think I'd really love scales of Akai Haato and Inugami Korone (her character design is so cute I want to cry ;;). Also shark gorl probably, she's very cute.

    Other scales I'd be interested in just for character design are Nakiri Ayame, Momosuzu Nene, Civia, Omaru Polka and Ayunda Risu.
    7 days ago
    Welcome to the vtuber rabbit hole and enjoy your stay! ww

    From HoloJP girls I watch mostly Pekora and Luna so I'd love official figures of them.

    Out of the HoloJP guys, the Holostars... They have all of my love and support, they're all so entertaining in their own ways. So it would be great if they all got figures. But if I had to prioritize then the first ones I'd buy would be:

    - Aragami Oga ENTRY #203586 (I simp this demon)
    - Arurandeisu ENTRY #203576 (snagged all his acrylic standees so far oop)
    - Kageyama Shien ENTRY #203585
    - Roberu ENTRY #203584

    And for HoloEN I'd looove figures of Calli and Kiara. Kiara's figure could have some flame like VFX and Calli with her scythe out would be so cool!

    Out of Nijisanji vtuberd I'd like a Kanae figure.
    7 days ago
    korone and Pekora definitely
    7 days ago
    I pre-ordered Fubuki (ITEM #1002165), cos she is a fox=)

    7 days ago
    Aloe, nuff said..
    7 days ago
    Demigod_Dan8 days ago#85033558Damn, where's the poll I wanted to select the "none" option. :(

    This is my choice too. Just not into the whole internet celeb thing, real or virtual.
    8 days ago
    Gawr Gura for sure. Shaaaark!
    8 days ago
    I'd really love to have a scale figure of HimeHina. It'd be amazing to see a figure with both of them in it kinda like this ITEM #645905 . The only issue is that I'd fear the price would be out the roof.
    8 days ago
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