Comments January 2021: Your Biggest Item in your collection?

  • The winner for at least another year: ITEM #335147

    I usually rearrange and move my figures a lot during their display time. But when this baby arrived I realized I would not be able to physically move her once fully assembled. I don't have very many large statues. I'm not bothered by having small figures in storage, but having large expensive statues in storage seems kind of pointless.
    5 days ago
    Currently my biggest item is ITEM #532689
    but in a few months will be ITEM #1077319
    I don't think i'll ever own something bigger than that 2B statue, i think my wallet would prefer that too (':
    5 days ago
    Standing 1/4th Bunny Girls, Dollfies and certain Neptunia figures (Alter’s, Vertex and GSC limited version)
    Dollfies can be posed to sit so they don’t count completely.
    5 days ago
    My biggest item currently is ITEM #769976 im really at capacity with my space so unfortunately the display set up i have for him and another quite large resin statue aren’t great.
    6 days ago
    gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
    You have some classic large Joe and SW vehicles. Yes, they do take up more space but are made in far fewer numbers than the figures, and provide great backdrops for them.

    I used to have a vintage AT-AT and of course regret parting with it as they are quite hard to come by now. If I were having to prune my collection I’d part with a whole series to make space rather than parting with just the large pieces from my entire collection. What are your thoughts?

    The largest, and most recent item in my collection is ITEM #460912. I have a few other 1/3 scale dolls along with that one.
    6 days ago
    My biggest figure is: ITEM #396826

    My biggest recent addition is: ITEM #806014

    As for how many large figures, I have allot.
    6 days ago
    Vanya-pon Resident Zergling
    The amount of huge items in your collection is equal parts amazing and terrifying (said from the perspective of someone with very limited space)! Congrats on getting your hands on all of 'em.

    Overall, this boie ( ITEM #383650 ) is easily my biggest scale and probably will be the only one of his kind in my collection. I have him standing between my left detolf cabinet and the PS3. Would love to have a custom display case to keep the dust out at some point, but for now I just have to keep dusting him carefully.

    In terms of non-scale/non-figure items, I do have a few rather big (for me, anyhow) plushies, including but not limited to Repede( ITEM #162218), Tipo (ITEM #107005), and Mieu (ITEM #584703)
    6 days ago
    Congrats on getting the Slave 1.

    The largest item in my collection is this Trigun statue by Figurama. It is freaking huge! I haven't done a review of it yet since it arrived around the time I had to pack things up for moving. But I'll get around to that eventually.

    ITEM #604789

    The only other item of a similar scale I have is the Prime 1 Nier Automata statue I ordered a few weeks ago. Won't be here for more than a year, so that give me time to organize a spot for it after selling off a good chunk of what I have now. Very rarely do I consider getting anything as big as these due to space and weight.

    ITEM #1051027
    6 days ago
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