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  • EMS via Tokyo's a mess atm. I got some airmail parcels faster than the EMS one, but the EMS one is a fair bit fatter...

    Got one EMS parcel "in flight" atm, it has been 15 days since posting. December's postal times were anything between 6 days to 22 days.
    6 days ago
    I had an EMS parcel leave Japan on the 8th and no update since. We can thank Brexit for this, as now we also have to pay VAT (and Parcelforce's £12 handling fee) on everything coming into the country whether its declared under £15 or not.
    6 days ago
    Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
    The same thing happened to me with a parcel I ordered back in December and the tracking hasn't updated since it got on the plane, I really hope your parcel turns up!
    6 days ago
    Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
    I have been using EMS numerous times to the UK throughout the whole pandemic and not had a problem at all, maybe the site itself isn't updating it or something. Not sure ^^;
    I have had an experience before where the tracking did not show up the whole time until it arrived. If it doesn't show up soon maybe get into contact with their customer support! ^^
    6 days ago
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