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  • I regret for every figure I bought from after market with higher price . If I want the figure , I just preorder .end of story . Unless I get it with 15% extra at max . I am not willing to pay 3 times or 4 times the original price . I can’t believe people willing to buy from salaries with 4 times higher the original price .
    After covid 19 I learnt so many things . I always ask what can I afford with 25000 jpy if I plan to buy 1/4 scale ? Or what is my need first ?
    2 days ago
    I have no shame. As long as I can afford it, I'll pay whatever the aftermarket price is. Most of what I collect has some kind of emotional value to me, so it's a bit easier to justify too.
    I also prefer smaller scales so I don't struggle from that perspective haha.
    2 days ago
    These aftermarket prices are insane. I will never pay $300 for a Nendoroid. Respect your boundaries; don't feel bad about not wanting to pay these terrible prices.

    There will be someone who will come around and sell the item for less and that's when you can pick up these grails, don't worry. Don't give in to these bastards.

    2 days ago
    Shiibuii3 days ago#95102236I've only managed to pick up 1 figure on the lower end in the aftermarket and i appreciate it more and more whenever I see listings for it.
    I know you're collection is awesome and it would be quite difficult to try and replicate your collection in the aftermarket haha

    Awww, thank you!<3 It took a while to build it up. I never thought I'd have so many but here I am over 400 figures deep.

    Getting a good price takes luck and patience. First you have to understand what a good price is for each figure you're looking for and then devote yourself to finding a good listing. Sometimes I just give up and pay a scalper price to save myself time and agony. It's all about what you value having more, the money or the figure?
    3 days ago
    I totally understand the feeling, to me the aftermarket IS the way I purchase some of my collection, and as long as it doesn't exceed something ridiculous I'm more than likely willing to buy it, which is a shame because I shouldn't contemplate paying over a hundred dollars for something that retailed at like 35 bucks, looking at ITEM #27612 in particular..
    3 days ago
    I feel like the aftermarket has gone crazy but I'm not sure if that's because companies have honed their production numbers or people just leave up scalp listings all the time and so others base their prices off that. lol I've basically turned into an opportunist where I don't buy unless it's a pretty good deal or somewhat reasonable if the item is super rare. I mean, I guess that's kinda what I have to do since I'm a broke college student.

    I do have to say that the upward trend of aftermarket prices has made me more prone to just pre-ordering if I really want something. Even nendoroids are going for twice their original price now, and even higher. Used to be that you could pretty reliably get a discount after release if it wasn't a super popular series.

    Makes me wonder how much of this is attributed to increased market demand from anime being more widespread and accepted (especially with younger audiences) and available through streaming services such as Netflix. I do like to think that there's just more people collecting now - granted, this is still a highly expensive hobby, but I feel like there's more and more people buying into it and that could be what is driving up prices. Just looking at the subreddit shows a good number of people started collecting in the last year even with the pandemic, from prize collectors to bunny figure enthusiasts.

    Edit: sorry if this went off-topic! lol I just started rambling kinda
    3 days ago
    Eh I hate that too also I bought ITEM #871530
    And aftermarket is 1k more then the original price which is dumb
    3 days ago
    I don't blame anyone or anything. But I'm super stubborn when it comes to paying them and tend to avoid it. There are a few things I want I know will probably never get another release, but I can't bring myself to pay the high price.
    3 days ago
    EmptyWallet3 days ago#95102312I struggle to even consider paying 1.5x the original price of figures I want. I've paid aftermarket prices for like 3 figures, but they were in the more manageable range (around $200, where their original price was around $150). I do have regrets not ordering some figures that shot up in the aftermarket, but I don't lose sleep over them. I don't have a strong grail mentality, where I desire a figure so much that I can pay almost any price. There are just so many figures getting released/announced/re-released each year, so I don't get stressed out too much about not getting a specific figure.

    Hahaha, name checks out! Sorry, I just had a hearty laugh reading that while looking at your profile picture xD

    As for the OP, yeah basically you have to bite the bullet asap on something old that you really want and be strong enough mentally to just "say no" to the newer stuff that doesn't really resonate with you. Personally I stopped buying smaller scales entirely to have enough funds for the 1/4's, so that could be a semi 'cold turkey' method to manage it all.
    3 days ago
    How can some people justify driving a luxury vehicle or SUV. It’s a shame supply and demand are uneven. Pre order system seems like a risk averse option for these companies. Bandai can handle it. I feel my clients pain when they want something that is too expensive. Figure collecting is already an expensive hobby, but there is something special about how it can make you feel. Something magical when you find a figure you were meant to be with. If it is from a beloved anime or video game it is all the more special. Sculptures poor a lot of their love into their work. I really hope they are well compensated. IMO ppl need to manage their finances better. Maybe save enough for a special item once every 3-4 months. It doesn’t help being bombarded with haul reviews and Instagram pics.
    3 days ago